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Heard in C. France, on a small Sony, on 6315 +- 2 kHz
2046 Typical DJ, above "Fastest milkman in the West"
then ...DifferentRadioyahoo.co.uk
later music, 2113 music

Heard in C. France, small Sony (reading 6240)
2050 music, 2051 ID, talking about closing down
more music and IDs,
2053 off

Heard in C. France on a small Sony
2042 talking, music parts, rock, 2043 ID, announcing 6239, music
2044, 2045 IDs +POB 293 ... (recording?)

(2052 gone)

Heard in C. France
1949 station in English and German, talking about QSL cards
1951 ...@gmx, etc
2039 music

(2050 gone)

Heard in C.France on 6260 (read on small Sony), good signal.
1847 pops, jingles
1945 "Don't worry be happy", 1948 ID, Beach Boys "Good vibrations"
1952 "California dreaming",rock, etc
2036 "Fly to the sun sweet Caroline", 2038 JID, rock "Daddy cool", 2011 JID

(2053 gone)

Heard in C. France on 6375 (small Sony, 5 kHz steps and analog fine tune)
2039 weak, pops
2046 "Be my little dream come true" (approx. title),2050

SINPO 45555.

2018 UTC - Pro-sounding ID announcement, "From the Paul Jonkers (?) Studios in Brussels, live and direct, this is Johnny Tobacco."
2041 UTC - "Johnny Tobacco, live and direct from the Paul Jonkers Studio in Brussels." Continuing with Dutch songs.
2113 UTC - Checked back and carrier is gone.

Hi, I think he meant one Jean Paul Juncker, the President of the European Commission :)

The president of the EU Commission is Jean-Claude Juncker

In C. France, on 6273 approx., strong
2005 accordion, 2007 rock
2027 The lion sleeps tonight (Owimnowee)
2035 Russian song ? (2050 gone)

Heard in C. France on 6390 approx.
1755 announcements by M and W
1759 ID as 3-3-1-1-9
1810 pop

Heard in C.France
1740 music
1952 "Owner of a 2lonely heart"
2028 ID Coast FM
2051 music

Heard in C.France on 6316 approx.
1802 pop-rock
1805 DJ, typical from Ghoul/Bogusman, etc, till 1950

Heard in Central France on 6255 (approx),
1953 accordion
2001 Dutch song with klaxon, etc till 2037

Had it also in Central france at 1750 till 2030 with pops

Had it also in Central France at 1807 and 2038

2205 soviet anthem (not the version from Radio Moscow)
2207 SSTV (I'm not equiped for that), 2209 second SSTV (only 1 min.)
2210 some digital mode
2211 allo, allo everybody (and 2nd  voice in Russian ?), 2212 techno
2218 allo, gd ev', this is ------- Radio, ... joking about ID possibly Wolverine Radio
 2219 music,some techno, lyrics seem in Russian ?
2227 gd night.. This is ..., then SSTV images,
2230 bye-bye all, bye-bye, end

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