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Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Something on 6855
« on: March 30, 2017, 0726 UTC »
6855 is WRMI, not a Pirate !
but its interesting to note that there is music now at 6855Khz when this was a dedicated frequency for brother stair 24/7.
looks like someone in philip stair's radical community is now doing a monetary audit or he is just running out of cash to throw around on commercial shortwave stations

its really quite easy to integrate it into the radio i am using to broadcast (Yaesu 757-GXII).
i just have to watch/adjust the AM & PM modulation levels, trying different adjustments and testing it for the best outcome result (the purpose of the low power test broadcast).
im doing this in a rather crude way, it was relatively easy to enable simultaneous PM & AM modulation but the crude part is using two soundcards, one soundcard has L+R and the other has L-R, both are processed and synchronized by two instances of stereotool - the PCB is an "isolation" circuit to avoid common grounds on both sides of the audio chain so they dont cancel each other out.
so this really requires alot of adjustments and calibration to get it to operate correctly but the results so far are pretty good.
good thing work is slow today.
also going to try DRM as well.

Chris, your receiving station impresses me a great deal, especially when you are receiving my 100mW "test" broadcast.
not intending to broadcast today, just doing some very low power stability testing and calibration adjustments with C-QUAM and a 25Hz pilot tone (PCB i etched and built).

General Radio Discussion / hand made vacuum tubes
« on: March 21, 2017, 1121 UTC »
except for the repetitive music, thought this was a pretty cool video.

a bit late to enjoy the show but i am here !
2157z - S7 avg, S9 peaks, sounding great on the sound system here - listening via Elida, Ohio Kiwi SDR
2221z - starting to drop on the Elida, OH SDR to S6 peaks - band is going longer and im going to follow the signal path!
2228z - lmao, love the commentary about electric razors from k-mart "everybodys gotta fuckin shave..." hahahahaha so funny - "weed whacker" razor LOL
(tAC, i heard your AM relay @ 6910 on the same remote SDR at the same signal strength as RFW, S7 - the receiver being used to relay appears to be 300Hz to 4Khz audio BW)
2252z - sign off - thanks for the evening entertainment DW ;)
2254z - back on to honor tAC's song request - thats noble dude ! this community of hobbyists is just awesome - i just listen for the entertainment, not caring what remote receiver its on as long as the receiver is halfway decent ;)
lol @ the 1:48 sec song, thats the "trial" version lmao - signed off @ 2259z - nothing like flame broiled burgers on the grill ;)

S9+ - sounding really good with 10Khz bandwidth from NH remote SDR.
thanks for the daytime working entertainment !

Other / Re: UNID 4947 USB 1600 UTC 16 March 2017
« on: March 16, 2017, 1807 UTC »
thats a great catch - did you get to record it and upload it to youtube ?
id be curious to hear it.

Peskies / Re: UNID 6928 LSB 0220+ UTC 16 March 2017
« on: March 16, 2017, 0702 UTC »
3Khz steps might be the norm if the bandwidth of the TX is observed on the FFT at 2.5Khz.
this would make sense to have 3Khz steps assuming their TX & RX bandwidth is 2.5Khz.
ive always wondered what theyre saying though, i hear these "peskies" all the time.

Still only hearing one side of the conversation.
they might be using split-bands.
for example, unit 1 TX is 6790, RX is 6800 - unit 2 TX is 6800, RX is 6790

listening to a clip from "back to the future" with 80's/90's music.
sounding good, thanks for the evening entertainment :)
edit - receiving this much better on this Kiwi SDR now at 0202z http://kiwisdr.k1ra.us:8073/
tip of the hat to AM pirate broadcasters - its much harder to get the same results on AM than SSB.

ive never seen such wide audio response for SSB operation before, nearly 6Khz (5.7Khz)
unfortunately, the Kiwi SDR in concord, NH that im listening on doesnt quite reach that far only going at far as 4.8Khz, still sounds great though on the sound system.
to get the full audio response, users should set their filter widths from zero (to hear the low end audio) to whatever the highest response that is seen on the spectrum.
on remote SDR's  like the Kiwi's, thats typically a few Hz below center (-10Hz) to the highest available (4.8Khz), that will give you the full response audio (up to 4.8Khz).

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 319 eQSL
« on: March 03, 2017, 1634 UTC »
using an external site for images would not only help with server disk storage space limitations for hfunderground.com but would also help with server site bandwidth limitations.

General Radio Discussion / Re: New boards on the HFU
« on: March 02, 2017, 1633 UTC »
Any comments or suggestions? Anyone?
a place where members could post their favorite bands/artists/groups to give free radio broadcasters some insight into what bands/artists/groups members would like to hear.
i like that idea.
for example, any early versions of pink floyd with syd barrett as the vocalist, particularly "Astronomy Domine" live version is my favorite.

this is much better than listening to "jurassic park" at 7200 LSB
thanks for the daytime entertainment !
listening on remote SDR http://k3fef.com:8901/

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WBCQ frequency
« on: February 22, 2017, 0306 UTC »
I'm listening to WBCQ at the moment on 7.490 MHz. However the announcer is saying "WBCQ 7.415 MHz" during IDs. Anyone know why they are identifying the wrong frequency?

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its more than likely a previously recorded program from when they used to operate at 7415.

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