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Yep, great for that as well, where multiple inputs, to a single outlet, is needed audio-wise. And yes, these mixers were, and still are, used by pirate ops. Dirty little secrete is that they were also used at college, and even commercial, radio stations. Hey, frequency-wise you've got broadcast spec's. Yes, engineers will gripe the the S/N Ratio might not quite be broadcast specs, but over-the-air, would the listener ever guess that? I doubt it... The bonus of these mixers is the fact that they are old-school, through-hole tech, meaning repairable by most folks and even some 21st Century upgrades could be added, like white LED's to the VU meters. And, schematics are still available for those. (Hmmmm... I wonder if I should scan and upload those to my Archive .ORG page?) And, you will still see these at flea-markets, Hamfests, junk stores, garage sales, whatever. If you see either model, 32-1100, or 32-1200, grab it. 

Equipment / Don't pass up those 1980's Radio Shack Mixers!
« on: May 23, 2024, 2019 UTC »
With the Vinyl Revival now in a full-swing, let's talk about gear to use with that vinyl. OK, you have a couple of turntables, that use magnet cartrige pick-ups, but no line-level preamps built-in. You could buy a Magnet Level to Line-Level extrnal preamp, but one tool that I've always found useful, from the 1980's, 1990's, and even more so now, are the cheap Radio Shack, Realistic Mixing boards, CAT # 32-1200 and #32-1100, as seen from this link.    https://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/flipbook/1986_radioshack_catalog.html?fb3d-page=53    Many of today's cheap and moderately priced mixers do not have an input for Magnet Cartrige Level turntables, but these mixers did, and are still widely available used. Yes, they will require clean-up, and some maintenance, like spraying contact cleaner in the slide POT's, RCA Phono Inputs / Outputs, switches, Cue buttons, and headphone jack. However, very doable. Want to add cassette decks, DVD audio, CD payer, Open Reel Deck, MiniDisc, 8-Track, MP3 audio, or something else? These mixers will still perform and be very valid to do so, today. I, have several of these mixers in my production A/V studios and On-Air Part 15 studio, and they are by no means obsolete. If, you see them for cheap, don't pass them up.

https://www.radiosurvivor.com/2024/05/podcast-341-the-distorted-history-of-the-cassette-tape/    As long as this thread post is cover the subject. I became aware of the latest RS podcast on Thursday 5/16/2024. Had I known that they were going to do so, I would have FWR'ed them our posts and comments on cassettes. Enjoy.

Wasn't even looking for it, but was within a Memory Channel window of 6925kHz, so seen it on that 'lil Xiegu G90 SDR view. Caught 04:57UTC with that weird, heavy, digital edit of Hokus Pokus - Focus, then followed by a very racial country tune, with the "N" word all over it. Gone, at 05:03UTC. Good signal, at an S7. Decent audio for USB mode as well, and on FREQ. It was different.

https://www.schlockwood.com/   Look under Products for the audio processor and AM Monitor. Then, check out under Projects.

The RF Workbench / Low-cost RF synthesizer uses generic ICs?
« on: May 10, 2024, 1757 UTC »
https://www.edn.com/low-cost-rf-synthesizer-uses-generic-ics/  Boomer and I were talking about what could you use a crystal, that was common in 1980's digital watches, for. Well, this was his answer. Neat!!!!

Certainly looks simple enough.    https://www.antiqueradios.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=401204   (Thank you Boomer for FWD that!)

Hello NQC: Yes, I am getting you My Messages just fine, but strange that you have yet to receive my Replies to them. I've asked Chris about that, but he's not heard of it happening before. So, I shall reply here. However, in a nutshell, my Part 15 AM position is that I run with the cards that I am dealt with. Part 15 AM isn't totally great, I agree, but it is something that's license-free, so I run with it, as do others, apparently. Thank you for your $0.02 worth, shared experiences, and questions. I am just sorry that the conversation appears to be only one-way. (Technology... BLAAAAA....)

Equipment / Re: MFJ is closing down? That is too bad.
« on: April 27, 2024, 1905 UTC »
MFJ, like Heathkit and even Ramsey, gear was like this, if you didn't like it, more than likely, you could modify it to become an even better product to suite your needs. They, will be missed.

https://www.pointpark.edu/academics/schools/schoolofcommunication/studentmedia/wppj    and     https://wppjradio.com/   and     https://www.pointpark.edu/studentlife/features/wppjstudentradio     Unfortunately, none of the TX gear is seen, but from what I've been told, they are running old LPB, Inc., gear.  Any of y'all been there?

General Radio Discussion / Me??? Several radios...
« on: April 23, 2024, 1941 UTC »
I still have a Sangean ATS-803A portable at bedside to listen to MW and HF HAM's, usually connected to the W.O.G. antenna. And, also tried, and have kept, a cheap Yorek YK-901 DSP radio, mainly for FM. Then, I'll use transceivers for QSO'ing and DX'ing, Like a Kenwood TS-2000X, TS-50S, Xiegu G90 SDR rig, Icom IC-745, and even the O.E.M. stereo in the vehicle for AM / FM DX'ing, especially 1710kHz. Then, I'll still use as a portable an Eton E10.

Heard that as well, battling with Cuba's 1620kHz, 0135UTC, while on the drive home from work on the truck stereo. Didn't recognize the artist, but certainly county.

Just when I thought that F2 was done for the night, around 03:00UTC, I was surprised to hear some weak activity on CB's 38LSB on at 01:30UTC. Not talking DX, to to each other, about 3 - 4 "S" unit. Tuned around and heard the Superbowl CH6 hopping, with several stations shouting-out from Illinois. However, it's AM CH28 that caught my interest. At first, thought that to be skip, but it was a couple of locals, one at S3 and the other at S5. Then, someone broke-in from Kansas City, MO. He, eventual came in at S10/9. Then, a couple of other Kansas stations joined-in, and there was a QSO from KS to WV for over 30min. Still going, even after 06:00UTC, but fading. So, they signed-off with each other soon afterwards. Well, that's why Sporadic "E" is call just that. You'll never really know when that just comes around.

From Radio World:   https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/headlines/wqvram-is-granted-cp-to-use-heba-antenna-at-night
Well, I think that at least it's intriguing.  (THANKS Boomer, for the link!)

I don't know of any pirates using this station automation software, but several Part 15'ers are using Zara Radio, including my stations. MRAM1500 has a nice link to that.  http://www.mram.us/    Then, a couple LPFM's, where I am, are using Radio DJ. So, free wares, that for the most part, work. For editing, I go cheap there, as well, with Audacity.

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