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2129 R&R, 2131 at last a clear ID, then guitar background, more IDs
In fact already heard at 1950, but I couln't catch the IDs (some variants of the ID).

2137 pop-rock
2205 closedown, blank, off

That's the other idea : an Irish station, probably playing a recording from a former Irish from  MW or FM bands.


2237 music on 6965.2 kHz, DJ team

Has drifted to 6965,2 kHz, and the signal is better, with music heard, uuh, weak, now very weak.
Probably the same station as yesterday evening.
2058 IDs by M and W, but no copy (storm crashes, and settings for music not so good to copy voice)

rock: maybe, British punk:maybe not, now talking above next track

I remember a station in C. Europe that was relaying streams from London.

Only trace of audio here

Strange, this is a strong signal here (and Technical Man is Always one of the strongest Dutch pirates)

2056 Aaaah, that was just a deep fade

Has been on the air day long, although extra weak in the middle of the day.
1711 "Come on Eileen", 1726 ID, etc...
2015 on 6270,08 (I round that to 6270,1), pop, fair but much storm crashes

2012 Dutch funny song ?, then ID, pop

1952 music, 1954 "Kids in America", etc, 2004 talking, ID, music, 2007 ID again, greetings
2009 "Take me to the matador"
2021 "Blue hotel", 2023 accordion

1853, on 6305,05 kHz, reggae/ska show, 1901 ID

At first sounding like some ut…
uhh.. that's beat box

1843 music, 1846 talking, .. this is Bogusman…, chatting 1848
2040 music, easy to hear (no more signal on 6320)
2043 chatting, 2045 music, some noise in the background
and now on 6325,1 kHz

talking in Dutch, Dutch music, 1742 off

1729 music (Shadows?), 1730 and talking, very weak \ much crashes , 1732 music and talking

(1738 gone)

1727 pop, 1728 Baccara "Yes sir…."

1735 gone, maybe to 6290 : pop

1744 now on 6285 (same ?)

1715 pops. (perhaps QSYed from 5850). Storm noise.

Unid extra weak at 1435, some music barely heard
1441 weak peak, music
1522 still on, but now audio can't break through increasing noise level
1545 same conditions
1705 audio at noise level