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0016z S9+10, loud
0018z SSTV
0025z  signal so good, I'm listening on the portable radio outside at the firepit
0039z SSTV
0040z ID in voice?  Didn't catch it.
0058z  ID,  something something O, on the radio ID???
0102z SSTV S9+10
0108z SSTV
0110z  CBO?  ID overdriven and said once, can't get it down
0122z SSTV S9 signal
0157z  CDO out.  OTA

VoT with their usual programming in English.  S8 signal with some light fading.
1256z  Music.  Good signal at S9

2310z S8 signal

2021 Unid with music at S8
Some good 80s tunes. 
2216 off?

2120z Unid playing Depeche Mode.  S6
2135z Depeche Mode - New Dress S5
2143z DM - Strangelove S5
2148z Off?

UNID station playing electronic type music on 6925. 
2242z S6 signal with a lot of storm related static crashes.
2252z still there, band is very up and down
2308z Off?
2320z same station?  rock type music S6

The Gong station chiming away on 6935.  S6 signal.
Seems to be off at 2318.

1444z S6 signal

2128z VoG in at S8 with fading.  Traditional Greek music.
0400z VoG with the Greek national anthem at S9+20

On at 1259z S9 signal.
1413z has been pretty solid for the broadcast, S8 to S9

0305z  just about to shut off the radio, VoG at S9+20

1300z S7 signal at sign on
1330z TX dropped
1334z back on, S8
1452z S8 sig
1459z off

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID 14295 AM 0110 UTC 4 JUNE 2021
« on: March 17, 2022, 0256 UTC »
hearing this tonight on 14295.   Also listening to a remote on 4765 and hearing the same thing.

0218z hearing about Orange Man and Sounds of Silence song remix.  S6 signal.
0222z loop starts again.  S7 signal

Shortwave Broadcast / WBCQ 4790 kHz 0158z 17 MAR 22
« on: March 17, 2022, 0201 UTC »
Interval signal (WBCQ) until 0200z.  S9, but have noise, might be local.
Scorched Earth Music Show
0225z tuned back in.  Noise gone, signal S9+10 with music.

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