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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6925 USB 0004z 9/14/15
« on: September 14, 2015, 0106 UTC »
SINPO 55555 into NYC since 0038 UTC with fun banter, modern rock songs, mail bag, etc.

Heard the same tune a few times and OM say "Whatever."  Strong signal.

0048 UTC Devil May Care into Devil & The Deep Blue Sea. Sensing a theme here.
Old Devil Called Love, ID "Wolverine Radio" @ 0055 UTC, Old Devil Moon...

Blasting clean signal SINPO 45444

Just caught Heart's Barracuda @ 2356 UTC and sign off

Decent signal SINPO 35333

Sounds like an old radio play. Lousy signal.

Heard some music but not good enough a signal to decipher the song.

Heard since 2241 UTC. Heard a couple of IDs and email addy. Signal not to good with the noise. SINPO 25232

Barely usable audio, weak signal and noise.

FM Free Radio / UNID 88.1 FM 2311 UTC 14 Mar, 2015
« on: March 14, 2015, 2345 UTC »
Haitian Creole program with two men - one giving an impassioned speech, while the other seemed to occasionally interject his agreement.

SINPO 35343

Tuned into ID @ 0221 UTC followed by Wall of Voodoo's Mexican Radio. Host talked for a bit with mention of reception reports, eventually into AC/DC song. Hard to copy.

SINPO 25222

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6949.530 AM
« on: March 08, 2015, 0224 UTC »
Just heard a Beatles tune at 0217 UTC and suddenly disappeared.

SINPO 45444

Tuned in at 0124 UTC for some fem vox blues song and Down By The Riverside and a Brenda Lee tune. ID @ 0131 UTC as just "Wolverine Radio." Into rock & roll oldies tune. Eventually into John Fogerty and ID @ 0137 UTC.

Blasting SINPO 55444

Recording this show and will send a copy to the station (only) upon request, if wanted.

Heard a male voice at 0033 UTC, but couldn't understand a word. SINPO 15222

FM Free Radio / Vizcaino HD 89.3 FM 0112 UTC 7 Mar 2015
« on: March 07, 2015, 0210 UTC »
Spanish language DJ with mambo music, a few phone calls and chit chat, all done over the music, as is common among Hispanic DJs. I guess the idea is to make one big energetic mix instead of compartmentalizing everything, as is done in "American" radio.

SINPO 45444

Update 14 Mar 2015: I just put this broadcast up on youtube.com. Can someone verify it's working OK? If so, I will start posting the local pirates.


FM Free Radio / Re: UNID 0017 UTC 91.3 FM 1 Mar 2015
« on: March 07, 2015, 0124 UTC »
Thanks for the comments. I am thinking of recording these stations and posting air checks on youtube. Stations like these are very local and fairly unknown outside of their target demographic, so maybe pirate listeners outside of New York City would like to get a taste of these?

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