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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1947 "Louie Louie", greetings, ID, 1949 music
2006 IDs, also as LFR Int'l, littlefeat@gmail, more music

2028 IDs, 'Et on continue avec Jenifer "Le souvenir de ce jour", (French girl singer)
2032 bye-bye, 60's instrum. music
2035 jingle ID, closing down, 2036 off

1922 very excited DJ in Dutch, with reverb effect, mentioning Z. Obama
1925 blank, pop, 1928 more pop
1930 same op: allo test een twee, etc...(..Obama..), 1933 music, real DJ now, in Dutch,
also ..Obama.. (electro background), 1935 tnx for listening.., 1936 other music, more greetings,
1939 music parts, talking, accordion with German lyrics
1941 "Wir sind die Casanovas", 1942 accordion tracks
1944 It was Mustang Radio, closing down, 1945 blank

1848 pops, 1851 Etienne Daho ? (in English)
1856 "Black velvet"

1918 last seconds of music, blank, 1919 off

1845 "Stop in the name of love", DJ, ID, "Yesterday"

1958 "Here comes the sun", jammed by moving carrier, 1959 other pop
2037 pops from the 80's, "Don't you want me baby", "Come on Eileen"

1836 tnx to someone in Dutch, then rock (W singer ?)
1840 more rock, same singer ? but too much noise here
1843 off

1812-1830* Ended while I was writing here, station with music from Greece or S.E. Europe,
announcements by W, but no copy because of thunder crashes.

ID from JBK in Finland : Radio Lesbos (in German)

1822 playing charleston music, then a patchwork of retro music, most with a characteristic sound from old records. 1825 "Singing in the rain" an old one!

2008 crooner from long gone days

2140 still on the air

0945 extra weak signal, some music, expected R. Waves Int till mid afternoon (Holiday today)
0955 fading up  bit, music, a few words, skip effect hard to disappear.
1056 C&W

(back from lunch)
1204 more C&W on 6242.95, 1218 duo talking in US-English (relay)
1219 song "Radio Waves" (anthem of RWI), then "Angie", 1230 lost, off ?

Already heard at 0722, probably on 24h/7days
Usual playlist. IDs at 0832, 0838, 0847
0850 some movie music track in James Bond style.
0855 crooner

0724 non stop music (on 6209.85 at first, bit of drift)
0800 jingle ??, into music
0818 a few words (dull voice) into jingle, then music again.
Typically it would be King SW, (usually active on Sat/Sun mornings, today is Holiday in most countries in Europe), although there is not the usual undermodulation.
LHH not on 6205 this morning, it helps.
0824 rock

(0848 gone)

0724 unid, speeding bpm wth singers about ...7seas..
more electro, hip-hop...
(had a break,)
0806 electro, then carnaval, 0811 off again. (probably testing)

2224 pop, 2225 pop, 2228 I heard it through the grapevine,
halas fading down quickly, must be Free R. Victoria with only 4 watts acc. to JBK
2239 ID, then "In a gadda da vida"
2246 "You were on my mind", 2249 ID, closing down, into "My green tambourine" :-))
2251 sorry, I don't know the title of this one, but manythanks for such a fine show FRV !
2255 off

2148 ID at once, talking between records, 2147 ment' Little Feat ??, music

bit of drifting around,
rather short chattings by Bogusman standards, more than half time of music,
2209 independent rock :-))
2218 IDs as "Bogusman Radio" in a loop, 2220 off

2052 schlager with beatbox and synthe, strong, 2055
2101 "Can't go home", 2102 sledge Hammer beatbox

2126 better disco :-)

Tentative ID : Technical Man / Technische Man

1959 Dutch song
2027 blank, hum
2035 strong : singer in English, 2036 polka. (idea : BBR)
2039 end  at end of polka

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