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1952 Music
1953 ID, said test transmission, back to music.
frequency ?  :o
edit - (fixed) thanks ! (i assumed 6925Khz)
thanks for the daytime program !  8)

1818  Talk about a rough afternoon.  Technical difficulties galore!  Starting and stopping, buzzing, then alternating buzzing.
Gone again at 1818 in the middle of "Two Faces Have I."

its all testing as the software has lots of bugs that are still present despite the "update".
it would be wonderful if there was good windows based software to use for the HRF, "SDR Angel" is very buggy.
edit: 1924z - thanks for joining me on this journey of testing - im off the air for the remainder of the day :)

SIO 344-444  slight fades on occasion

1647 The Impressions / it's all right
1649 The Lettermen/ the way you look tonight
1651 Ray Charles / Georgia on my mind 8)

Thanks for the day signal!
you're welcome.
this is really just a stability test of the system since the software i am using "SDR Angel" still has some bugs in it.
however, the latest software release seems to have worked out roughly about 90% of those issues and bugs that were present.
the system is comprised of the following:
1) Hack-RF.
2) Yaesu FT-757GX2 linear amplifier module with low pass filter set at 7Mhz, current carrier power is 20 watts.
3) SDR Angel software to control/modulate the HRF.
4) Horizontal dipole about 30 feet above the terrain in the open.
apologies if the music isnt the type that you would like to hear but im "collecting" various tunes from various genres.

HF Mystery Signals / an oddity centered at 4685Khz
« on: March 10, 2019, 0003 UTC »
not entirely sure what this is, its too random and non-uniform to be OTHR or some type of data.
its not the HFDL that i know is near the frequency.
to get the best idea, tune to 4685Khz using I/Q.
whatever this was stopped at 0011Z but it may come back at a later date and time.
the next time, i will grab a video and an I/Q recording (i should have done that)

im hearing Captain Morgan pretty good on my Kiwi SDR at about S6 with slow deep fades.
also receiving a wideband data type of signal around 50Khz wide which seems to be centered around 6910Khz, occasionally interfering with Captain Morgan.

howdy folks.
this was not me today but anyone is welcome to use 6880Khz :)
i typically do weekday broadcasts in AM at about 20 watts.
have a great weekend.

ive been listening since you started broadcasting but been very busy with work and have not had a chance to post up until now.
thanks for the tunes  8)
indeed Yeah Man, it is always a great pleasure to hear your weekday broadcasts while i am working.
i have to "chase" you down from Kiwi to Kiwi to get the best signal especially when the conditions of the band change rapidly but its well worth it.
as for my broadcasts, i will soon be on the air after the process of building/modifying a new TX system thats using the "Hack RF" as the TX exciter, SDR-angel software as the TX control/modulation and a linear based amplifier with a band-switchable LPF taken from a Yaesu FT-757GX, is complete as im still testing and analyzing the system.
the initial results have been extremely positive.

howdy RFW.
peaking to S6 and sounding great on my Kiwi.

2018 - it abruptly went off the air just as i was finding the best Kiwi receiver.
2019 - carrier back on with no modulation.
2020 - intermittent music and then carrier off, then carrier back on - seems to be switching an amplifier on/off.
2022 - lots of nice bass, high cut at 8Khz, sharp brick-wall type - music/carrier keeps cutting out - power level fluctuating up/down.
2024 - abruptly off - assuming the OP is having some troubles or testing - hope you get them resolved and working to your specifications
2027 - strong S7 carrier on my Kiwi  :o - immediately following music (i rarely get any HF pirates on my Kiwi due to my location)
2029 - AM modulation on the upper side of the carrier
2033 - AM modulation now both sides at 10Khz bandwidth (5Khz audio)
2051 - iron maiden "run to the hills" live in concert (carrier off/on)
2102 - weak carrier underneath @ 6923.990Khz (very likely unintentional)
heard best on Victor, NY Kiwi - http://www.ecsykes.com:8073/

S6 on the Victor, NY Kiwi
yes, the TX is working good - audio is good also, about 4Khz, low audio frequency is present at about 60Hz lowest i can see on the spectrum.
now on Chris' Kiwi with an S8.
S/off @ 1931

mash-up's are indeed very interesting musical content.
im thrilled to hear someone else finally play them besides me  8)
S5 on the Victor, NY Kiwi.
these are really good mash-up's, i am impressed.

listening on Chris' Kiwi, OP is slightly off freq, seems to be centered at 6935.02
1812 - chorus/opera version of "nothing else matters" by metalllica.
looks like the SSTV says "Misfit Radio"

OM/OW Drama show, S4 on my Kiwi.

here is a bit of useful information for everyone here at HFU that may have trouble hearing their favorite hi-fi broadcaster on their own receiver.
this link will display all Kiwi SDR's that support high fidelity audio reception at 20Khz bandwidth (10Khz audio).
because AM does not have to sound like "AM".
i hope that this helps :)

1425 - tuned @ 6929.94Khz USB - S1-3 (on my Kiwi) with "Insane in the membrane" by Cyprus Hill.
(noticing a carrier at 6925.14Khz with thumping beat "FM'ing" type of modulation on Chris Kiwi)
1433 - "sexual healing" by Marvin Gaye (classic song) (Chris Kiwi)
1437 - SSTV (not setup to receive it)  (Chris Kiwi)
1439 - SSTV abruptly stopped about 1/4 of the way through (Chris Kiwi)

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