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S9+20 - Sounds awesome! Thanks!

Good signal here, very clear. S8

Thanks for the show!

Listened to Radio Free Whatever last night. S9. Nice to hear on a Monday evening. Thanks for the show!

23:32 UTC - S9 here. Sounds good.

Good sounding music here, S7. Thanks for the show!

Beatles, stuff about our planet or something, etc... Very weird. Okay signal (S8), but lots of noise.

23:56 UTC  Beatles - Here comes the sun
00:00 UTC  Beatles - Come Together
00:05 UTC  Beatles - Back In the USSR

S8 here with blues music. Thanks for the show!

About a S9 here. Music sounds awesome! Thanks for the show.

0107 - Up to S9+10 !!

S9 here. Thanks for the show! Sounds great.

About a S6 here. Thanks for the show!

Much improved on USB. Thanks!

S9 with lots of noise/static here.

Thanks for the show!

S9 signal here. Thanks for the show!

S8 in Ohio. Sounds great! Wish I would have picked this up early in the broadcast.

2228 - AC/DC
2230 - Elton John
2240 - Metallica

Request: Metallica Enter Sandman - Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for the show!

My thought is that they wanted to put the broadcast out (almost) daily as a public service.  They might have only had a paying broadcaster on Fridays for the time slot.  The time/azimuth/frequency is not an attractive sell, especially to reach North America.  Thus, they might be doing it at this time pro bono, sort of like Sunday morning public service programming.  They could have bumped their afternoon (east coast time) broadcasts of Radio Slovakia or Radio Prague for a period of time.

I have had correspondence with a program creator that uses WRMI to broadcast.  While not saying directly, the underlining theme is you pay for time but could be slotted for additional times at no cost if there was open slots. However, your additional broadcasts would be bumped for a paying customer interested in the time slot.  That is one reason recognizable broadcasts on WRMI will switch broadcast time/day/frequency.

Hulk - They won't broadcast program on Fridays.

Thanks for the heads up about Friday. Appreciate it.

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