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Already a trace at 1708. At 1745 it seems with music, but still under the noise level.
Occ. traffic QRM. 1748 same situation.
1806 "Pour un flirt" (guessed)

1858 still very weak, music and talking (no copy...), music

(2029 gone)

blank carrier at 1647 and at 1700
1714 "Eloise", 1716 parts of music, 1718 rock
Not typical playlist, but could be R. Harmony testing repairs after big breakdown.

Then fading up and down into the thunderstorm noise. The rock program looks more like that of Focus (but Focus is seldom on the air after a successful weekend). 1743 rock again, 1754 rock  again, 1800 gone.
Many carriers around 6300 here, is it general in Europe ?

0354 only a weak carrier, on 6770.05, ut.QRM

I tried again, noise was on the L-side, but could not find any audio. 0409 not even a faint carrier

0333 ID (not clear), hotmail, into "Come together", then a fade
0339 another track
0344 welcome to Clever Name Radio @hotmail.com, rock, "Keep your hands to yourself"
0347 same ID +e-mail, another track

0357 strange music, ID not clear above
0358 ID and off

Same station ?
At 0004 on 07 Jun 2018, music from the 1920-30s,
but not parralel to Charleston Radio. 0008 going on
0010 trumpet jazz, then more old jazz.
About 2 S units weaker than Coast FM on 6285.

0018 sudden off

2236 Unid on 6275, music, very weak, noisy, atmo crashes
same record in a loop for 10 minutes ? 2251 off

Yes Kris, the signal from LHH seems rather good tonight.
They started at about 1630 UTC (usual on weekdays), probable repeats as usual.
2253 electric blues (unusual for LHH), 2256 DJ, ID, ann. R.E.M. (back to usual)

0023 DJ Dave Simpson, ID as Laser Int'l, into "Crocodile rock"
0044 Jethro Tull

2150 Unid, pop in AM
2152 jingle, seems to be R. Northern Star, but unusual in AM
2159 rock-boogie, 2200 jingle, it's well R. Northern Star, (so not in the right file on HF Underground)
2202 W folk singer
2203 very weak, ID, maybe anthem (at noise level), 2205 music
(2213 gone).

R. N.Star was not often  on the air for  8 or 10 days. When in USB mode, they used to make breaks at each hour for a fe minutes.

2140 heard the splash when JT switched off, music, 2143 more music
2146 ID, ad for on-line super-market, 2147 ID, 2148 music
2219 'Tenerife number one, we are Coast FM'. Exact frequency is 6284.97 kHz

0040 ID, 'classic hits', into "All night long"

Unid at 2057, music, pop-rock, good level, short blanks between records, 2100 C&W
2108 strong, C&W, voice of BBR-JT , new ID not copied, C&W
2111 ID asRadio Abu Dhabi tonight
2132 ID, also as Johnny Tobacco, greetings to me and ID as Radio Chante (Abas?), music
2135 closing down soon, gd night, "My way", 2140 off

Unid on 6245,35 at 2036 with music, QRM traffic 6245 USB at first
2040 talking,more music
2047 ID approx E-M Radio, @gmx.net, music, new name ?
2055 same ID+gmx by W and M,music
2106 same ID+gmx by M and W, music
(2115 gone)

2007 ID, e-mail address, Beatles
2011 with Happy European Union
2016 talking in Dutch and English, request from England
2022 "Goodbye my friend", 2031 Madness "One step beyond"
2121 ID, 'magic SW'
(2130 gone, only another carrier on 5830,9)

1652 weak, ID in a short loop (as IS before beginning)
1705 music : old jazz
2123 music
Still on at 0000 UTC

Shortwave Broadcast / Test 3975, 3975 kHz, 2025 UTC 05 Jun 2018
« on: June 05, 2018, 2037 UTC »
2025 DJ, pops, 2031 welcome on 3-9-7-5, the new sound of SW radio,
2032 relaying 'Different World', more pops, 2035 ...3-9-75-A.M., music

1822 typical music, weak, then audio out several times,
QRM from CW right on carrier, almost black out on the station,
1839 music coming back after black out
1900 Josephine Baker ? "J'ai deux amours"
2015 'go ahead London', singers in English, 2018 bridging with French-cancan, mellow music