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Super signal into Alberta.  Noted "High Enough" by K.Flay at 0152, then "Low" by Cracker at 0155

A fair signal here in southern Alberta with "Kiss of life" by Peter Gabriel at 0209

"A Spiritual Reunion" by Tisziji Munoz noted at 0245 tune in, followed by ID, then back to music.   Fair signal here in southern Alberta.

Fair to good in southern Alberta with ID at 0155 after "We're OK" by Lyan Paris

Only poor earlier, but improving signal now here in Alberta, with NPR news noted in progress at 0221, then back to skit of some type at 0224, with many mentions of mac and cheese.

Fair to good here in Alberta playing "Junk Food Junkie" at 0141

Not super strong here in Alberta, but the CCR songs come through pretty well, with little atmospheric noise.

Clean and solid signal here in Alberta at 0153 with talk on time travel.

ID at 0251, then back to music, including The Love Gangster by Stephen Stills at 0254.    Super signal here in southern Alberta.

Still going strong here in Alberta at 0400, with talk about motivation for the shows.

ID at 0327, mentioning approximately 30 watts of power, brief talk, then back into music

Great signal into Alberta.   Went off at 0324 with announcer giving ID and thanks for listening.

Just left the air.  Nice to hear their annual visit.   Very clear reception this year, perhaps my best ever.

Fair to good signal level here in southern Alberta at 0150.

Decent signal level here in Alberta at 0250 with a couple of IDs, but quite a bit of interference.

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