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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1944 strong, rock
strong enough to push  the neighbour to QSY 5 kHz away
1950 music
1955 call it 'techno hip-hop' ??

SORRY it was 6279.8 (not 6729.8  )

1902 Unid, Dutch pops, allo test een twee, D version of "Wake up Little Susie"
1910 "Au printemps" song in French+German, ec
1937 "Sultans of swing", allo allo, 1940 off

Also around 07 and 08 UTC, probably day long.
1354 "Yesterday" cover, then typical non stop mellow music
1727 still waiting for an ID, but no doubt

then several times, last one was at 2232

1703 typical music from ca 1930,
and announcements from same style (fake ?, in English at the moment)
jazz, etc, no ID yet, 1718 \atmos

Not on the air before 1630 approx.
1634 music, disturbed by 'flame thrower' on 6207a till 1639,
then only lots of atmo crashes.
1645 IDs, DJ, music

Unid at 1606, music
1609 Animals "It's my life"
1620 Barry Ryan "Eloise", 1628 "Eleanor Rigby", 1630 Dylan "I want you"
(1636 gone)

On 6205, usual format.
Disturbed around 19 - 2O UTC by strong wide ut. on 6210 approx.
2125 music, DJ, IDs, 2130

2239 now on 6210 AM, music, DJ mentionning Mike Andrews

BTW : no Coast FM today

2033 polka, 2038 tiki C&W, 2040 off-on-off-on
2042 instrum. music, 2044 again non stop
2055 maybe Herb Alpert ?, then pop organ, 2058
(2103 gone)

Non stop Dutch songs, 1943 'piraten' song, etc...
2013 song with accordion, girlie singer
2045 Dutch-like song
2102 Dutch music
(2122 gone)

1848 Under strong stanag QRM (long bursts), bluesy rock.
1853 pop, stanag again
1901 ZZ Top "Sharp dressed man", 1903 strong noise bursts
1952 still disturbed by many strong stanag bursts, 2015 same problem
(2052 gone ?)

1830 het 6310  with Harmony 6309.5
1838 music, talking in E, old jazz
1845 deep fade

Probably on the air day long. ID needed. Usual format
1830 QRM 6310 kHz, 1833 some 'circus' song, het fading up
1846 ID
2108 "Candyman"

Unid at first, and wobbling. Pops
1655 better modulation, pop, ID, more pop, 1658
1714 trace of QRM on 6260.8 (maybe Bluemoon ?)
1722 coucou! coucou!
1730 "Tainted love", stanag QRM, 1732 "Walk like an Egyptian"

Unid 1618 "Don't you want me baby", more pops, weak, much atmo crashes
talking in Dutch above the middle of the songs
1649 "La Macarena"

Began today at 1630 UTC approx., music, W DJ
2030 music, real IDs, 2040 time pips, news by FSN, 2041 music

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