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Amateur Radio / Re: A 6M rivival here locally? Maybe.
« on: April 27, 2020, 0148 UTC »
I'll start parking my beam in ~NE direction and
listen around some when I see activity pick up
on 50.313 FT8.

0057 - CYOT ID and e-mail address by YL
0100 - SSTV ID
Sig was up and down; almost in the noise when down but
59 and easy listening when up.
Thanks for the programme. I started an SDR recording
when the Grand Ol' Opry started, with no live audience,
on the local NBC affiliate (WSMV) and later replayed the recording.

"Do wacka..." by late, great, homeboy Roger Miller :)

"Your tax dollars at work!" :(

Amateur Radio / Re: Digital modes on HF... love it or hate it.
« on: January 25, 2020, 0542 UTC »
...home stations were parked on the FT8 frequency and had stopped scanning the bands.

My observation in the past few VHF / UHF contests, including the one a couple of weekends ago,
is just like what NJQA said above. I could hear a lot of stations on 50.313 but little, if any,
activity in the phone and cw portions of the band. Monitoring 50.313 for FT8 is a good propagation
tool but, personally, I don't care for the automated contacts.

JS8Call might be an improvement but I haven't played with it beyond installing the s/w. I understand that
it is more keyboard to keyboard, like the good ol' days of RTTY! :)

0457 - Unkn mx, Michael Jackson?, good sig in here
            but some deep fades. Will send you a screenshot.
            Good to hear you again. Happy New Year - NOW! (EST)

2201 - Just above the noise here but seems to be improving ~S2 - 4

Other / Re: UNID 6977 USB ~2240 08dec 2019 UTC
« on: December 09, 2019, 0307 UTC »
Thanks, refmo. My first thought was MARS but the
calls weren't right.

Other / UNID 6977 USB ~2240 08dec 2019 UTC
« on: December 09, 2019, 0109 UTC »
ABOUT 2240 - A net with call signs of CWnnn. NCS seemed to be
                              CW321 who sometimes asked for relays from other
                              stations. Additional calls: CW705 and others. NCS
                              would ask for check-ins by hundreds groups - "Are
                               there any 400 stations wishing to check in", "Any
                               500 stations...", etc. All seemed to be native English

2125 - "Tuesday" - Moody Blues
2132 - Bad Boy ID

Weak but mostly readable.

1925 - SSTV "Argyle Radio"

On a separate note... Did anyone else copy a SSB sig on 6870 kHz,
probably 21nov19, time not noted UTC? Maybe ~0100 - 0300 or so?
The sig started, when I first noticed it, in LSB, then switched back
and forth between LSB & USB several times. I copied it by using
SAM mode and then it didn't matter which sideband was in use.

I was tied up doing some other things and didn't get "A Round Tuit"
to note the exact time. Also, figured someone else would note and
report the sig but I haven't seen any other report of this. The sig
was up and down and on and off several times but generally good
as I recall.

0115 s/on with Lincolnshire Poacher
0116 numbers with Brit accent
0120 Lincolnshire Poacher again, then into rock mx

0125 - corrected time!

WEFAX and SSTV / Re: New Zealand SSTV
« on: August 11, 2019, 1543 UTC »
14230 ?

Amateur Radio / Re: Huntsville Hamfest 2019
« on: August 11, 2019, 1540 UTC »
Ooopps, thanks, RH. I meant on Saturday. That's what I get for "assume"-ing! :)
BTW: I don't think the hamfest is open at 1130 on Friday.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: KiWiSDR fan problem
« on: August 11, 2019, 0056 UTC »
Sorry, PM, I missed seeing the knob option when I ordered mine! :)
I still miss my faithful old Drake 2-B from back in the 60s
(not that I really remember that time period ;)) - 70s.

Chris, I have played with the board vibration you mentioned and
it does help. I have some high density closed cell foam that I jammed
between the antenna connectors and the case and that has made it
a little quieter but I still think the main problem is the #$@*^% fan.

If I have to, I'll try disconnecting the fan as bagmouse7 did.

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