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an issue i have to solve is the audio output buffer under-run every 3-5 minutes (heard as breaking up sound) - really annoys me but at least its showing up now to be corrected later.

howdy Mix, im tuned in listening as of now (was out all day) - good to hear you on the air 8)
16Khz SSB audio (32Khz BW) - really neat ! (edit: haha, i goofed and was thinking AM combined BW)
reception is excellent on the Uniontown SDR, i would love to try my own receiver but i lowered the antenna in preparation of the high winds.
either way, i found the best sound quality is using I/Q for SSB and moving the BW sliders for LSB/USB/DSB respectively for Kiwi SDR's.
in this case, since Mix has a light amount of audio up to +1Khz on the LSB side, using I/Q as 1.5Khz for LSB and 5992Khz for USB adds to enhance the sound quality by adding those additional audio frequencies on LSB to the program on USB

1720 Good afternoon   :) S9 from a Virginia SDR.  Nice music source. Good hearing you again with your great sounding AM station. Halloween night should be a interesting one to listen to.
good afternoon to you too.
yes, Halloween evening should be very interesting - i plan on listening, not broadcasting.
im looking forward to hearing all of the OP's broadcasting their shows but hopefully leaving 6880Khz "open" for a special one.

yup - this is because of windows XP which has no built in, up/down resampler like win7/10 does, if you set your win7/10 soundcard to 48Khz, all sources inputting to it with sample rates above/below 48Khz are automatically resampled to 48Khz.
its currently an issue that i should consider using a software resampler for tracks that are sampled differently than the current setting of 48Khz, the only problem is the introduction of additional latency and CPU use.
99% of the tracks i have are at 48Khz so its not a serious issue at the moment.

The Relay Station - Relay Station 6880 kHz 6.880 MHz tuned in via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR - the usual killer 20 kHz wide bandwidth AM broadcast quality wide AM signal SIO 555 S7-S9 with peaks at S9+10db around tune in time. 

Beautiful AM signal on the waterfall, exactly 20 kHz wide with carrier right on 6880.0 kHz - top notch work as usual, Relay Station!

1438 UTC - Cage The Elephant - Come A Little Closer
1441 UTC - Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
1443 UTC - Unfortunately I'm home for lunch and won't be able to listen for much longer
1445 UTC - a few seconds of unmodulated carrier - S9 carrier without any modulation
thanks R4002, this is just my usual random daytime broadcast at 50W playing some good tunes and listening to them from Chris' excellent Kiwi SDR while i work.
this coming Halloween though, i am 95% sure i wont be broadcasting as i will be listening instead, i expect activity to be pretty busy at around 0000z.
enjoy your lunch and the rest of the work day R4002 ;) - friday is almost here.

I'm out grocery shopping and don't have the ability to listen on this device but thought I would say hi to you DW, have a great weekend.
it's been awhile and it's good to hear from you.

thanks for the workday tunes Mix  8)

1904 Very strong, SIO 555.
1915 ID
1921 - and now your favorite song is playing Chris LOL
thank you to the OP at 6874Khz USB for the daytime tunes while i am working, have a great friday and great weekend.
14Khz audio (spectrum visible), nice  8)
2054 - broadcast ended with "we'll never have to say goodbye again" (how appropriately fitting  8)
thanks for the daytime tunes Mix  8)

Howdy to the 6890Khz OP !  8)

OK, thanks, TRS. If it's an all-music show, I guess I won't record it, but I did bring the PL-880 downstairs & put it in a place where it's not picking up so much noise so that that I can keep listening. Thanks much for the show!
your're welcome.
yes, typically, its just an all music show, music tunes i listen to while at work during the day (monitoring from an online SDR), it helps the work day move better especially on days like today with the bad weather.

Excellent signal w/a variety of rock music. I'll start recording when I get back home
Good day to you Andrew !
nice to hear from you again !
no need to record unless you want to, i am just doing my usual random daytime weekday broadcast at 50W while i work playing various and random musical tunes.
have a great day !

2055 - moved to 6960Khz due to OTHR above 6965Khz

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS orangepizero ttyS0

orangepizero login: root
Last login: Fri Oct  5 17:42:46 EDT 2018 on ttyS0
  ___                               ____  _   _____             
 / _ \ _ __ __ _ _ __   __ _  ___  |  _ \(_) |__  /___ _ __ ___ 
| | | | '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ | |_) | |   / // _ \ '__/ _ \
| |_| | | | (_| | | | | (_| |  __/ |  __/| |  / /|  __/ | | (_) |
 \___/|_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___| |_|   |_| /____\___|_|  \___/

Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i   
System load:   0.71 0.20 0.07   Up time:       0 min
Memory usage:  11 % of 242MB    IP:  
CPU temp:      56C             
Usage of /:    10% of 15G       
root@orangepizero:~# pv

Linux rules!
love it !
ubuntu (linux based) is an awesome OS !
the reason why i chose to follow MS since the early days and learn everything about how their core OS works under the hood is because of its popularity and that there are 99% of drivers for hardware compiled for their OS.
(2212 - have a good evening and a great weekend, hat tip to the weekend OP's and a hand wave to the hobbyists - time to go camping for the weekend ;)

Quote by Relay Station

" i can certainly help you with win 10 to reduce running services among other things but the OS is designed to be dependent on certain services to boot up and operate because of its configuration build type, you may lose some core OS functionality with win10 if certain services at set to manual (never set them to disable, OS will crash on certain ones being disabled since the OS cannot "call" them if they are critically dependent and disabled)"

We will talk further. Thanks
i would be delighted.
there are some OP's and HFU members here that i already collaborate with to assist their PC's, i enjoy spreading the knowledge :)

I miss XP, too. You could basically produce an entire show with the included settings. Windows 10 is too damned finicky for me.
not to get too much off topic but the discussion is good one, i have a great intimate deep knowledge of all windows OS's since windows for workgroups 3.11.
there are many from MS that were really great like XP and many that were absolutely terrible like windows millennium.
windows 10 is a "layered" OS, in many aspects this is a great thing for knowledgeable power users like myself.
i will continue to use XP when the EOL is finally put down (no more POS updates) for certain situations and for older hardware.

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