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2340z Dance music.  S9+10 with static crashes.
2345z ID
0042z still here, S9+15
0047z Yaz remix.

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: May 27, 2024, 2341 UTC »
Partial log of messages highly likely to have been broadcast by E4 ADFEB4 on May 17 2024;

(SIGINT/all, I am not sure if you consider VLF 8888 messages suited for the EAM/FDM log, this HFGCS general log, or should be in its own thread. Let me know if it does not fit here)

This is a pretty cool catch.  Maybe it's more aligned with the FDM log?   Either way, it's a good intercept and thanks for posting it.  We don't see too many VLF logs of this sort.

There used to be a Navy ELF site up near where you caught that E-4.  They still go up there and let out the tailing wire over the Big Lake.

0231z just tuned in via livestream.  Just caught the sign off.
Thanks for the show!  Good to hear RFW.

Will be interesting to see how much coverage changes.  One of my Ďatomicí watches didnít update yesterday evening.   Normally not an issue.

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: April 13, 2024, 2202 UTC »
131326Z APR 2024 15016.0 kHz USB
13:26Z One of the HFGCS transmitters can still be heard purring away on 15016.0 kHz.
I heard it this morning too.  Still hammering away at 2201z.  Must be one hot transmitter.

“Tuning” in via the livestream. 
Thanks DW as always for the show.

Something for the next show.
Белая ночь ∑ Chernikovskaya Hata

RRI with a nice signal this evening at 2250z.  Their wEU broadcast in English at S9+20.

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: April 04, 2024, 1617 UTC »
4 APR 24
1615z SHIVA16 calling MUDBUG for r/c, no response.
1616z SHIVA13 calling RAYMOND 12 for r/c, no response.
1618z SHIVA13 calling RAYMOND 12.  Then calling any station for r/c. no response.

I take back what I said last month about MAINSAIL being more responsive.  USAF radio communication is terrible; can't even get anyone to respond on the main HF frequency.

1623z SHIVA13 calling any station for r/c.  ANDREWS finally answers.
1624z SHIVA17 calling MUDBUG.  ANDREWS and SHIVA13 answer.

2337z S5 signal

2318z Mazzy Star?  S3 signal
2336z Blue Monday S4
2345z In The Air Tonight S5 signal

Utility / Re: USAF HFGCS message at 20 MHz?
« on: March 28, 2024, 1200 UTC »
Interesting recording.  Sounds like a spoof to me also.

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: March 25, 2024, 1306 UTC »
25 MAR 24
1304z HICKAM with a test count.  Haven't heard that station ID in a while.
1530z VALIDATE calling someone.  Terrible audio.

26 MAR 24
1437z ATOM29 calling MAINSAIL for r/c
1438z ATOM29 calling any radio for r/c.  WC-135 from Offutt AFB.

S6 2349z with RTTY over the top.  RTTY sounding like someone bumped the vfo??  Constant interval beep too.
The background RTTY seems to be on some type of loop.  When it starts and ends, the sound is unique...
I have heard some weird stuff on HF, but this is near the top of the list.
0010z numbers seem to have stopped.  beeping and rtty continue.
0014z just the beeps, and those just stopped

Utility / Re: UNID 6930 USB 2250 11 March 2024
« on: March 12, 2024, 0018 UTC »
Weak here too, pretty much at the noise level.  A lot of discussion on the UXDF mailing list about these signals.
6230 just a bit stronger.

0249z S9+15
0300z S9 signal.  Depeche Mode sounding music.  Maybe it is?

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