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Not being able to head to Hamvention, over in Xenia, OH, this year, (Again...), the next best thing was to go to bed Thursday night, with the VHF / UHF multi-band rig on to three simplex FREQ's, 146.520MHz, 223.500MHz, and 446.000MHz. And??? From 7AM on, constant mobile chatter on 146.520 National Simplex. I live where Routes 64, 77, and 79, cross together. The closest is Rt 64, where I can even hear FRS HT's. Other 2M FREQ's heard, from these pass-throughers, are 146.580MHz, 146, 550MHz, and several places between 147.420MHz - 147.570MHz. In the past, I've even broken-in and QSO'ed with these travelers. Will there be Hamvention travelers on other simplex FREQ's, like 29.600MHz FM, 52.525MHz, FM, 903.500MHz, and 1294.5000MHz? Maybe... I have heard it on 223.500Mhz and 446.000MHz some years. Anyway, I'll no doubt, (Gwen Stefanie, not included!), be hearing most of these travelers passing through Sunday evening and Monday. Likely. So, what Hamvention traffic can you monitor this weekend? https://hamvention.org/ Oh yeah!!!! You might even hear non-HAM traffic passing through on the five MURS VHF channels and the 462MHz GMRS channels.

Wrote this up on Linked In. And, could still be true, here:

"This weekend is the world famous Hamvention over at Xenia / Dayton, Ohio. Great for radio enthusiasts, but could be great for you as well, non-radio incline folks. How??? Incredible anount of personal networking, various tech talk forums to check-out, (Like in Weather Spotting, Solar Studying, IT verious linkings, Podcasting, FEMA and other emergency go-overs, etc.). However, the biggest reason to check-out Hamfests are the deals that you can get in the flea-markets. Not just radio gear, but anything and everything in electronics and more! Vintage audio gear, like turntables, open-reel decks, cassette decks, 8-Track decks, AM / FM tuners, audio amplifiers, audio mixers with Magnetic Phono inputs, various audio amplifiers, various analog audio Pro and comsumer gear, like production mixers / switchers, various VID tape formats, like VHS, BETA, 8mm, 3/4" U-matic, etc. And, even vintage film and movie gear. If you are resourceful, and can get this gear working / cleaned / condition, yourself, all the beter. The big point here??? Analog to digital format transfers, for you, or others. You could do these, as a gift for friends & family, or make a quick $20.00 per transfer, and even expand to getting your DBA to do it Full / Part Time as an income. Last transfer that I did was 8-Track of a guy's kids' voices from the 1970's. And, he was thrilled that I was able to do 8-Track to CD-R. So, possibilities here could be endly from Hamfest finds. Check them out!"

The latest thing that I'm trying to point-out to GEN Y & Z'ers, those Radio Shack 1980's mixers are still great for Magnetic Turntable Preamps, with the MAG Phono IN, built-in. (I have several, here.) Also, great gear for Podcast start-ups, then graduate / upgrade with newer gear. And, being that most of the analog gear is through-hole tech, most of this gear is still repairable. Passing thoughts...

https://telosalliance.com/radio-processing/radio-processors/omnia-forza     Yeah... It's another option to process audio to your station. Me??? I like discrete components, where I don't have to worry about software upgrades, then wonder if they are actually downgrades with bugs. and then, charge you for the fix. Hmmmmmmm... I've been there. Few times bitten, many times shy.

Thank you, Boomer! For, sharing that.

Huh? / SWL'ing hits-up LPFM!
« on: May 07, 2023, 1613 UTC »


Um... How about the spectrum-wide noise levels on Medium Wave? That's still kind of a factor.

And, more AM Radio World responses. The info on what happened to Leonard Kahn is interesting. https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/readers-forum/readers-have-much-to-say-about-am       

THANKS again, for FWD that Boomer!

Even since early February, that W.O.G. antenna has come in very handy, and is being well tested, due to constant Southern T-storms. So, this last blast of Winter-like weather for May 2023 maybe one last time to enjoy the low bands with less noise. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-forecasts/may-off-to-chilly-start-in-east-thanks-to-omega-block-weather-pattern/1520488


Too little, too late to go whaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

Then, there's the "AM Owners: The Next Move Is Yours!"  https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/guest-commentaries/am-owners-the-next-move-is-yours

(Thanks Boomer!!!!) Well, AM Part 15'ers could kick some butt here.

