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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6880 AM 2155 UTC 1 Mar 2019
« on: March 01, 2019, 2158 UTC »
UNID 6880 AM S2 in NY

2155: Eagles "New Kid In Town"
2200: Rupert Holmes "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"

Radio Fusion Radio 6950 USB S5 in NY

1930: On the air with Frank Zappa "Willie The Pimp"
1939: Frank Zappa "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow"
1941: Radio Fusion Radio I.D.

Mix Radio International 6979 USB S3-S5 in NY

1752: Fish Go Deep ft. Tracey K "The Cure & The Cause"
1755: Feenixpawl ft. Mikayla "Neon Sky"
1758: Galantis "Emoji"
1801: Paul Oakenfold ft. Little Nikki "Only Us"
1805: Martin Solveig ft. ALMA "All Stars"
1808: Phantoms ft. Vanessa Hudgens "Lay With Me"
1811: SG Lewis ft. Aluna George "Hurting"
1814: DJ Krush ft. Deborah Anderson "Skin Against Skin"
1820: Draper ft.. Abi Ocia "Home"
1823: Martin Solveig ft. Ina Wroldsen "Places"
1827: Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj "Side To Side"
1831: Thanks For Listening To Mix Radio International I.D. into Stonebank ft. Danyka Nadeau "Let You Down"
1835: Tritonal ft. Maia Wright "When I'm With U"
1839: You Are Tuned Into Mix Radio I.D. into Elephante ft. Nevve "Otherside"

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 2351 UTC 22 Feb 2019
« on: February 22, 2019, 2353 UTC »
UNID 6925 USB S3 in NY

2351: The Monkees "Daydream Believer"
2353: The Monkees "Last Train To Clarksville"
2356: Off the air
0009: Back on with The Monkees "I'm A Believer"
0012: Off the air again
0014: Back on with The Monkees "Words"
0018: The Monkees "Valleri"
0020: The Zombies "Time of The Season"
0024: The Monkees "Steppin' Stone (I'm Not Your)"
0027: David Essex "Rock On"
0030: The Monkees "I Won't Be The Same Without Her"
0033: The Monkees "I'm A Believer"
0036: The Monkees "Steppin' Stone (I'm Not Your)"
0038: Faded out unfortunately

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 2304 UTC 19 Feb 2019
« on: February 19, 2019, 2305 UTC »
UNID 6950 USB S3 in NY

2304: Foreign language music ?
2305: Music stopped and now peskies talking. Possibly just a peskie playing music ?

Ion Radio 6930.3 AM S3 in NY

1512: On the air with Ryan Teague "Cascades"
1515: Dave Brubeck "Take Five"
1520: Cyndi Lauper "Iko Iko"
1522: Ion Radio I.D. into surfer music
1528: CW (assume an I.D.)
1531: OM talking about a broadcast station in Ohio and propagation
1544: Blondie "Rapture"

Radio Free USA 6930 USB S2-S3 in NY

0002: Natalie Cole "Our Love Is Here To Stay"
0006: Steve Tyrell "I've Got A Crush On You"
0008: Radio Free USA I.D. into Star Spangled Banner sung by YL
0009: APM Music "America The Beautiful"
0012: The New Country All-stars "Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue"
0015: Another I.D. then OM wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day then into El Gringo ft. Lance Woolie "Sound Of Snowflakes"
0018: OM gave out e-mail address I believe
0019: El Gringo ft. Lance Woolie "The Wall" (We Don't Need No Immigration, love it)
0021: Another I.D. & email by OM with thanks for the posts on HFU
0031: RadioFreeUSAPirate@gmail.com given then shout outs to HFU posters
0100: Star Spangled Banner again
0101: Off the air (Was listening the entire time, just enjoying the show)

