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Radio Dolfijn from the Netherland
Off air at 14h49 UTC

check your PM

they don't know we relay them, it will not be regular
can eQSL... but we are not very eQSL ;)

Getting the same here, SINPO 45433 - some deep fading but overall nice and strong and sounding great! - South UK

I think the show IDed as United DJs and seemed to be a livestream. There was even adverts!

Archive 1978 Radio Mi Amigo - end of the daily broadcast -  switching to Caroline Roger Mathews

We had to change the frequency 5835 khz and move to 5825 khz at about 20h25 UTC as radio Europe Ukraine begins tx on 5835 khz.
There was already some carrier and tuning an half hour before on 5835,8 khz before they tx audio.

Radio 319 was using 0,5 Watts carrier on this moment

on 5835
12:15 : Billy Swann "I can help", jingle "you're listenning to radio 319 shortwave"
12:30 : Vinlyl Show , old recording from 192radio.nl
13:22 qsy 5840
14:28 off-air

12:44, announcement Misti Radio
13:00 off-air

on 5803
12:35 Peggy sue, then some rocks songs

announcement from dj as "radio Berlin short test"

it was radio 1 0 2 (one zero two) claiming using 5w in an 46m inverted V end-fed

1402 qsy to 5835

it was radio Casanova

Equipment / USB Pirate Station, audio bandwidth
« on: October 09, 2019, 1336 UTC »

I wonder what kind of TRX American USB pirate do use for broadcast ?
Is that (un)modified audio bandwidth HAM rig ? Or are they using standard rig with USB cut-off audio bandpass 2,4 or 2,7 k ?

For now, I'm only use AM but it will be funny to make some tests in SSB mode.
Some HAM rigs have very narrow bandwidth about 2,4k wich is too much narrow.
The idea would be to find a rig with 2,7k (or maybe 2,9k) not too expensive for testing. Or bypass the audio filter and limiting bandwidth with equalizer.

Thanks for info

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