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Thanks for the show s3 to s5+ here in Portland Oregon 👍
18:56 thanks for the shout out
19:15 WTF???👍
Requesting Clint Eastwood “gold fever”

just above noise floor @ 6.944.50htz
audio sounds overdriven @ input to broadcasting radio

23:58 utc AC/DC thunderstood
00:03 utc new song unk ID
00:05 utc new song slim shady? rap!
00:10 utc new song audio so distorted indecipherable
00:12 utc new song techno
00:19 utc new song rap
00:21 utc new song
00:33 utc new freq 6.944.30u
00:36 utc santana!

signal s+1 to nothing
gone @ 02:02 utc
02:04 utc back with "dixie"
02:07 utc " John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt "
02:09 utc morse code

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RTN 6930 AM 2348 UTC 21Nov15
« on: November 22, 2015, 0101 UTC »
thanks for the AM signal my old ww2 vacuum tube stuff sounds great.

the signal is so loud here I had to turn my gain down to almost nothing

 01:04 utc thanks for shout out on the air

01:04 utc love joe walsh "average ordinary guy"  
01:12 utc bad medicine
01:14 utc live DJ with reception report
01:15 utc mexican radio
01:19 utc beach boys "good vibrations"
01:24 utc station ID with email
01:24 utc ozzy
01:27 utc simple minds
01:28 utc fading fast
01:29 utc 6.925mhz usb overpowering signal

very faint above static swinging my needle approx +1 w. an occasional burst of +5

1740 utc fade in to blues
1743 utc ID chamberpot radio
1744 utc slow blues
1754 utc new song, blues, very faint, same artist?
1800 utc ID chamberpot radio with listener appreciation mention
1801 utc new song, blues, male artist
1805 utc ID chamberpot radio barely discernible above static
1805 utc new song, heavy electric blues rip
1807 utc almost inaudible in the static, can still hear that electric guitar
1814 utc ID
1814 utc new song, blues
1821 utc ID
1821 utc loss of signal assumed last transmission to be sign off

and thanks for shoutout!

very faint
03:24 faint techno music heard
03:24 new song wierd beat, slow
03:27 jim croce, operator
03:31 new song, lyrics undecipherable in static, male voice
03:36 morse code heard assume to be station ID and sign off

weak signal, audible above background
02:32 tune in
02:34 new song unk artist, unk song, male vocals
02:39 new song unk artist, unk song, male vocals, its a highway south?
02:46 station ID male voice
02:46 new song unk artist, unk song, female vocals, broken wing?
02:50  pause for station ID "native radio" male voice
02:50 same song "broken wing"
02:53 new song unk artist, unk song, male vocals, rap song, native American influence, great beat!
03:00 station no longer heard, no sign off

I thought I heard an ID @ 02:50 utc saying "NATIVE RADIO"

signal S+6 to s+7
to me the station sounds best on AM not USB

01:53 utc Blinding me with science
01:57 utc talking heads, psyco killers
02:02 utc station ID
02:02 utc rolling stones, paint it black
02:05 utc michael jackson, thriller
02:11 utc station id radio true north
02:12 utc the who, wont get fooled
02:19 utc shoutout to ME. Thanks True North
02:21 utc unk artist, big johnson?
02:22 utc station went long
03:03 utc devil inside
03:03 utc long again

unid s+6 to s+7

lost of high end not much base, kind of tinny

01:34 utc monsters ball
01:34 station ID, female voice (missed it due to static crash)
01:38 utc wherewolfs of london
01:42 utc station id WPOD
01:42 comedy skit about "one eye"
01:45 utc station ID, male voice WPOD
01:45 utc monsters mash sorry HASH
01:48 utc JOB rolling paper news
01:49 station ID
01:49 new song

01:00 station ID w. live dj
01:04 shoutout on hfunderground
01:05 liquid radio call in

thanks for cd and sticker

would love to hear the DOORS "riders on the storm"

03:12 utc sign off with a shoutout to each poster, yes I did love the song
03:15 utc begin last song
03:18 utc station quiet

good luck with all that email

S3 to S5 with occasional fades to S1 peaks toS7
05:00 live DJ
05:01 time in UTC
05:02 nine inch nails
05:06 new song.... Male vocals....rock!
05:10 live DJ talking about time to go home and new music
05:11 listing playlist
05:12 m class flair with reception report
05:13 beer report!
05:14 nutral catholic headlock

Signal s+3 to s+5 peaks to +6 no preamp
01:49 Neil young.... old man
01:52 Beatles?
01:55 new song...70's...contemporary
02:00 Young American
02:06 canned station ID
02:06 Credence clear water
02:09 new song...female vocals...70's?
02:12 just a few seconds of a new song...female vocals....faded out
02:12 canned ID
02:13 new song...male vocals...blues
02:17 bare naked ladies
02:19 signal fading s+2 to s+3 with fading
02:20 canned station ID
02:20 start SSTV man I've got to get a laptop!
SSTV signal s7 to s9
02:22 lost signal

S+1 to S+3 with peaks of +4 no preamp
01:18 tune in
01:18 song snippets with the word love
01:21 still playing love song snippets
01:24 still playing snippets of songs with the word love
01.28 canned station ID and start of a sstv transmission
01:30 sstv transmission end

tune in to static with music like noise underneath
Hoping he reception will improve as the band goes long

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6880 AM 0012 UTC 9 Feb 2015
« on: February 09, 2015, 0016 UTC »
Nothing here

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