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S9 signal into South MS using a Kenwood ts440. Minor qsb. Mighty Quinn at 0245utc.

SSTV image Pee Wee..

Fairly good signal into South MS. I dont know the song but has We aim to please in the lyrics...along with a few MF's.

Great signal on 6940khz again tonight in South MS. Somewhat more fading than last night, but its still early (0108utc)

Follow up on earlier report short video of reception at https://youtu.be/JQ722ksACnA and at https://youtu.be/Xos2tcLmLbI

Very nice signal on 6940USB here in South MS. 0235 utc. Minor fading, Great audio quality.

Much noise qrn from approaching storms, signal strong tonight here in south MS s4-s8. Tuned in around 0056 or so heard Wolverine id. Listening now.

Kenwood ts440 multiband dipole up at 45 feet.
South MS.

XLR8 id at 0048, S3 in South MS. Dont know any of these songs. Not my Genre. SIO 344. Very clear.

0714 TESTING in cw, TESTING PW, TESTING COMPLETE. Prior to that several sweep tones.

Good signal here in South MS, Lucky man, piano music.... Very strong here for a non-commercial station.

Some dance/techno music at 7:05 central time. Strong carrier. weak modulation. ID at 7:05 liquid radio.

Great signal into South MS.

0218 6930 USB - Last Dance... QSB...

Is that 2-3 per second noise the buzz you are referring to?

And a LSB signal in spanish..

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