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2240  Lengthy blues guitar solo / song
2246  SSTV
2248  Sugar Sugar by The Archies
2250  Off

Fair but quite clear.

S5 Warrenton VA SDR

2244  Comedy sketch
2245  Ballad by a female singer,
2247  Jazz music and credits

S6-7 Warrenton VA SDR

2318 Fortunate Son - CCR
2320 Bad Moon Rising - CCR
2322 Lookin' Out My Back Door - CCR
2325 Proud Mary - CCR
2328 Mashup of various songs, sounds like Jack Black
2334 Blue Moon Rising - Blue Moon Rising
2337 St Elmo's Fire Theme - John Parr
2340 SSTV pirate ship - I see SKIPPY at the top
2342 SSTV - A fish with lips !
2344 Close.

S7 and solid with some static crashes, Warrenton VA SDR

0018  The Ants Go Marching
0019  SSTV
0021  King by Fireball Ministry
0026  The Great American Nightmare by Rob Zombie
0030  SSTV
0035  Green Onions by Booker T & The MG's
0038  OM 'Green onions... keeps the vampires away'  then off.

Solid signal - S7 Warrenton VA SDR

22:55  'Thunderstorms and Neon Signs' by Wayne Hancock,
22:58  'Johnny Law' by Wayne Hancock,
23:02  'Low Down' by Hank Williams III,
23:05  'Children' by Robert Miles,
23:12  Music box tune,
23:15  SSTV - Boo Boo !

S9 K3FEF SDR in PA.  Decent signal here !

21:55 Male announcer 'Patrick', then song 'A Life Between Us' by The Finn Brothers,
22:00 Announcements, song 'Wishful Thinking' by Sonny Condell,
22:05 'Whiskey In the Jar' by Studio Group,
22:09 Patrick with closing announcements '...a long way from Boston... Irish Rose Radio, bye bye',
22:10 The signal left the air.

Thanks for the music !!

Fair though good on peaks, fading towards the end - K3FEF SDR in PA.

0048 ZZ Top 'La Grange'
0050 DP 'Smoke On The Water'
0052 Neil Young 'Old Man'
0055 Neil Young 'My My Hey Hey'
0059 SSTV 'For all the Brothers...'
0101 Neil Young 'Heart of Gold'

S7 at K1RA SDR, Warrenton VA

Pretty sure this was Altrex Radio NL

6966v now ?  If so it's not a bad signal.

1243 man singing
1259 male vocals
1301 Announcements at a low level... beginning to fade


Sounding more like a AIR regional txer with issues.  It's S7 here on my radio in Melbourne.

0107 Silent Night Holy Night Jam by Joe Satriani
0115 Silent Night by OM singer
0117 Squirrel Radio SSTV image
0119 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
0122 Blue Christmas, OM rock version
0124 I Am Santa Claus by Bob Rivers
0140 Off after another Squirrel Radio SSTV image.

Thanks for the show and Merry Christmas to you !

S5 on Jumonville PA SDR

General Radio Discussion / Re: Bollywood on Long Island
« on: December 14, 2018, 2255 UTC »
I used to listen to cricket from Radio Pakistan in the 1980's.

Urdu for 'silly mid-on' is 'silly mid-on' :)

I'll give WBWD a listen.  Sounds very much like or Radio Brisvaani on 1701 or Radio Haanji on 1674.

In summer I often leave the car radio tuned to 87.6 FM in case of any Sporadic E appearances from NZ, or for distant Tropo Aussies.  I sometimes hear hands free systems / satnav guides / playlists etc from cars closeby.  I also hear people's phone conversations !  I wonder if they QSL ?? :)

But then again some drivers have their hands-free speakers turned way up, and shout into them, so I hear these conversations at the traffic lights anyway.

Amazingly on the Daegu GT SDR which sadly now appears offline, the only local thing you heard on 87.6 was Korean satnav instructions, or the large up & down fading open carriers from them as cars with these things drove past.

I remain an analogue (or twin-paired copper wire) kind of guy.

0017 Electronic music.

S5 on peaks, Warrenton VA SDR

2221 ID, song 'Blue' by Eifel 65, e-mail as bluemanradio@hotmail.de YL digitised voice.
2223 Closed briefly but noted back on at 2225.

S9 Twente SDR NL

2354 ID This is Black Peter... Good Morning... then Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top.

Getting quite tough from here.

S5 on peaks, Warrenton VA SDR

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