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1915 music, M talking, W voice for Hempstead Road address, more music,
1922 ID by M, music, 1926 ID by W

(2117 seemed off)

Relaying, or playing some R. Mi Amigo avatar ?
with pops, announcements, promo in Dutch for Mobile Mi Amigo Studio,
promo in English for Monitor Magazine, 1856 robot jingle : '3-3-1-1-9'
then music, but suddenly undermodulated, audio fading up a bit at 1902

(There was a station on 5780 at 1729-1732, likely R. 319 before moving here)

Yes, frequency of Zeppelin, unid
1832 weak, half of soul music, half like Harmony, but often cut at 1 min. long.
1842 Paty Labelle hit, 1846 "San Francisco"

2047 music, 2052 Ten Years After "Love like a man"
2102 talking and IDs, 2104 music, 2107 greetings, blank, 2108 OFF

1732 retro music, later old jazz, (noisy channel)
1827 ID, singer in German ?, 1830 ID, jazz

1405 extra weak, with offshore jingles and anorak tunes
1445 fading up, peaks with R&R, 1450 DJ and ID, 1455 pops

(seemed off at 1726)

0156 music, 0158 Clever Name Radio, into "Jean genie"

0129 tronic music, 0131 ID, more techno music
0138 ID, Hello John, a happy fathers day, into R&R, etc
(0153 gone)

0104 Unid in USB (not AM !!!) , some electric blues-rock
0109 another track


0122 closing down, This is - - - Radio, 0123 off

0045 extra-weak, music, on 6935.6 AM (yes .6 )
0056 talking (no copy), 0057 music

0005 blues
0009 ID Wolverine R., (Morse on 6952)
0012 "My heart belongs to daddy"
0017' 44" ID, into W jazz singer

2348 music on 6933 USB
2350 ID Clever Name  Radio, off

carrier only at 2215 and at 2252 UTC (also before 1900).
on 6275,0-

2300 that's the skip on 48m (only LHH and Harmony still heard)

2238 back with fair signal, on 6965.2 kHz, disturbed by strong OHR bursts
2244 fading down again, OHR still strong
2245 ID : Charity Radio, music

Thanks Ray for explaining!
I did not understand the title of Bogusman-The Ghoul
Sorting Bogusman from The Ghoul in the logs is too much of a hassle !

2221 Beatles "Eleanor Rigby", in a medley?
2225 more pop-rock from the 60's
on 6320,0+
2231 Rock Radio network, RockRadioEurope @yahoo.com
2232 AC-DC "Highway to hell", 2235 "On the border"
2246 Animals "It's my life", 2248 (unknown)

2304 Dylan "I want you"