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Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 23, 2018, 1712 UTC »
Looks like I am SOL regarding the MV2113 or MV2114 diodes.
Can not find them anywhere.
definitely look into the hi-z/ceramic disc caps and the variable trimmers - in my past experience, those were usually the culprit of the PLL not locking, frequency drifting and changing when you put your finger near the circuit.
you might be able to find which one has the issue by dripping drops of freeze spray (upside down car of compressed air) onto each component while monitoring the TX on a nearby radio to listen for changes in frequency.

Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 23, 2018, 1609 UTC »
Just to eliminate repetition,will list all things I DID NOT replace since it is much smaller than what I already replaced.
1- resistors except R9
2- diodes
3 - Ceramic disc caps
4- LED
5 - 74C74N (will be replaced)
6 - 74C14N (will be replaced)
7 - Chokes
8 - 2N3904
DIP switch cleaned and tested.
All solder joints fluxed and fresh.
5 turn coil and tap new.
All IC sockets cleaned.

Next,I will replace the 2n3904 with 2n2222 as I have plenty.
Also,will replace 4148 diodes with 914 as I have a bunch of those too.
Will see what I have for chokes and ceramic caps and replace what I can.
id be leaning towards (in this order), the ceramic disc capacitors, diodes and small transistors (assuming the smaller transistors are not the common NPN/PNP type) since they are more critical in circuit and susceptible to damage.

Has OTR ever qsled anyone or has anyone ever seen one from them?
not that i know of.
i think it is either a radio museum exhibit or an ARO with a collection of radios that is using 6770Khz to broadcast to them (K3FEF does this with a part 15 AM TX to his collection of old radios).
someone if the forums speculated that it might be someone sending old time programming to another individual who has one of those very old self-standing "cabinet" type tube radios.
whatever it is and whatever the reason, it has baffled me for years wondering about it.

Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 23, 2018, 1500 UTC »
based on the issues you are describing, im very positive the problem is on this PCB.
i dont think its faulty IC's or the DIP switch, especially if the frequency is changing if you put your fingers near it.

Probably The Relay Station - signal looks about the same as the 6880 signal. Could still be AM but hearing it better in USB for the moment.
not me PRO2006, i cant really change frequencies due to the design implementation of my antenna and that i do not use "tuners".
i only have about 50Khz maximum bandwidth to move in either direction of 6880Khz before the VSWR climbs past 1.5.
perhaps though one day, at the one single specific brief moment, you might see a carrier on your waterfall on your receiver at 6880Khz.
wouldnt that be amazing ?

1226 Hearing some music getting through the noise.
ah, i assume that has got to be MixRadio, another respected OP ;)
i wonder what power level he is operating at ?
edit - got an email confirmation from Mix that it is not him - i wonder who it is ? my curiosity is certainly piqued, could it be a harmonic from a station on the AMBCB ?
whoever and whatever it is, is definitely operating at extremely low power levels, lower than what im currently operating at.

Figured it was time to start a new thread  ;D

1335 Weak, but some audio getting through the noise.
1339 Signal just jumped up to SIO 444.
1340 Back down again?
no changes in power level here ;)

I like the idea of running 100-200mW power output 24/7, much like Old Time Radio / OTR on 6770 kHz (although we don't actually know how much power he's actually running but I imagine its something like 100mW or so...maybe a bit more?) - at that level, you're acting like a propagation beacon.  I know you do 50 watts and 500 watts...is there a way to do maybe 4-5 watts carrier power 24/7 or whenever you're transmitting?
i could vary the power level between 0-50W on the TX but i feel "comfortable" at power levels under 500mW.
i might consider 1W though.
4-5W would likely be too much based on my location and that im reaching Ohio/Michigan (when the band conditions open up) at the current 100-200mW which is actually, pretty amazing for AM at that level of power, i can imagine what 4-5W would do.

