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Getting about a S2.

0152: Tainted Love - Manson?
0152: Frequent changing of songs.

Sounding good tonight.  I have roughly a S3 with a low noise floor.

2341: Radio Whatever ID
0016: Switched over to a home brew wire antenna and getting S7 with peaks of S8 to S9.
0035: DJ Dickweed talking about his steak and baked potato.
0036: Off Air

0107: Back on the Air.  Solid S7 peaking S9.
0116: Went from S9 to nothing.

Thanks for the show tonight!

0124: Same as above... Heavy rock.  With barely an S1 in Southwest, VA at the moment.

S3 in Southwest, VA.

0112: SSTV, didn't catch it in time.

Getting about S1 - S3 in Southwest, VA with a little noise.

0057: Accelerate ID
0109: XLR8 ID
0123: Completely faded out and gone now.

Signal is fading in and out from nothing to about a S 1-2 in Southwest VA.

0023 - Off Air

0248 SSTV
0554 SSTV

Have been listening since a few minutes before the first SSTV image.  S9+ signal the whole time with some QRM.

Thanks for the great show!

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