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there was QRM from a wide digital signal, about 6925-6945 kHz.
yeah, that pretty much ruined my chances of hearing anything as it was pretty strong here, up to an S9 at times.

i can hear this religious zealot on my RSP2 at S5-7 but the strong static crashes from lightening are wiping him out (i tell ya, i think my dipole is better for receiving lightening lol).
however, i can hear him better on the West Chester, Ohio SDR with the same signal strength but much less static crashes.
i can imagine this guy sitting inside an RV motor home someplace at a campground, sitting down and talking into a desktop amateur radio microphone with a subtle light overhead because it sure sounds that way - almost similar to the scene in the movie "2012"
0506Z - talking about Jewish people and Christian people
0508Z - "perpetual war for perpetual peace"
0511Z - "hybrid man-God"
0515Z - "obey YaWeh, paradise will be restored"
0520Z - cant listen to this anymore, off to bed :D

id really like to hear his daytime broadcasts during the work week when im not broadcasting.
i know he did it a few times in the past.

and here i thought i was the only member of this forum that was listening to John's show.
i was listening to his show an hour earlier at 7780Khz as well.
i also have one of his shows to relay this weekend as well as a few others.

I've had a weak carrier since 2100 UTC with a few brief threshold fadeups with music. Propagation isn't being kind.....
sorry about that Skip but im not sure of the daytime signal is skipping over you or you are in a dead-spot.

Haven't had a tv for tv watching since the 80s. I do, however, watch vids such as youtube online and movies too, just not any tv programming. They don't call it programming without reason. When you watch it, you're being programmed. In an alpha state.
"Television, the drug of the nation..."

While a fruitloop celebrity, I think it was an accurate description when Johnny Depp said watching tv was nursing at the glass breast.
on a different note, the "MMA" bill, i believe is going to have a big impact on online music streaming.

1642 UTC - Sorry too say I can't pull your signal out of the noise hear in WNY on my radio but listening too you on northeast PA. webSDR , signal is S9+10/20db, audio sounds great.
thats alright, i enjoy broadcasting despite anything else, it helps my work day go smoother and quicker but it would also be great if "Yeah Man" did some broadcasts during the day, i do enjoy listening to his broadcasts and live announcements.
yesterdays storms were pretty incredible, i hope all my SW friends and op's who were within the path of it, are ok.

1519z S7 signal on east coast websdr. "American Woman" remix/mashup by The Guess Who.
1520 "Born on the Bayou" and "The Way You Make me Feel" mashup CCR/Michael Jackson.

Thanks for the broadcast during another workday.
you are welcome.
its the same thing here, selecting some tunes to listen to while i work also but broadcasting them on SW.

Haven't had a tv for tv watching since the 80s. I do, however, watch vids such as youtube online and movies too, just not any tv programming. They don't call it programming without reason. When you watch it, you're being programmed. In an alpha state.
"Television, the drug of the nation..."

tuned in at 0200z to hear "hells bells" by AC/DC - peaking to S7 with deep fades - audio is good
i think my dipole is made for receiving lightening more than for receiving pirates lol - there must be some intense storms out there.

Propagation / Re: Question about the ionosonde charts
« on: May 14, 2018, 1606 UTC »
Speaking of propagation above the MUF... my logging of The Relay Station the other night: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,42507.0.html

Based on foF2 values I shouldn't have heard anything. But I was actually getting a fairly decent signal at times. He said he was running 500 watts, so significantly more than the typical 20 plus/minus watts of a MOSFET type transmitter. Several S units right there, plus a decent antenna on each side of the circuit.
so this would be considered "ground wave scatter" ?
i suspect this type of ground wave propagation would only occur with a certain amount of TX power ?
because i was receiving my signal on many SDR's in the US-west and abroad quite well actually.

Late for the logging (I had a busy evening collecting my daughter after her big trip to DC) but recorded the show and am pleased to say that the signal was up to SIO 333 at times. First logging of the Relay Station yet! You can make it out west. Thanks for the show!
thanks MDK2.
i did expect those results after observing my signal strengths on several SDR's located around the US and abroad.
not bad for 500w especially on AM but the "mirror in the sky" should take %95 of the credit ;)
if i came to the party a bit earlier before the band stretched her legs (and most left for the night), the local reports would have been better but despite that, i enjoyed the hour long broadcast.
i was actually listening on my RSP2 for awhile before i decided to broadcast (also checking out QAM256 streams from my internet/cable)
im surprised Chris was able to receive anything at that point in time considering the signal should have flew right over his QTH as observed on nearby remote SDR's.
but then again, Chris has an amazing setup that can catch signals most of us cant even see on the spectrum.
thanks for the thread discussion link Chris, an interesting read for sure.

which is precisely what is happening.
the conglomerate media companies who own several FM/AM stations in captive market areas are trying to recoup their losses by offering and venturing to several other media platforms to keep the investors and lending firms happy in addition to acquiring competitive radio stations to eliminate competition and stomping out the "gnats" of low power pirates in order to keep captivity on that specific market and keep revenue loss from advertising on the decline.
now imagine if one media company owned all the FM radio stations in the NYC market.

I hate to sound cynical, but if only one radio company owned all the FM stations in the NYC market, would any of the listeners really notice?

I think the only people who would notice would be industry types, radio enthusiasts (like us here at HFU), and policy wonks.

The average listener? I'm not sure they would either notice or care. They just want to hear their favorite music. Not saying that's awesome, but just sayin'.
the casual listener wouldnt notice or even care but the companies who want to advertise would have no competition for better advertisement rates.
the anti-competitive law for FM radio stations is weak at best because the only true oversight is the FCC while the DOJ takes a back seat to matters they consider trivial.
see example attachment:

This bill mandates the FCC to increase enforcement, but provides them with no additional funds to pay for it....

i am quite sure the conglomerate media companies support the FCC financially when the need arises.

a bit late to the weekend pirate party with a bit of mashups and interesting tunes
the artist was Norah Jones with Neil Young, "Down by the river" in concert.
thanks to everyone for listening and logging - have a great weekend ;)

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