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Bacon, BBQ, Beef, And More / Re: Prosciutto and cheese
« on: February 02, 2017, 2113 UTC »
thanks Chris.
you just got me hungry, lol.
that looks so damn appetizing !

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 2117 UTC 16180 AM 26 JAN 2017
« on: January 26, 2017, 2137 UTC »
2117   Spanish numbers lady solid 20dB over S9 into WNY

2121  audio gone still see carrier.

2126 Spanish lady started calling numbers, still 20dB over S9
quite interesting as i can only speculate with the speculation over the internet as to what this is about.
the data burst intrigues me though.
listening to this very carefully, i can hear faintly of what will be said before its actually said (but not the data bursts), this is indicative of using magnetic tape for playback, so it appears at least, the computerized voice is recorded on magnetic tape.

same here.
sounds like audio from a movie, sounds like a war documentary.
listening on the Concord, NH AB1KW remote radio.
much better reception on the Burke, VA N4TVC remote radio.
1950z - seems to have switched to "Cops" now
2030z - off mid program of "Cops"
thanks for the entertainment today while working, imagining the program while listening to it is almost as good as watching it.
2032z - audio of a southern accented OM asking for a radio check on the frequency, sounded like CB.
2036z - OM responding "station requesting an audio check, you have an audio check, you have audio" with an 1 second echo in the background probably from listening on a remote radio at the same time.  ;D
2039z - lmao, OM responding and answering to what i wrote above "oh you know im listening on that remote SDR radio"  ;D

General Radio Discussion / Re: A little detail about RelayStation
« on: January 25, 2017, 1930 UTC »
The 747 and 757s are underrated rigs. I never used mine outside the HAM bands however.
i have had this particular rig for several years, i know the technical aspects of it very well inside and out.
it is an extremely clean transmitting radio, the LPF circuit in this radio rivals that of the newer computerized models out today, the second harmonic barely exists.
i have nothing negative to say about the transmitting aspects of this radio, it is exceptionally easy to make modifications to tailor and suit specific needs.
it is a rare model to find in decent working condition though it is very easy to repair, most parts are available but some parts must be taken off a "spare" model of the same (i have a non-working parts spare).
the low level modulation circuit of this radio is just basically DSB with "carrier unbalanced", any over modulation simply becomes a mix of AM and DSB of which SAM on a receiver can correct, you cant "splatter" with this unit no matter how much over modulation you introduce, it simply becomes distorted.
the benefit to the design and modification of the low level modulation circuit of this radio, is the significant increase in PEP power.
a second advantage to low level modulation is the ability to operate at milliwatts of power with no change in modulation.

General Radio Discussion / Re: A little detail about RelayStation
« on: January 25, 2017, 1907 UTC »
Thank you for the info!

I listen to you often. Thank you for broadcasting. 
you're welcome.
my broadcasting is really done during the daytime work week, just sharing the media content i play over the HF airwaves.
what would be great, is if someone else could provide media entertainment over the HF airwaves for me to listen to when i am not broadcasting during the daytime work week.
for those who are waiting for a QSL card, i have not forgotten about you, i will eventually get to completing them, i have all of your information saved, the reports are sincerely appreciated.
i just have a rather busy life outside of work, it leaves me no time to enjoy my hobby.

General Radio Discussion / A little detail about RelayStation
« on: January 25, 2017, 1808 UTC »
not that anyone would particularly care and might not understand the technical aspects of this, but i thought id share some specifics about my HF station in case there are inquiring curious minds.
the transmitter is a Yaesu FT-757GXII, chosen for its simplicity to modify.
it is completely modified by me for full audio spectrum on AM only, from DC to at least 20Khz (70% power drop at 20Khz sine 0dB).
i also modified the unit for better carrier and peak envelope power output, 50 watts and 200 watts PEP respectively, power output is adjustable.
the cooling circuit of this unit has also been modified and improved for full duty operation using a linear 20 amp power supply (which is also cooled) operating at 15VDC.
the RF output travels through LMR400 at 100 feet to a 3 wire matched dipole for 5.150Mhz (modified bushcomm brand).
the height of the dipole antenna to the ground radials is specifically set to provide 60% angle of RF radiation for NVIS and 40% at a near horizon angle.
the audio processing is performed by "stereotool" (excellent software audio processor) on an Asus windows 10 netbook using a virtual sound card for the input and the headphone jack output matched at 75 ohm line level using shielded 75 ohm cable connected to the transmitter, the audio bandwidth is currently set at 5Hz to 5Khz as most self contained radio receivers besides SDR's have filters set at 5-6 Khz.
the netbook is remotely controlled using "Team Viewer" which can be used on any device including smart phones.
the transmitter also has thermal, VSWR, current and voltage shutdown protection that i added.
the frequency 5.150Mhz was chosen after extensive research prior to using it to be certain of its assigned status in the USA.
i cant think of anything else but if anyone has questions, ill be happy to answer them :)

