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I don't see this one listed anywhere eles
0138  I'll be Around
s8 in Central KY  with lots of static !!
it is Mix Radio - he was at 6860Khz but moved to 6850Khz.
I hope the move wasn't on my account though (sorry if it was), I know we were overlapping a little bit on the upper high end of the audio spectrum but I didn't think it was serious enough to worry about or I would have moved 10Khz up out of respect, it did look nice on the spectrum waterfall to see two high quality sounding powerhouse AM stations side by side though.
welcome to the AM HiFi powerhouse club, Mix Rado !
perhaps I can relay you live in the future someday ?
a DJ on two differently located AM stations is always better than just one, you get twice the coverage and double the interest.

Kudos and big thanks to RedHat for the show and of course, you are always welcome anytime - see and hear you hopefully soon on the air in Stereo !
hats-off and howdy to Mix Radio @ 6860Khz AM, sounding superb tonight as always !
shoutout to AC, we know you will be on soon with that superb sounding powerhouse AM station !
edit - apologies to Mix Radio if i caused you reason to move down 10Khz, it was nice though having two high quality AM stations side by side :)

listening to "Mix Radio" on a remote SDR with impressive 16Khz wide audio and generous low frequency audio, sounding very professional :) although the remote SDR is limited to 5Khz audio, i can see 16Khz on the spectrum waterfall.
there are very little to none SWBC stations with this kind of audio quality.
also, thanks to the OP for emailing me some details on your professional station - we are both in the same arena along with many other respected quality sounding AM OP's - its pleasant to see and hear other quality sounding AM OP's out there - wish we could chat a bit more though
Quote from: digitalmod
Some kind of SSB interference in background.
that would be the US Military at 6855Khz USB.

this is USB voice with CW.
this is a sound clip loop of what appears to be Hispanic children crying with their parents speaking Spanish combined with the CW Morse at 6775.35Khz USB.
i think i saw a news clip recently with the same exact child crying as i recognize the sound.
found it - https://youtu.be/PoncXfYBAVI

Hi guys.
operating at 50 watts today playing a mix of tunes while i work.
have a great day !

General Radio Discussion / Happy Fathers Day ! 6/17/18
« on: June 17, 2018, 1950 UTC »
Happy Fathers Day to all respected OP's and Hobbyists !

General Radio Discussion / Re: Posting images on the HFU
« on: June 14, 2018, 2145 UTC »
sorry Chris, any attachments that i did attach, i resized and further compressed to reduce the file size dramatically, i believe the last attachments i had were well under 100Kbytes.
i do completely understand where you are coming from though concerning the use of image attachments using storage space and bandwidth.
perhaps you may want to cross-link this post as a "sticky" for the frequently used discussion threads that use attachments.

good catch !
i am not even sure where its at as far as mW's are concerned, i just know its really low, lower than ive had it in the past.
the analog meter isnt even moving with the PEP at this point with its scale set to 0-10 watts.
reception in the radio room on the RSP is only possible with a small piece of wire connected to it.
i believe i am on the perfect angle for propagation to your area and the PA area even when propagation isnt favorable for the frequency, thats the only explanation i can think of.

SIO 333 at 1649 UTC.   Is this still at a low power level?
no sir.
today is at 50 watts.
im enjoying some random tunes while i work.
i may keep the xmtr on after work at 500mW or maybe less (ill edit this post to reflect the power level) for the remainder of the week.
edit - low power of less than 500mW at 2200z (not sure of the exact power level) leaving it on 24/7 for the week except for the occasional 50 watt daytime broadcast if i feel like it :)

so with the digital scanner...like the RadioShack $400 handheld digital scanner...that receives Police band...even with that, msgs are encrypted?

Are their transmissions typically encoded further than that? Like, isn't the typical digital/800band Police traffic receivable with a digital scanner like that? Or are Police going further with ecncryption?

Quick anecdote here...I have family in Escanaba, MI. So I visited them with my VHF/UHF scanner. There is lots of railroad activity there. But the cops just talk on the old VHF Police band! I couldn't believe it! I assume they use digital communications also but they're reading ppl's names! License plates! Criminal record! Vehicle registration + information! I...I still can't believe it man! That's terrible to read all that over-the-air VHF...like all you need is a free outdated radio like Uniden Bearcat BC-145XL 16-channel scanner, like I have in my kitchen! I got it for free. It wasn't worth more than $5 anyway.

So when you visit Escanaba...tell em...that this is the 21st century now
what you may have heard is the "village/hamlet" police who tend to use the older communication systems because its cheaper.
the police departments who use digital P25 un-encrypted communications also use a mobile PC console where 95% of the information is dispatched to the police officers, you may not hear much of anything voice wise that would make much sense at times as a result - even PD's who encrypt their communications use a mobile PC console too.
it doesnt matter what kind of receiver you use, if the incoming transmission is encrypted, there is no way to decode it without knowing the "key".
to further buffer the issue, police officers can use a department issued cell phone in the event radio communications are not available.
its annoying that many police departments are changing their communications to P25 encrypted but there is no law that says that do not have that option if they so choose to use it.

0215z - on the air with station ID then into a Dire Straits song - S9+10 on PA SDR
cheers mate !
0229z - much better now in Ohio, 10Khz audio, sounding great !

Cheers CNR !

hat tip to you Wolverine Radio ;)

band conditions arent so good at the moment.
if the band gets better as i go on with the current 50 watt broadcast to gauge and monitor band the conditions, i will play all the shows i have been asked to play at full power.
there is tons of static from lightening in the mix as well so we'll see how it goes as time goes on.
good evening to everyone, happy saturday :)
PS - PirateSWL, i did not know you enjoy the classic rap music like i do, thats the only kind of rap music i will listen to is from the 80's & 90's era.
edit - good to be here this fine saturday evening as i relax in the 60F A/C radio room drinking some hot coffee after some tedious and arduous yard work., nothing like stepping out of the shower into a 60F radio room, ah yes, nice and cool.
edit 2 - 2323z and band conditions still arent favorable
edit 3 - looks like band conditions are picking up at 2340z, perhaps it will be in full swing in the next 20 minutes or so, we shall see - and dropped out completely to a trace carrier at 2343z
edit 4 - despite the conditions of the band not looking too good as observed on my end, i will go ahead and start the shows i have to play at 0000z, enjoy !
edit 5 - hats off to Wolverine Radio !

listening on a remote SDR for the last 30 minutes of my work day, enjoying the tunes, sounds good, thanks !
2152z - partial commercial for a reverse mortgage :D then into "Fortunate Son" by CCR

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