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Unid with various forms of rock.
Was already on the air at 1623 UTC.
1652 "Walk don't run" and alike
Now rock, R&R, with singers
edit :
still on at 1943, sometimes splash from 3902.25 (Stove Farmer)

Most prob. R. Zeppelin on 7725.9 today again,
1823-1830 with modern jazz
good signal, but storm crahes here

Most probably the same Energy Power AM station,
already this morning at 1010, weak, now with much atmos,
so I cannot catch the ID (short announcements at times, 1458: some web site).
edit :
1529 ID +Hotmail
1820 still on with music (but atmos)

Mungo Jerry "In the summertime"
1943 "Yummi yummi..."
1945 "Venus" (Shocking Blue)

2214 many IDs, going to c/d, music, 2219 jazz
2222 IDs without background, testing reverb, 2223 music

C&W, strong, ID, testing to the East,1937 more C&W

1951 Teresa Werner
2000 on 6322 kHz
2006 Dutch waltz (in English)

Still on the hair on Saturday (local) morning and afternoon, 21 Apr 2018,
still on 6928 kHz, but a bit drifty (more and more slowly), now on 6298.00
Weak, noisy daytime, music, could not copy the IDs at 0823 and 1354 UTC, but no doubts.

Hello Skipmuck,

Maybe the same station, maybe not. The exact frequency on Tuesday and Wednesday was read as 6928,07 both days. Maybe it's the temperature at the TX site ? (My Rx seems to have a TCXO, and seems stable within 0.01, even if 0.01 or 0.02 low).

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I heard no ID, no jingle, no announcement.

The conditions were good within Europe tonight, but now all pirates above 5 MHz have faded out. My TA check with Gander Radio on 6604 USB is not too good.

Well, try a report to EnergyPowerAM@hotmail.com

Till next time,


Shortwave Broadcast / R. Northern Star 5895 USB 20 Apr 2018
« on: April 20, 2018, 2042 UTC »
2040 LinkWray "Batman"

2010 music, fair signal, some atmos, Hollywood style ?
2017 It's my party, 2019 Hello Dolly
2022 L.Armstrong again : Wonderful world
2055 Those were the days

Already heard at 1538 and 1702 (extra weak then)
Since 1950, fair-good level, pops and IDs, mentionning '215 AM' (that means 1395 kHz)
Known Irish station
2004 ID +Hotmail

Unid 1911 carrier, bit ofmusic
1919 disco, 1921 Big ben, music
1927 schlager, greetings ?, 1928 --- Radio, J.Cash
1937 ID +e-mail , music
1939 ID, greetings to Italian Franco and Gino, 1940 skit, AM-forum promo
1941 off

UNID 1905 extra weak or trace
1913 talking above Dutch music, 1915 disco version of "Mustafa", 1918 disco

edit : was already off at 1931

1858 'This is Harmony'

1848 Unid, good signal,woman C&W singer1851
1852 man C&W singer, could well be BBR, open mike
This is Abu Dhabi Radio, beaming South Pacific
(1900 the Australian marine weather station is audible here on 6230 USB)
1906 King of the road, then ID
1910 same ID and annt many times, music
(1944 no more on the air)

Unid at 1826, talking in English above Dutch music,
1832 This is Blue .... ??, 1835 "Man of action",
1840 lost (end ?)
 edit : was the end,
other ultra weak signals on 6255 and 6260
Hello Matt,
almost any European pirate can play "Man of action", not useful as an ID aid.

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