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Long story short, at night there's either nobody on duty to mind technical things at WWCR, or else they're there but not paying any attention at all. Probably the former.
i would say its financially driven because many SWBC stations are remotely operated and/or fully/semi automated and cant afford to pay someone to babysit a TX site.

thanks Gentleman.
just listening to some tunes while i work and wait for the long weekend coming soon (im in a "Beatles" mood today)
have a great day.
PS - if "YeahMan" reads this, i would be interested in relaying your live shows.
(i did not get to run a show on Sunday because i got involved in watching "Westworld" on HBO, i love this series)

i think you mean 7470Khz ?
it is very strong on the La Cruces, New Mexico SDR http://w5uxh-kiwi.dyndns.org:8073/?f=7470.00amz10
what was at 7490Khz was a commercial SWBC with some religious man speaking but it was not YHWH when i compared both on the New Mexico SDR, they were both different.
the commercial SWBC apparently signed off at 0400Z

i would tend to think the engineers at WWCR are aware of such an issue ?

special thanks to member "ulx2" from Ukraine - surprisingly able to hear something on the lines of at least minimal from such a great distance especially for AM.
i am really curious to know the details of your reception station ulx2 - the distance of transmission is from the eastern seeaboard of the USA to you at 500 watts RMS.

You are welcome! The signal has been received in Kyiv with only Degen DE-1103 pocket receiver and 10 meters of external random wire as antenna. Initially it was quite weak, but became stronger later. However local QRM-noise made the copy difficult. I hope to receive your signal in park, where is less QRM, next time.

Thank you for the transmission!
thank you for the long distance report !
i believe the conditions of the band had a large play in how far the signal traversed since i was monitoring myself on a remote SDR in Ireland up to S5 but that is not surprising.
the operator at 6945Khz AM who had very good sound quality was also showing a trace carrier on the waterfall spectrum on the Ireland SDR as well.
im also an avid hobbyist listener as well as an operator.
the antenna i use for transmitting is nothing special, its a 14GA twisted copper horizontal counterpoise full wave dipole about 50FT from the ground with a measured total length for 6880Khz , its main direction of RF is east and west.

ah yes, having some hot coffee and monitoring YeahMan on a remote SDR (going to try my own SDR shortly)
yup, i couldnt use 5Mhz (5010Khz, 5150Khz, 5200Khz) anymore because the length of the full wave horizontal counterpoise dipole was just too long and unstable (kept breaking during storms)
6880Khz is much better in length and holds better during storms.
yes, it would be great to hear you during the daytime weekday though its not an obligation, theres really not much to listen to during the daytime on SW which is why i often do low power daytime broadcasts, even if i cant hear you on my own SDR, i find a remote one that receives you very well that feeds into my sound system.
thanks for the afternoon entertainment YeahMan ;)
1823Z - sign off - have a great sunday YeahMan, see you the next time !

Thanks for all the relays tonight
We have been enjoying them and they are just sounding better each minute

you are welcome.
perhaps in the future, i will get more produced shows from HFU members, OP's and others as well.
anyone is welcome as long as the content is not repulsive, offensive, vulgar and racist - respect is key :)

0130Z - sign off with female ID
can i please have a photo of the female that says "broadcasting from somewhere over the rainbow, this is recycle radio"
she sounds so sexy :D haha

posted in wrong area lol - such a busy night of a wide variety of operators tonight - thanks for the entertainment

0119- Got a Name - Jim Croce
i didnt get a chance to thank everyone for the reports from all over, so thanks to all of you.
also, thanks to everyone who requested to have their shows played including HFU member "Matt_B" and John from VORW, youre always welcome.
i still have other shows remaining to play but i am not sure how long the band will hold out before she starts to stretch her legs.
i will likely continue to play them even if the band stretches her legs and will repeat the last remaining shows tomorrow during better band conditions.

im hearing this on a remote SDR and it sounds great, very good sound quality for AM, i can hear the low end bass below 60Hz and there are upper audio frequencies above 5Khz but cant really hear them due to lots of lightening static crashes.
edit - its definitely 10Khz on the upper audio - cool - thats the way AM broadcasting should be, 20Hz to 10Khz
getting some UTE QRM on the LSB of 6945Khz but not detrimental on the remote SDR
im really liking the 80's and 90's rap-dance music, so much better back then than todays stuff.
how about "bust a move" ?

0047Z - now into HFU member "Matt-B", and his live streaming broadcast as requested ;)
more than happy to have you broadcasting on my station Matt.
i hope the band still holds out for "Radio Stasi" afterwards, if not, there is always tomorrow ;).
its nice to get some requests to play shows from others, i enjoy it very much and thanks to all of you for sending them in !
special thanks to member "ulx2" from Ukraine - surprisingly able to hear something on the lines of at least minimal from such a great distance especially for AM.
i am really curious to know the details of your reception station ulx2 - the distance of transmission is from the eastern seeaboard of the USA to you at 500 watts RMS.

6880 KHz 5/19/2018 Carrier noted about 2200z  Weak at first, but getting stronger as we get darker.

2346z Hearing OM giving out email addresses, HFU address it sounds like.  Back into music @ 2348z.  Good bass modulation!  I can see the kick drum sidebands @ 40 Hz...
2352z Coldplay 'Yellow'
2358z OM hearing ..."dot com"..."shortwave report"...  lots of noise here, even though carrier holding a fairly steady S9.

Thanks for the show!
anytime you want to use 6880Khz, i will yield it no questions asked to one of two of my favorite respected AM operators who inspired me to get back into this hobby of AM broadcasting.
that is RedHat and Azimuth Coordinator.
hats off to you both for giving me the inspiration.

thank you gentleman for the reports.
i have a few shows to play tonight by request including a live one from HFU member "Matt_B" later on.
lets hope the band conditions last awhile before the signal starts skipping over the majority of my fellow hobbyists.
have a great weekend to all :)

I can't see them being kinder to him this time around he gets popped. Also, who does he suppose his audience is? Is he targeting pirate radio enthusiasts? No one else, relatively speaking, can hear him.
assuming i am correct about where he is broadcasting from, he would be better off operating a 10 watt FM broadcast transmitter instead :D

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