1224 Briefly faded in to an SIO 333 or even 444, then faded back out to not even a faint carrier.
1225 And now back again. I'll pipe this down to the kitchen to listen to while cooking breakfast.
1227 S9 signal. Amazing if still low power.
i had it up to 50W briefly between those times to make some adjustments, its back down somewhere between 100mW & 200mW now, definitely less power than before.
i dont know if having this on 24/7 is providing some band condition info for anyone but thats really the purpose, to accumulate average time data that the band becomes favorable and for how long.
from the little data i have, it appears there is less than one hour from 0000UTC moving forward before the band kicks out besides the roller-coaster daytime NVIS propagation.
edit - 1522z - turning the power up to 50W for a little while
1534z - warming up the amp to run for about 1-2 minutes @ 500W (this is all testing stability of the gear)
1337z - amp off, everything working great as expected but the HV oil cap in the amp isnt too good when its cold
1340z - going back to 100mW-200mW

that would be me, operating at somewhere between 100mW and 250mW but very likely less than 250mW.
im currently watching movies from premium cable-TV movie channels such as Cinemax, HBO, Starz, Showtime, Flix, TCM & TMC.
the current movie playing is "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" which is currently playing on "Starz Kids & Family", i love the Star Trek Movies (the ones with Leonard Nimoy are the best).
i am quite surprised that you are receiving this at all in Florida, KMD3HR, considering my approximate location is within the northeastern part of the US.
for the most part, i have been broadcasting 24/7 since sunday at this extreme low level of power.
this very low power constant broadcast can be a useful indicator of the current band conditions for other OP's and hobbyists.
the current content isnt very interesting as its just the center audio channel of 5.1 DTS movies being played (thats the way i watch movies, center screen dialog only, no BS extra music and sound effects).
when i am off to sleep, there will be a silent carrier.
i wonder if even a slight visible carrier can be seen on your waterfall PRO2006, that would be quite a shock indeed.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Logging Pirate Radio
« on: August 21, 2018, 0008 UTC »
you know when you have a good and interesting show, its when people want to listen to it through a remote receiver when they cant at their own location for whatever reason it may be.
i do this all the time because the pirates i want to listen to, dont normally come in strong enough on my own receiver for pleasurable and enjoyable listening.
even though some online SDR's dont exactly provide the same fidelity in sound, its still better than nothing at all and it does sound pretty great overall through a very good sound system.
when i am listening and not broadcasting, its not just about "logging" pirates to me, its about listening to them and providing feedback about their program especially when their programming is interesting and good.
if this hobby was all and only about "logging" pirates, then there would be no need for those of us to take our time to create the unique and interesting programming content, it would be easier to just transmit a carrier with a looped station ID.
as a pirate myself, im more interested in the programming and content feedback (whether i create my own content or relay it) as well as the quality of the sound than how well the signal reaches a particular area, i can use an online SDR to gauge my signal strength if i wanted to find that out as there so many of them available now in many different locations (no pun intended to the hobbyists).
Take RFW for example, his unique programming was so interesting and good (and hysterically funny) that folks would listen to his mixlr live stream when they couldnt receive his broadcast locally - i miss those days relaying his live broadcast, those were the real fun days at 5150Khz.
if anything, online SDR's have made it easier for me to listen to some of my favorite pirates.

Well looks like Brother Stair type programing is going to pay for it.

for how many years though ? lol

Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 14, 2018, 2107 UTC »
that is a very nice, clean and professional looking build - i wish i could get my hands on it, i would fix it for you.

Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 14, 2018, 1851 UTC »
is there an adjustment "can" for the PLL ?

hearing what i presume to be Mix Radio this afternoon, howdy Mix !
insane audio response to 20Khz (40Khz BW), i didnt think music had much above 16Khz :D
if you are taking requests Mix, i'd like to hear "modest mouse - float on" (thanks for playing the request Mix !)
im sure Chris would love to hear anything Elvis or Stevie Wonder.
thanks for the tunes on this miserable rainy monday work day ;)
"Superstitious" i believe is Chris' favorite song.
1852 - off air
thanks for the monday tunes Mix, im looking forward to more in the future if you do any :)

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