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European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: About this forum
« on: June 23, 2022, 1723 UTC »
Still not agreeing with any of your arguments.

You have been listed here a countless number of times,
and you will still be listed here with those awful more or less licensed stations, like it or not.

Wishing you success in getting more listeners

edit : not countless, 924 times since March 2018

on 5835.2
1645 extra weak, some music guessed between crashes
1710 music ... 1731
ID guessed from frequency and offset

(1841 gone)

on 5775.0
1626 weak music, high level of stormy noise, non stop music,
1643 still no ID or talking (or too low in noisy conditions)
1711 was talking, no copy, music again,
1724 "She's a lady"
1833 "Godfather" theme, 1836 "Don't make me over", 1839 ID, next song
2028 music

(2132 gone or deep fade ?)
2145 signal is back, only very weak, 2150 slowly recovering after the deep fade
technical problem here !
2240 swing, 2242 ID, crooner

on 6175.0 -
0743 music    0927-0939    1006    1033
1540 music, 1546 ID, music, 1556

NB. Not knowing the status of Radio Jong Europa.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: About this forum
« on: June 23, 2022, 1551 UTC »
Since the board is 'HF' Underground, its debatable whether MF stations should be included at all; However, my feelings on the forums is that the Euro pirates should have their (our) own forum. We are totally distinct from the low power licensed private stations that some countries allow.

I believe there are enough of them to have their own forum, or maybe a sub-forum under a broadcast station main forum.

Pirates should be separate though - our parlous legal state and the situation where many of us cannot or do not maintain regular schedules does, I believe, make us more sought-after for DXers. So it would be disadvantageous for readers to have to sort through a mixed legal and non-legal forum.

Don't agree with anything above.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: About this forum
« on: June 23, 2022, 0925 UTC »
My feelings are that the AM pirates should have a separate forum, as should HF pirate/small-scale licensed stations.

Perhaps the latter should be noted with a suffix to show they’re licensed, where known.
1. I understand you use 'AM' in the American popular way for 'MW' ?

2. Your 'where known' is wise. Often, we don't know for sure if a station is licensed or not. I can just add 'said' or 'believed' to be licensed in the comments about the station.

But there are more problems about that :
- a licensed station can go back to unlicenced frankly (not paying the fee, for example)
- a licensed station can be outside of limits (on an unlicensed frequency, for example)
- a licensed station can relay an unlicensed station (so what are the rules in Germany or in the Netherlands?)
- a station licensed or unlicensed in its own country can be relayed from a foreign country  through another station, licensed or unlicensed or 'off limits'.
- a licensed station has not to say so publicly
Maybe the grey zone has stranger places I'm not aware of, (that's why I pleaded for including all the private stations in this forum).

So, we can add in comments that a station or a relay is said or believed to be licensed, without giving more assurance about that.

Shortwave Pirate / UNCLE BOB 6925.0 USB 0021 UTC 22 JUN 2022
« on: June 22, 2022, 2237 UTC »
today 22 June

on 5970.0 +
2205 music, ID, rock, 2216
2219 "Ride my see-saw" ?

Reminder : known to be a licensed station in Denmark, also using 1440 kHz, that used to be the frequency of the English voice of Radio Luxembourg, wavelength 208 meters. But the power is about 1000 times down.

on 6290.0
2145 R&R, 2146 F. Sinatra or alike,
2149 an E version of "Un fiacre" (Xanruf) ?
2151 Kalin Twins "When", 2152 unk., 2153 Johnny Cash ?, 2155 part,
2156 "Johnny B. Goode"
2159 part, C&W "Blue boy" ?
2200 OFF, no ID

late edit : from UNID to tentative Panda

on 5980.0
2137 smooth jazz, 2145 couple of words (no copy)

2202 music, 2203 OFF

Reminder : Radio Oz-Viola said long ago on this forum to be a licensed station in Denmark.

on 6160.0
1956 music
2026 pop, 2028 ID with 'summertime' choir, then a "Summertime" song,
2031 DJ, "Heatwave" song

on 5880.0
2014 rock, 2015 ID
2130 Billie Joe Royal "Hush", 2132 next

on 5800.0
1957 strong, D song and DJ with greets,
2001 ID and @gmx (twice), "Where do you go to my lovely" on stage ?,
2005 ID, W singer in G, then DJ above music, 2010 said closing down in 20 min.,
again "Ritchibi ritchiba ritchiboem'

(2037 gone)

on 6175.0 -
0757 "All night long"  ...    1340 ID        seemed day long

1834 music, 1838 ID, music, strong (traces of hum, het, crashes)

1953 music, het on 6175.9

0053 going on (het too)

on 6290.0
1825 very weak, storm crashes, some music

LOST by 1830

edit ID from Achim's audiologs

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