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i got on late (wasnt expecting it) and caught the tail end, i was just starting to enjoy this too.

i will give kudos and credit to the OP who did broadcast at this frequency as im quite sure their VSWR was not that good and was difficult to match with a tuner.
i built my antenna specifically to operate at 5010Khz,  so you can imagine the length of it - it is full wave - i use no tuners.
the antenna bandwidth is 50Khz with a refection of zero watts at 50 watts carrier.

Equipment / Re: The best undercover fm antenna on the market
« on: January 25, 2018, 2137 UTC »
CP antenna was designed with moving targets in mind, that being said, operating under 1KW ERP on a vertical antenna versus CP antenna wouldnt really matter too much since the area coverage is small at that level of power, the only real world difference is with a moving target, antenna height matters more with an ERP under 1KW.
at under 1KW ERP using a CP antenna, how long could a moving target at 40MPH hear the station clearly before multipath occurs versus a vertical at under 1KW ERP ?

thanks for the daytime entertainment "Nuttin' On Shortwave" !
2001z - "your'e tuned to the voice of the rainbow"
2003z - "under my thumb" rolling stones concert
2013z - "walking on sunshine" Katrina and the Waves
2018z - "once in a life time" talking heads concert
2020z - the crusher to Yoder "i wanna get you in the ring, where are ya !"
2033z - "the crusher" shout outs to HFU members checking in on the broadcast "where are ya, ya bum !"
2037z - off air
thanks for the broadcast !

1916z - "you are listening to the Yoder relay service" x2 then sign off.

something i did many decades ago was record the RC data on one of those frequencies and play it back on a transmitter, i watched the kids RC car repeat the steps i recorded.
there was another that used telemetry for a wireless doorbell in a driveway, i made the neighbor go nuts looking out the window when no one was there.
car alarms with the pager, had alot of fun with those, cant imagine how many pagers i set off making people believe their car was being broken into lol.
then the radio shack paging systems, making the kids run home, lol.
even some baby room monitors mainly used 27.145Mhz FM, "hey, i got your baby!" lol.
these days, there is very little activity on those frequencies but back in the day, they were popular and very active and often times could be heard great distances when band conditions were great.

i heard the ID as "UNID radio" in a computerized voice.

2101z - "good afternoon, welcome to clever name radio" - S7-9 on remote receiver Hollywood, FL http://qth.ddns.net:8073/

it appears to say "RADIO DONTERA" after processing the image.

General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: September 26, 2017, 1610 UTC »
he is for the most part, on American shortwave stations.
many use his religious "cult" shows as a signal beacon of reference for determining band conditions for shortwave DX'ing.
i am curious what will happen to his compound, followers and any/all assets he has once he passes on.
will someone else take over the "helm" ?

one way to tell if it was WBCQ, they are always a few hundred Hz off frequency and their audio bandwidth exceeds the "normal" 5Khz like most other SWBC stations, going typically to 6.5Khz.
they are also known for intermittent transmissions on both 7490 & 5130 for testing/calibration reasons.

i got a S9+10 @ 5025Khz AM on Warrenton, VA remote SDR but with very low modulation speaking foreign language.
are you sure you meant 5020Khz Chris and not 5025Khz ?

Other / Re: UNID 6930 AM @ 02:15utc
« on: September 19, 2017, 1028 UTC »
its the front end of the Kiwi receiver (http://jerseyshoresdr.hopto.org:8073/) being overloaded by local AM stations.
it happens often on this particular receiver.

just thought id chime in to comment that this appears to be targeted only at FM pirates at this point since the conglomerate media companies that own multiple legitimate FM stations have the cash to burn and fund the operations of the FCC in order to shut down the "threatening" FM pirate competition which the legitimate stations claim threatens their "bottom line" profits of the stock holders and company.
now if shortwave was made up of several stations owned by a corporate conglomerate media company with stock holders, then i could see this happening to shortwave too.
the lists of orders tells the story itself http://transition.fcc.gov/eb/Orders/

General Radio Discussion / Re: Very sad news
« on: August 09, 2017, 2148 UTC »
we talked so much through email, we had alot in common with communications and gear, he gave me his phone number to chat, i didnt get around to giving him a phone call, Chris will be most surely missed now.
i am deeply filled with sorrow and severely stunned over this, the memories will always remain with me.

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