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Nuttin' On Shortwave 6925 AM S3 in NY

0019: On the air with War "Low Rider"
0024: The Crusher not happy with the UNID that came on over the top of him on USB earlier (I agree, that was pretty rude)
0025: Eddie Harris "Listen Here"
0030: Another I.D. then off the air

UNID 6925 USB S5 in NY

2324: Fred Flintstone clip
2325: Hoyt Curtin "Bedrock Twitch"
2330: Hong Kong Phooey clip
2332: Mashups starting
2337: SSTV

Radio Azteca Relay 6925 USB S3 in NY

2131: Broadcast started with a fax
2135: Radio Azteca theme music then Bram Stoker on the mic with an I.D. and announcing show # 8
2206: Another fax
2209: SSTV
2212: Another SSTV
2214: Off the air

Skippy Radio 6950 USB S3 in NY

0210: The Temptations "Get Ready"
0213: Off the air
0217: Back on the air but getting killed by OTHR
0222: The Doors "Break On Through (To The Other Side)"
0225: SSTV
0235: SSTV

UNID 6925 USB S3 in NY

0055: Disturbed "Down With The Sickness"
0058: Bob Marley/Billy Idol "Get Up, Stand Up/Rebel Yell" (mashup)
0102: Survivor/Adele "Eye Of The Tiger/Rolling In The Deep" (mashup)
0112: SSTV
0118: Metallica/Led Zeppelin "Nothing Else Matters/" (mashup)
0124: SSTV

UNID 6950 USB from 6920 S3-S5 in NY

0111: Having great difficulty tuning this station, maybe DSB ?
0124: Sly & The Family Stone “I want To Take You Higher” ?
0126: Off the air
0128: Back on the air sounding a lot better with “Very Superstitious”
0132: Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues”
0136: Jump ‘N’ The Saddle Band “The Curly Shuffle”
0139: Sly & The Family Stone “Stand!”
0141: Off the air again

Old Time Radio 6770 AM S1-S3 in NY (Long time no copy OTR, good to hear you)

2240: 2 OM’s in a skit with audience laughter
2241: Organ music that Shazam isn’t hitting on

QSLs Received / WREC eQSL 3/24/19 Broadcast
« on: March 26, 2019, 1953 UTC »
Thanks as always PJ !

Evergreen Radio 6929 USB S5-S7 in NY

2317: Evergreen Radio for your entertainment tonight I.D., wondering if he is being heard worldwide tonight. Talking to his Engineer John.
2319: Michael Jerome Browne “Cancer Ward Blues”
2320: Yelled at John saying the song was too depressing, gave another I.D. then into Michael Jerome Browne “New Morning Blues”
2322: Another I.D., still wondering if they are making it across the pond on 50 milliwatts
2323: The Highwaymen “Highwayman”
2326: Talking to John on the other side of the glass then another I.D. into Johnny Cash “Oney”
2329: Leo Kottke “I Yell At Traffic”
2334: Talking about his pups nipping at his ankles
2335: Lucinda Williams “Overtime”
2339: Mary Chaplin Carpenter “Halley Came To Jackson”
2343: OM with another I.D. broadcasting from the backwoods of the Ozarks. Playing one more song Maura O’Connell “Down The Moor”
2346: Off the air

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/rNfXKklymL4

WREC 6955 USB S1 in NY (just audio)

2000: Very faint music, not enough to I.D. a song
2004: OM talking

Skippy Radio 6926 USB from 6954 USB S3-S7 in NY

0021: All India Radio “Holy Cowboys”
0024: Audio clip of someone talking about interfering with a QSO in progress ?
0025: YL talking a foreign language then into more music
0029: Off the air
0035: Switched to 6926 USB with Hayseed Dixie “Walk This Way”
0049: Hayseed Dixie “T.N.T.” (Peaking S8)

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/THaT0kYEhzI

Skippy Radio 6955 USB S3-S5 in NY

2259: Johnny Copeland "Old Man Blues"
2303: Henrick Freischlader Band ""I Loved Another Woman"
2308: Melvin Taylor "Tin Pan Alley"
2315: SSTV
2335: SSTV
2340: Off the air

Misfit Radio 6925 USB S5 in NY

0143: SSTV
0145: Iron Maiden "Wasted Years"
0150: Dripping faucet sound effect
0151: Another SSTV
0153: Black Sabbath "Born To Lose"
0156: Judas Priest "Come And Get It"
0200: Another hard rock song shazam isn't hitting on
0207: SSTV
0209: MARS "I Can See It In Your Eyes"
0213: Another hard rock song shazam isn't hitting on possibly "Washed Away" ?
0217: SSTV
0219: Thor "Wild Life"
0222: Another hard rock song shazam isn't hitting on
0223: Dio "Holy Diver"
0228: Motorhead "God Was Never On Your Side"
0232: SSTV
0234: Dripping faucet sound effect continues
0235: Off the air

Wolverine Radio 6950 USB S5 in NY

0047: Testing 1,2 can anybody hear me
0048: Wolverine Radio I.D. into Ethel Waters "My Special Friend Is Back In Town"
0051: Lil Green "Let's Be Friends"
0054: Louis Jordan "A Man's Best Friend Is Bed"
0057: Another I.D. into Sarah Vaughan "Gentleman Friend"
0100: Hank Williams "I'm Sorry For You My Friend"

Wolverine here is a video clip from a friend in Belize: https://youtu.be/ahAOytgJ48Q

ION Radio 6964.7 AM S3-S5 in NY

2330: On the air with Ryan Teague "Cascades"
2332: "India Oscar November This Is ION Radio" I.D. into Jincheng Zhang "Firm"
2336: Peggy Miller "Head Metal"
2339: Another I.D. like above into Jincheng Zhang "Eleven"
2342: Jincheng Zhang "Galway Girl Story"
2345: The 126ers "The Low Seas"

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