Peanut Power 6924.7 AM S3 in NY

0015: John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers "The Misfits Of Time"
0022: Melvin Taylor "Lowdown Dirty Shame"
0032: Eric Clapton "Have You Ever Loved A Woman"
0037: SSTV
0040: Henrik Freischlader ft. Mike Anderson "Jumping At Shadows"
0053: Buddy Guy ft. Keith Urban "One Day Away"
0056: Jimmy Barnes ft. Tina Arena & Joe Bonamassa "Stone Cold"
0101: SSTV
0108: Another SSTV
0110: Off the air

Radio Free Whatever 6950 USB S2-S3 in NY

2051: Soviet National Anthem
2053: DJ Dickweed on the air with a Radio Free Whatever I.D.
2054: Tender "Bottled Up"
2058: Another I.D. into Muse "Algorithm"

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6929 AM 1856 UTC 3 Feb 2019
« on: February 03, 2019, 1857 UTC »
UNID 6929 AM S3 in NY

1856: OM talking about Continental Europe ? Mentioned normalizing Hitler
1905: Deep fade in signal unfortunately

Radio Olah 6930 AM S3-S5 in NY

1535: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band "Drivin' Wheel"
1541: Radio Olah I.D., OM mentioned an early morning broadcast into The Singing Nuns "Dominique"
1547: Mott The Hoople "All The Young Dudes"
1550: Another I.D. and OM talking about Super Bowl then played a clip from a guy named Joe
1553: Buffalo Springfield "Special Care"
1557: Blossom Dearie "I Like London In The Rain"
1600: OM with another I.D. and live time stamp into Kyu Sakamoto "Sukiyaki"
1604: Hoyt Axton "Greenback Dollar"
1607: OM gave I.D. of last song then mentioned Heartbreak Hotel and the Radio Olah Library. Referred to today as Big Game Sunday !
1608: Barry Sadler "Ballad Of The Green Berets"
1611: Donovan "To Susan On The West Coast Waiting"
1614: The Clash "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"
1617: OM with another I.D. and e-mail address and mentioned people complaining about bulk eQSL's (How Dare They ! We appreciate the eQSL's Olah) He is excited to watch the Big Game ! Taking requests via e-mail
1619: OM gave another live time stamp into Flamin' Groovies "Yesterday's Numbers"
1623: The Illusion "Did You See Her Eyes"
1626: Sonny "Laugh At Me"
1629: OM mentioned Cher was not on that song, just Sonny (logged changed, thanks) Had to run out and get a drink at Camp Olah tripped and spilled his Bloody Mary all over, looks like a crime scene
1630: Another live time stamp and I.D. into Chris Rea "Fool (If You Think It's Over)"
1635: Nick Lowe "Heart Of The City"
1638: Dave Edmunds "Girls Talk"
1641: Elvis Costello & The Attractions "Chelsea (I Don't Want To Go To)"
1645: The Byrds "This Wheel's On Fire"
1650: Joe South "Hush"
1653: OM with another I.D., shout out to a guy named Terry via Facebook, said he has to go, shout out to HFU
1655: Last live I.D. into Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan "Prometo"
1700: Off the air

QSLs Received / White Rider Radio eQSL
« on: February 03, 2019, 0141 UTC »
Thanks Johnny Rebel for the 9/11/17 eQSL

Skippy Radio 6930 USB S5-S7 in NY

0035: Robert Miles "Children" (kick ass track)
0042: Robert Miles "Princess Of Light"
0048: Robert Miles "In My Dreams"
0054: ATB "Ecstasy" (How about 9PM Til I Come ?)
0059: Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama"
0115: /\/\ETALLIC/\ "The Unforgiven"
0118: Megadeth "Symphony Of Destruction"
0124: SSTV
0126: Lynyrd Skynyrd "That Smell"
0132: Another SSTV (deep fade in signal unfortunately)
0134: Another SSTV
0136: Off the air

Old Time Radio 6780 AM S1-S3 in NY

1345: OM: Which way are you heading ?
1350: New skit with OM & YL, OM: Well get to that in a minute. They go between the barn & the boathouse. OM mentions Edgar ?

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