Huh? / Encourage Congress to support local radio! Or, is it?
« on: April 26, 2023, 1722 UTC »
https://p2a.co/fkk7zz3     So, what does anyone think about this? Too little INFO, and just too generic of a site, if you ask me.

Huh? / How Radio Jay Allen tests radios?
« on: April 24, 2023, 1755 UTC »
https://radiojayallen.com/how-i-test-radios/       In know... He does it more of the 'layman's-terms' way of doing it, where we want actual spec's, like Usable Sensitivity, (In uV.), Image Rejection, Adjacent Channel Rejection, AGC thresholds for AM, IF bandwidths, Audio FREQ responses, Audio Amp Power, etc. Then again, I guess you need what Radio Jay does, since the preceding spec's that I've mentioned, if you were to ask the average, non-tech, person out there for these, they would look at you like you've had 3 heads. (And, I think that most of us can relate to that. Right???)   

Our local LPFM where I am, WTSQ-LP 88.1FM, has done Vinyl-thon / Record Store Day, for the last few years. This year, they planned to spin-it all vinyl for a 52hr, all live DJ's, on-air marathon. I've linked-in to that before, via our crappy DSL internet streaming link. Sounds good, due to their high bitstream, but then comes the problems of maintaining that with DSL, many drop-outs and robbing bandwidth for others here, wanting to do work and stream VID's. Now, last year, that station had to move to another BLDG, and that, including their single FM omni-bay, to the top of a bank BLDG. The results??? They were only +29ft higher in AGL elevation, but were now transmitting from the Mid-Kanawha River Valley. They now seem to be getting out better on the 88.1FM-side, and the increase is a +3dB to +6dB improvement. NICE, but still a shadow zone where I have my Part 15 AM stations, or was it? At ground level, here, college station WMUL Marshall UNI still dominates over WTSQ-LP's 88.1FM signal. However, I did another 'what if?' test and walked around the upstairs attic with an Eton E10 portable. To my surprise, I found a full FM quieting sweet-spot. I did not have that from WTSQ-LP years ago on FM. So, I then mounted an old FM GND-Plane to a rafter and ran coax to the studio. That was 4 days ago, and have had perfect, full quieting, mono, audio RX'ed with that E10 radio every time I've checked in various times of the day. Even with the radio's -20dB ATT on, I was still getting WTSQ-LP at maybe 70% quieting. By the time Friday afternoon came around, I had a working 1/2-ass FM link point set-up. So, Friday 4/21/2023 at 4PM, here, I linked-in that audio to my Part 15 AM stations and told the crew at WTSQ-LP that I was linking-in the full duration of their Vinyl-thon, all 52hrs of it. You can check this out yourself, and here WTSQ-LP spin-it, with LIVE DJ's in 2hr shifts, even overnight at  https://wtsq.org/   Yeah... Probably, should have posted this earlier, but... BTW, the WTSQ-LP crew dig that I'm getting them filled-in over here. That vinyl over AM wide-band radio just sounds so nostalgic, and no MP3 digital artifacts. Thus far, this is about the only thing that's gone right around here. OK... You might ask what the point of all that was about? A neat idea what could be done with Part 15 AM radio, an ass-backward, FM to AM-like, translator, where that FM station has poor coverage.

The RF Workbench / Using LM7805 regulators for AF / RF amps?
« on: April 20, 2023, 1728 UTC »
I've thought about using the LM**** series of voltage regulators as AM modulators, but never thought that they could be useful at RF FREQ's. FWR by Boomer:


Well, this is a cool article that Boomer FWR to me! And, using an O'scope to test an LPB-30 transmitter. https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/workbench/trust-but-verify-with-your-oscilloscope

Huh? / Radio stations on ATSC 3.0 TV? Why not?
« on: April 09, 2023, 1753 UTC »
While Boomer was at it, he FWR me this as well: https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/show-news/nab-show/one-media-moves-forward-with-radio-over-atsc-3
Wouldn't work well mobile, or portably, but this idea is kind of what CATV had done for a couple of decades now.

Equipment / Vintronics from the UK.
« on: April 09, 2023, 1743 UTC »
Boomer found these. Anyone ever had experience with these TX's?     https://www.sjvbroadcastservices.com/      The AM units could be used for Part 15 Carrier-Current, but couldn't really use the FM's for anything permissibly here.

Amateur Radio / HAM Official Documentary 2022? SWL'ing rip.
« on: April 02, 2023, 1804 UTC »
https://swling.com/blog/2023/04/ham-official-documentary-youtube/     Gone viral??? Well, you be the judge there. Enjoy...

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