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Greetings Radio Comrade...  Just Tuned in   Solid S9  Good Audio

23:11z  Look Alive Shakey Graves.   
00:36z  Energy Czar  Zolas

Welcome Back...

Propagation / Re: 49m good this evening....
« on: February 11, 2021, 2331 UTC »
Now it I could only get my peak audience to coincide with the peak propagation...  Ah the majik of Radio


Good Afternoon..   I've been testing out a new Air Chain.. Today's test looks like the final version..  I'm going for a more stereo like image.. Let me know what you think of the sound..  Running 50w Carrier..  Upped it ot 150w Carrier

Sorry CT Yankee.. I don't have anything by the Shins..  Something Else Perhaps



21:06z    Thomas Dolby    She blinded me with science..    Killer 20k Audio    S9+10

22:32z    Talk Talk   It's My Life..    and just when my song comes on..  signal dropped to background noise and gone...

Now This is Pirate Radio !!!   

Thanks for the broadcast

Happy Sunday !!    Any Requests for a Cold stay indoor and listen to the Radio Day ??

Thanks Everyone for spending some time with Us on this Freezing day..  Stay Warm. Stay Safe

Till Next time.


P.S..  Remember the Bread and Milk..

01:00z  Radio Station X-FM  is on the air..   S9+20 Arm Chair Copy  Remote SDR    Just a Carrier at my QTH

02:50z  Signal faded into the noise just a carrier now.. and I'm fading as well..

Thanks for the Show Tonight.

Fantastic Audio tonight..   Happy New Year Redhat.. and Happy 10th Anniversary


Happy New Year...   I wish everyone a safe and happy year to come..


01:55z  The Cramps...   No joy at my QTH    But your S9 with excellent audio in Utah
02:02z  X-FM Id
02:34z  MS MR.  Criminals  Still hanging in between s9  but i'm fading to s2

Thanks for the Broadcast !!! 

What's the point at this stage of the game.. The younger generation doesn't listen to radio everything is streamed on their phones.  the older generation has discovered Satellite Radio. So do we really need digital to hear today's self help and call in show or the latest colon cleanse ?? FM already has HD channels no one is listening to.. Like everything with the Government your 20 years late.. Thank the Bureaucrats kids...  Where is Wolfman Jack when you need him..


Good Evening Everyone ..  Thanks for Tuning in..  I have five songs left in the QUE .. Any Requests before I go long? 


Just heard the last 5 min of broadcast  Sorry I missed the show.  :-\


0236z   Big Data  Dangerous     S9 with static crashes  Sdr in Indiana  No joy at my QTH
0249z   Rammstein
0252z   The Clash   London Calling
0323z   Absofacto   Dissolve
0334z   Foster The People   SHC

Thanks for the Show RedHat 

I can't see how this is going to be fast enough for trades.  Most Data Center locations are based on fiber latency and it used to be in Milliseconds Now It's in Microseconds. it won't be long until it's in Nanoseconds. Even Microwave would be faster for trading.. So there must be something more to it.


The RF Workbench / Re: dumb soldering question of the day
« on: June 25, 2020, 2224 UTC »
I've been using a Weller WTCPN as my go to for the last 40 Years..  Oh Wow.. I'm getting old.. never had any issue soldering anything.. I also have two PACE MBT Rework Stations for desoldering and hot work they have a 35 watt iron as well.


Surprisingly, I do better with certain British female voices vs. American ones.

Me too Especially when it's Elizabeth Hurley.    And I'm not a Real Person just an incredible simulation..  8)


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