for curious minds:
websites - http://www.biglinkradio.net/ http://www.wblrradio.net/
video recorded from 9 months ago - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/85385255
FCC documentation - https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:KAJA_beeiWIJ:https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-17-16A1.docx
these guys have/had a full blown out station and studio making a ton of money from advertising and various donations.

I just moved down to 5150 I'm borrowing the frequency for a little while

I'm literally in an RF Black Hole...   for both transmitting and receiving..   
you are always welcome to use 5150Khz anytime you like tAC :) - the frequency is open for anyone for use, not just for me.
unfortunately, i was not around to fire up the receivers to hear you and its a bummer that i missed out on that chance.
perhaps in the future someday, we might hear you more often at 5150Khz as well as other respectable HF pirates !

I took a look at the AFE822 schematic. All the power supply circuits seem to be on the same page, I didn't see a DC/DC converter, unless it is lurking elsewhere.

The incoming DC is run through an LM7805, that 5 volts is fed to three linear regulators that produce 1.8 volts, and two 3.3 volt supplies, one for analog and one for digital circuits. The 5 volts from the USB connector is also fed to those regulators, but through a P-channel MOSFET, which is switched off if 5 volts is present from the 7805. So there's some protection in case you apply power to both the DC jack and USB.

There's a fuse and 18V TVS diode on the DC jack, so any voltage above that will be clamped, and eventually you'll open the fuse. There is also a fuse on the USB port power pin.
i assume youre using the USB connection from the AFE822 to a PC ?
i sliced open my USB cable and applied small chokes on each wire (D+, D-) at both ends of the cable (except i disconnected V+ at both ends and tied it into GND and assuming GND is equal) and it significantly reduced all kinds of RF and images generated from the PC (RF generated by a PC could potentially travel through the USB directly into the unit as well as the USB cable itself acting like an antenna from the PC and as itself, hence the use of chokes on both ends)

as a quick test to see its effectiveness, can you switch between the wall wart and two 9V batteries in parallel while in use ?
like a temporary switch in place that you can switch to the battery and then unplug the wall wart, you could observe any changes in real time.

Getting a station in Sea Girt, NJ on this frequency.  Was doing shout-outs to people in the NYC area, and religious speaking.  Sounds like an African-American on the mic.  No idea what it could be....little help? 718-705-4443 phone number just announced...."MGM Funding" and "Spice Man Bob Fredricks".  
thanks for the info, it helps me research curious stuff such as that.
here is what i found - WeeRadioOnline.com
not sure if the outfit is legal or not though, have not yet researched that.
hey, you have an internet feed of your AM station you would like relayed on mine ?

Other / Re: WI2XJP 6952 USB 1548 UTC 24 Dec 2016
« on: December 24, 2016, 2044 UTC »
...during the period from 7/1/16 to 7/31/16:...
hmmm  ???

Other / Re: WI2XJP 6952 USB 1548 UTC 24 Dec 2016
« on: December 24, 2016, 1950 UTC »
I got a reply from WI2XJP: "Thanks Chris, nice image. My software is supposed to grab a frame from a Webcam every 5 minutes but I see that it's just transmitting grey scales."

stuff like this intrigues me a great deal.
researching the web, i found a comment from the station owner from about a month ago concerning 5.058Mhz:
"The purpose is to find an optimum combination of antennas,power, and frequency for reliable NVIS coverage over 100-300 mile path. Ultimately the goal is to send digital voice/images over HF over a NVIS path."

2105z - ID'd as "channel Z radio" after a Kurtis Blow rap song (a classic no doubt)
2113z - at the end of the "rapture" song mix, the signal faded down to just a noticeable carrier on the waterfall - interesting way to sign off (due to changing band conditions)  ;D
thanks for the show !

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