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Wanted to see if CFRX on 6070kHz was coming in around at 3AM, or 07:00UTC, and it didn't, but skipped over me. However, at 07:03UTC, was a weak station, jammin' modern folk MX, on 6080kHz. No ID heard. Any cues???
UPDATE9/5/2021: Oh... It's VOA. Pretty solid S5 at 04:00UTC, so must be a domestic TX.

http://www.radiosurvivor.com/2021/09/brazilian-authorities-cracking-down-on-free-radio-in-2021/   They have a podcast interview that covered Community Radio in Brazil, now an article on the Pirate Scene there.

Amateur Radio / ARRL VHF Sweepsteaks, September 11 - 13, 2021!
« on: August 31, 2021, 2012 UTC »
Tis that time again, already. http://www.arrl.org/september-vhf     Tropo and Aurora maybe the dominant propagation here.

Surprised to hear over the Cuban 1620 this station, while on the road, with Styx - The Best Of Times, Julian Lennon - Time To Say Goodbye, Love Train - (I'm brain farting on the artist.), no announcements, no ID's. Audio quality seemed to be EQ'ed in the mid-range, but was very clear. (Could be a clue that it was done from an amateur transceiver.) Also noticed that the tracks were not that tight from song to song. Station was gone at 05:17UTC on drive home. Only heard Cuba dominating then. This was an interesting catch in the truck, for sure.

Heard this bangin' in on the drive to work, after 9PM EST an EDM Espanol station. Sounded really good, but didn't get an ID, or even a promo. And, that's with AM splatter from the flame throwers either side on 1040 and 1060. So, who 'dat? And, checkin' 1020KDKA, it was seriously getting bowled-over by a station jammin' folk tunage, and must have been +/- a few hundred Hertz off FREQ, since I heard a constant tone in there. Huh... KDKA usually has full dominance at night here in SW WV, and I can just hear them on GND-wave in the winter. That was different.

Huh? / More, on RF Exposer Ratings Ruling?
« on: August 17, 2021, 1854 UTC »
FWR to me by WB8YST: https://wirecalifornia.org/case-20-1025-ruling/     Could that effect the 5G roll out?  Hmmmm...

Well, this is rare today on AM, a 99W college station on 1280AM, Toronto, ON,   https://www.cjru.ca/  Question is, can anyone hear that, over the semi-close Rochester's 5kW 1280WHTK? Would be a nice catch, indeed.

MW Loggings / Mystery Spanish modern music station 1070kHz.
« on: August 13, 2021, 0716 UTC »
Several night, while it's still dark, I've found a pretty strong music station jamming reggae, Hip-Hop, and EDM, but all of it, including announcements and jingles, are in Spanish. Well, since No hablo espaņol, I have yet to ID this station. Anyone else hearing this on 1070kHz?

This could be interesting.   https://www.fema.gov/event/ipaws-national-test   Word on da' street also has it that cell phones and even another test of an internet kill-switch might happen then. Hmmmmmm... Could be interesting to listen for.

Heard this on Amateur Radio Newsline #2282. With Sporadic "E" still in play, this should make for an interesting catch! https://ei7gl.blogspot.com/2021/07/new-us-experimental-station-wl2xup-now.html

Looks like the Russian have taken thing up a notch in DSP / SDR based receivers.    https://swling.com/blog/2021/07/guest-post-and-review-test-driving-the-russia-made-malahit-dsp-2/   

Some unreal Sunsets and Blood Moon seen here in WV, due to the West Coast Fires.   https://www.space.com/smoke-from-us-wildfires-seen-from-space-july-2021

MW Loggings / Not hearing Hudson Valley TIS lately 1710kHz.
« on: July 16, 2021, 1916 UTC »
Yeah... For several weeks, I haven't heard that 100W Hudson Valley TIS from NJ. (Can't say as I miss them.) So, does that leave 1710kHz semi-open again? Hmmmmmmm???

Huh??? Found this interesting. Kenwood has a license-free HT that operates from 446.000MHz to 446.100MHz, at 1/2W ERP, in the 70cm HAM Band? When was this allowed? https://www.kenwood.com/sg/com/lfr/pkt-23/   Thought it 1st to be FRS, then I'd seen the 446MHz FREQ spec's. Looks like a neat simplex-only HT.
UPDATE:   Ah... Thank you Sparx! (Added reply below.) That would explain a few things there.

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