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Very nice signal, with tune sent out to 'West Coast' at 0302

The usual solid Wolverine signal here in southern Alberta this evening.   Low noise level tonight too, so excellent reception,

Not overly strong here in Alberta, but pretty clear, with ID as The Voice of Nelson at 0054, after talk by a woman ended with "this message will be repeated"

Solid signal here in southern Alberta at 0209, with announcer chatting about transmitter maintenance between songs

Very nice signal into southern Alberta, with B Side Radio ID at 0150, then into "Chicago, Damn" by Bobbi Humphrey

Fair to good signal into southern Alberta with Christian music at 0031.

Good signal into Alberta with "You're So Vain" at 0025

Usual strong signal here in southern Alberta.

ID at 0127 and then playing "Jean de Fleur" by Grant Green.   Very strong here in southern Alberta

Closing announcement, ending with "Over and Out" at 0224.  Good signal into Alberta

"Doin' Time" by Sublime, then Mix Radio International ID by woman at  0215.   Fair signal here in Alberta, with peaks up to a good level at times.

Super signal into Alberta.  Noted "High Enough" by K.Flay at 0152, then "Low" by Cracker at 0155

A fair signal here in southern Alberta with "Kiss of life" by Peter Gabriel at 0209

"A Spiritual Reunion" by Tisziji Munoz noted at 0245 tune in, followed by ID, then back to music.   Fair signal here in southern Alberta.

Fair to good in southern Alberta with ID at 0155 after "We're OK" by Lyan Paris

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