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0250 utc definite sstv on 6952 kHz

S5 thru S7 noise on K2SDR

S8 on K2SDR with deep fades

0223  'Devo' by Sneaks
0226  'Down In The Woods' by Sneaks,
0228  ID 'XLR8' then song by same band, closed at 0230.

Large signal on K2SDR, peaking S9 +10 !

0002  'One Last Kiss' J. Geils Band
0006  E-mail, ID, 25th anniversary mentioned, J. Geils tribute prgr, into 'Must Have Got Lost'
0012  'I Do' by J. Geils Band
0016  Live harmonica solo
0018  ID announcement & e-mail pirateradioboston@gmail.com then into 'House Party' by JGB
0024  'Freeze Frame' JGB
0026  Signal gone.  Thanks for the show PRB !!

This was heard direct in New Zealand.  Heard him reading out the report around 1215 utc on Sunday.

S8 to S9, nice signal tonight.
0054 - "Tuff Enuff"

Amazing copy !

Off-air at 0029 utc after Dee Dee Sharp version of 'Mashed Potato Time'.

Nice signal 4065U S7-8 on K2SDR NJ

Off at 0001 UTC.  The pieces of voice I did hear, sounded like Premier Radio Ireland.  Not 100% on that though.

Word of the day is... shake !

6945 kHz USB  S7 on K2SDR NJ / S5 on Twente SDR NL !!

Some quality Australian music there !

0132  Dream Academy 'Life In A Northern Town'
0136  Arcadia 'Election Day'
0140  Johnny Hates Jazz 'Shattered Dreams'
0143  Corey Hart 'Sunglasses At Night'
0147  Timbuk 3 'Future's So Bright'
0150  The Polecats 'Make A Circuit With Me'
0154  Signal left the air.  Many thanks for the show !!


Just caught the end of the show.  S9 solid on K2SDR NJ !

Decent signal, S8/9 - listening on K2SDR NJ

2059  'Feelings/Anytime' by Journey,
2103  Male ballad,
2107  'The Night Chicago Died' by Paper Lace,
2111  'Smoke From A Distant Fire' by Sanford-Townsend Band,
2114  'It Never Rains In Southern California' by Albert Hammond.  --  the 2nd most mistaken song title in trivia nights !
2118  'Those Shoes' by The Eagles -- saw Don Henley in concert last Wed night.  Simply awesome x F !

2246 ID announcement then SSTV broadcast
2249 Blues sounding song by a male singer
2252 Blue Monday by New Order
2259 SSTV
2301 CW
2302 Breakin' The Law by Judas Priest
2305 Bark At The Moon by Ozzy
2309 Two Minutes To Midnight - Maiden
2315 CW ID then SSTV
2318 Panama by Van Halen

SINPO 2443 2/3 Great Lakes area SDR

Some memorial perhaps.  Radio Australia on SW was set to close on 31 January !

2215 Music heard through the noise, best in USB for me.
2217 Faded up again, male vocals.  S3 but noisy.
2220 Announcement but too weak to copy, Genesis 'After The Ordeal'
2223 'Under Pressure' by Queen & Bowie.  Now S7.
2226 ID then blues by a male
2229 ABBA 'Take A Chance On Me', announcement over at 2230

SDR in Warrenton VA

S4 on peaks but quite clear, Stevensville MT SDR

0055 'Sedation' by THX
0059 'Only You' by Luke Slater
0104 Signal faded down
0107 'Lover Come Back' by Dead Or Alive,
0111 Dance music then faded down again

Thanks for the music !

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