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didnt post because i was enjoying the show and the music from start to finish, thanks Dr. Detroit !

S5-6 on the Maryland SDR, "FM'ing" carrier and Jazz music, my money is on "Yeah Man" radio ;)
hints of a carrier on my own SDR :(

So where do you solder the pin header?
that depends on what you see on the PCB.
sometimes they are not identified and you'll have to use a scope to figure out what is what, usually its 4 points on the PCB that may or may not have a header, not all PCB's will have a J-TAG though it is possible to connect one if you have a PCB wiring diagram layout.

it should be easy to get and change the SSH/root password with a serial console connected to the device (J-TAG)
i do this often to many "locked" devices to gain root access and modify user privileges.

Hi Gentleman, good day to you all.
i am surprised you are receiving anything at all considering its at 50 watts and that the fof2 is not optimal for 6.880Mhz.
either way, there are certain areas that i am reaching quite well on a consistent basis despite this but the area of coverage is very narrow as to be expected.
i miss the days at 5.150Mhz as it worked so well but the antenna just isnt stable enough with the wind and keeps falling apart and getting damaged.
have a great day Fellas ;)

i am annoyed that i missed your show DW but sunday night is my TCM and HBO "Westworld" night.
the next time, i will record a 4 hour 200Khz IF of the band centered at 6925Khz (6725Khz-7125Khz) every sunday so i dont miss any shows.

finally, some pirate entertainment while i relax and have some fresh hot coffee on this dismal rainy, damp and chilly day, thanks !
hearing this on the VA SDR but with much lightening static.
1853Z - signal coming up above the lightening static, audio quality is good, up to 3Khz, i can hear lows down to 40Hz but 60Hz is mostly prominent, country music playing.
1858Z - "radio fusion radio"

listening on the VA SDR, jazz music
off at 1823Z
edit1: sounded like "Yeah Man Radio"

can you imagine if i did broadcast in SSB though ?

I would be interested in seeing how that comes in where I am.
i may consider it but id have to purchase a new transceiver, one that can be easily modified for at least 10Khz bandwidth for USB/LSB, preferably a "hybrid" one from the 80's/90's, theyre easier to modify and work on than the modern ones of today which are three layer based PCB's with surface mounted components making modifications near impossible, leaving the only option to adjust/modify through the service calibration menu which is often limited in adjustment ranges.
the secondary issue with SSB transmission is many SDR software used for receiving, their filters for low audio frequency is usually cut off at 200Hz and for high frequency, it cant be adjusted more than 4Khz, so transmitting hi-fidelity audio on SSB is only realized if the user is using software that permits an adjustable filter beyond the common restricted limits imposed on most SDR software for SSB.
the current transceiver i use though it is SSB capable, is modified for AM use only and wont work properly for SSB, im an AM guy anyway ;)

considering that its AM, i agree.
its much more difficult to get nearly the same results one would get with SSB because AM is very inefficient.
can you imagine if i did broadcast in SSB though ?
i sent you a PM by the way.
i cant find any email on your profile, personal text or signature.

thanks to everyone for listening and thanks to everyone for posting reports !
thank you to the producers who created their shows for broadcast !
this was a terrific and fun evening !
have a great weekend everyone !

wow, whoever this is has awesome sound and very good coverage !
very professional sounding, i am impressed !
audio appears to be up to 15Khz, i can see 40Hz and below, nice !
i dont know who this is, but the sound is phenomenal on my sound system for AM.

if you see this, props and hats off to you Wolverine Radio ;)
from one op to another, you have my respect sir :)

thanks gentleman !
i hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend !
i did my best to send out confirmation reports based on the time reported in this forum thread (https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,42699.0.html) from 5/19 to everyone i could obtain an email address from, i hope i didnt make any errors since i did each one individually.
for those of you that did not get the confirmation report for 5/19 and wish to have one, you can send me an email at shortwavepirate@aol.com and i will make you one.
tonight's shows will be two "Stasi" shows and one VORW show as requested by the producers who created them, thanks to you !
edit 1: (im not sure how well the SSTV will work through AM due to phase issues caused by fade but i guess we will see)
edit 2: im currently having some slight power issues, line voltage has been dropping below 240VAC, down to 200VAC several times and hovering around 210VAC, seems to be an issue with the 7.2KV supply to the step-down transformer, kind of annoying watching the power fluctuate all over the place on the ACV-RMS needle meter.
edit 3: props and hats off to powerhouse Wolverine Radio ;)

having some fresh coffee with the A/C on and have been listening (from remote receiver) since sign on to some really great oldies, thanks !

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