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On 13 June now,
0036 music, frequency still 6309.8 kHz
0040 ID Radio Harmony, e-mail harmonyqrz @ gmail dot com
into "Cabaret", 0044 crooner

Peskies / French peskies 6979.5 USB 0022 UTC 13 Jun 2018
« on: June 13, 2018, 0027 UTC »
0022 French peskies on 6979.5 USB, both ends heard
discussing about car prices, about jobs and income and expenses (all in French),
0032 bye

0005 music on 6933 USB, 0007 'Welcome to Clever Name Radio", jazz
0010 several IDs, with greetings to Krissy, Andrew Yoder, Skipmuck...
0012 off

0051 back on the air, music, ID, e-mail address, 0052 off

1928 music and talking, 1934 'on Laser'
up to good, but noisy
2138 same format, fair, fading, 2150 jingle ID ( a new one ?)

BTW : no Coast FM on 6285 tonight

1922 UTC, retro music, pseudo recordings of voice, IDs by synthesized W voice
2024 same format, italian (or corsican?) singer

2044 now S7-S8, with best antenna / ATU settings, but that doesn't give a better S/N

0743 on Twente SDR: carrier, some audio on peaks

1915 'Beautifulmusic on Harmony', 6309,8 kHz
1938 "You're my world", same ID, then retro music
2004 pop, 2008 crooner
The frequency seems stable till now.
2028 half of the show is retro " a la Charleston R. Int'l "
2030 "Big bad John"

Also heard on Twente SDR,
 with Nena "99 luft ?  ballons",
maybe my watch is late, but I wrote down the switch off at 2132 UTC

Hi Ray,   via Twente SDR?  Is your home antenna not working?

I'm in an hotel near Paris, with much RFI indoor, and much rain outdoor...
I will be back at home tonight if I find a way between traffic congestions and floods .

Also heard on Twente SDR,
 with Nena "99 luft ?  ballons",
maybe my watch is late, but I wrote down the switch off at 2132 UTC   

Heard via Twente SDR tonight. Fair, T-strorm crashes and interrupts.
Not a typical show, more jazz and crooners, M+W talking.
2003 'David Lee in the chair', 2004 ID,music

Maybe R.Pirana Int'l again? Just after QSY from 6270 ? And before more QSY's

2104 trace (on a whip antenna)
2138 music (via Twente SDR), 2140 Radio ....Int'l, 2146 switch off.

Most probably R. Pirana Internacional, as logged by other DXers.

Unid at 0205, pop-rock singer
0209 IDs : Clever Name Radio, music

0218 ID +hotmail, 0219 off

0155 somemusic heard, but with a bad loc noise on 6957, I'm short of tricks.
That noise is from a switching PSU with some wobbling.

0115 Madness
0128 Shade "Smooth operator", 0132 W DJ, music
0138 DJ Mandy on Laser Hot hits Int'l, music

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