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That's interesting WJD. Thanks for the info. Do you
have a link to oddities post?

~0330 Started with "V"s then into 5 letter groups. I got into here
          ~2 minutes into it and punched Audacity and recorded the
          final ~6:30.

~0338 Assumed s/off w/"YYYYY 23233 23233 23233 UVB33 UVB33 UVB33 K"

CW sounded good @ ~18 wpm but the sig was weak w/some QSB and QRN
Guess someone was trying to be a Numbers station...

{Edit 1835  19jul16}
Yeah, I had the same thought about the UVB33 after I later read
the posting, in General Discussions, about UVB-76. I didn't copy much
last night as I was doing laundry at the time it was on so I only
was able to be in the shack just before s/off. I did get most of it
on Audacity and plan to play that back and see if there's anything
else of interest...

Yeah, Gaylord Opryland seems to not like to have any competition
with their wirele$$ $ervice

Excellent sig in here w/Blues mx
0302 - CW ID "SKIPPY RADIO" then gone s/off?
Thanks for mx Skippy

0348 - Finally a pretty good sig from this station. Easy 59 sig here
          (through RN crashes). Sounds best in SAM mode. Anyone
          who plays Pink Floyd can't be all bad! :)  I can still
          hear the sweeper in the background - I hear the same(?)
          sweeper up around 11+ mHz. Also some ALE under @ 0353

General Radio Discussion / Huntsville, AL Hamfest
« on: July 17, 2016, 0304 UTC »
Any other HFU folks planning to attend the HSV Hamfest, 20 - 21aug16?

Just read in the USA Today section that the FCC is going to open spectrum
for the future 5G wireless systems at: 28, 37, and 39 GIGAHERTZ!!! With an
additional spectrum at 64 - 71 gHz for unlicensed users! Now that's
ULTRA, ULTRA high freqs! The h/w and s/w will be interesting but I hope
we don't end up with micro cell towers every 100 meters or so.

One of my favorite sayings is: "Only dumb people need smartphones!"

I'm an old poop (and proud of it) and my cell RADIO is a basic one for talking and very
rare text messages. I still mainly depend on my landline phone for calls
to / from other folks.

The "Internet of Things" is one of the most useless ideas I've ever heard.
I mean, I can open my refrigerator and quickly determine if I need anything!

I usually leave the SDR on 6925 kHz if I'm not using it for anything else That was the case this afternoon as I was monitoring the
50, 144, and 432 mHz ham bands when I looked over at the monitor and saw this pattern. Since VHF was dead at the time, I
searched around a bit and I could see the signal(?) ~6200 - 7200 kHz. I could hear a buzz whenever it was in the detector passband
(AM or FM). The signal, or whatever, appears to be gone at this time - 2240. Rcvr is RFSpace SDR-IQ. Sorry, the video file is way too
large to post...
Thanks, Paul 

Very nice signal into the middle of the Volunteer State!
0235 - unk techno-dance(?) mx
Hey, DH errrr I mean DW, of course, NO HIP-HOP or other noise, please!

QSLs Received / Re: XFM postal QSL
« on: May 29, 2016, 0221 UTC »
Hey RH,
I got my QSL (#928) for Halloween show on 26may16 along with
an X-FM sticker and CD of Halloween 2015 program.

You sure put in a strapping sig here when you are on!
Thanks, Paul

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