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2123 Great signal with an Enya song playing. I didn't hear Key Radio, Sounded like a jingle saying Free Radio. Another Enya tune I think.
2139 Still strong but some fading suddenly. Recorder going, have to head out. Thanks for the tunes! ID at 2141z.

QSLs Received / Re: Midnight Radio Shortwave via TRI eQSL
« on: November 06, 2022, 1527 UTC »
Received one also, thanks!

1446 S9 peaks, noisy with deep fades.
1453 Fading much less now. "How to sexually harass your co-workers".

2222 Relaying RFW I do believe.

2145 Nice signal, S9+20. Song with YL singer. Good side band audio.

0019 Opera. S1-3, strong enough signal with some noise.

2124 DW on the mic into tunes. S9 with a bit of fade.
2128 IDs
2137 DW with song rundown, shoutouts, thanks!
2144 ID
2220 DW on the mic, music. Steady S9.
2241 ID
2314 IDs. Still a great signal, nice sounding sideband audio!

2210 Possibly  digital modes? Peskies on LSB. OM on mic now. S7
2214 Music.
2218 "Creep". S3

2057 Mellow guitar instramental. S9, will have recorder going.

2316 Older style tune(?). S5, noisy.

2314 DW on the mic with song run down and ID into music. S9+ and nice sounding sideband audio!
2318 Wow, went to check on the AM station on 6975 came back and RFW was in the noise. Total fade out in  few minutes! >:(

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: BBC World Service 21630 am 1559 utc 2022
« on: October 24, 2022, 1808 UTC »
...... on the Realistic DX-160.  :)

Picked up my DX-160 with operating guide a couple years ago at a quarterly swap at The Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut (I remember you said you visited.)
Yes, the museum was really good. My son is a Air Force Radio tech and loved the place . We had a guided tour. So much stuff and info about it. Haven't been to the swaps though.
I bought my DX 160 about 4 years ago. It's had a lot of mods, digital frequency counter, recapped and a few other things. Surprising how well it works. Lots of fun.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: BBC World Service 21630 am 1559 utc 2022
« on: October 24, 2022, 1624 UTC »
1622 News, good reception with fades on the Realistic DX-160.  :)
1625 Talk of using dirty bombs in Ukraine.
1629 ID BBC World Service.

Interesting experiments with the modes and antennas BSR.
You got a good thing going only I wish you would get away from the Wolverine Radio "Theme" thing and come up with your own style.
But good job with your station, stick with AM!

0107 S2 and noisy, some ute qrm. Fair.
0109 Ballsmacker ID??

0113 Not too good in CT BSR, all stations tonight so far weak and noisy. I can only take so much side band audio to.

0102 Weak, sound effects and guitar.
0104 SSTV

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