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Equipment / 32 Quartz Crystal Unit Manufacturers in 2024 ? Good!
« on: March 06, 2024, 2232 UTC »
https://us.metoree.com/categories/7177/   I was asking folks, a couple of years back, about the time that Jan Crystal and ICM went bye-bye, about domestic crystal companies. And, by accident I came across the preceding link. Good.

10/11 meters / WWV's 25MHz signal?
« on: March 05, 2024, 1825 UTC »
Just, out of my curiosity, how well, and how far, can y'all hear WWV's 25.00000MHz signal in the day hours? It, is just out of reach for me to hear it when Sporadic E PROP is active, from my QTH. I'm really glad to hear it, and even use it, again with Cycle 25 bringing F2 PROP back. However, I have to believe that it's signal is being heard on the other side of the world.  https://www.arrl.org/news/wwv-25-mhz-signal-swapped-to-circular-polarization 

I've seen this before, and can't remember if I've posted it before. But, Boomer reminded me of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1HIF0toZO8
I have a well worn Realistic #12-655 AM portable, from 1975, and it is a very fun portable.

Huh? / Bob Heil, K9EID, passes away, 3/1/2024!
« on: March 02, 2024, 1819 UTC »
I was wondering why my phone was pinging-away late last night. Now, I know. https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/headlines/audio-innovator-bob-heil-dies
Never did an actual on-air QSO with him, since everytime he'd put his call out, there would be a swamp of a pile-up. Only, e-mailed corresponded. He'll be missed in the Amateur Radio and music realms for sure.
Even, a better write-up of him here.  https://fohonline.com/featured/in-memoriam-bob-heil-1940-2024/

How many of us still have bins and drawers of cassettes to still go through. Ya know, there's a lot of history recorded all over on cassettes. Like, pirate radio history. Now, what's that cassette company in MO?  Oh yeah, this one.  https://www.nationalaudiocompany.com/   Huh... No Metal Tape formulas? At least, you can still buy CrO2.

https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/news-makers/larry-walk-60-years-of-oom-pahs-and-smiles      Thanks again, Boomer, whom I believe runs this dude's show. I am surprised that he's not huge in Buffalo, NY, where every weekend at least one AM station would do hours of Polka Music. (Some of you WNY'ers know exactly what I'm talking about there, right?) Gotta' give this guy kudos for keeping it going.
Correction:  Boomer runs a show called Oompha Hour. (There, my C.M.O.A..)

Unfortunately, that's a fairly broad question, since that all depends upon the circuit designer, and the type of PLL IC's used. Panaxis had their own scheme, with a DIP switch Chart for FREQ setting. Ransey Electronics Kits did that math equation with X100, X10, and X1, with Motorola PLL IC's. And, from what I'm told, those newer Chez Pocasters and, (I'm brainfarting on the Part 15 TX MFG'er...), still uses the DIP switch scheme. So, with the lack of documentation, may I suggest loading to a dummyload, with an attenuated RF sample OUT, to a FREQ counter and try it that way. BTW, there were several Two-Way radios that could be programmed that way as well. Hmmmmmmm... Back to transmitters, with DIP Switch FREQ settings, I probably should upload the Panaxis manuals to my Archive.org site.  Anyway... I hope that this helps. Oh yeah... Progressive Concepts may have manuals for their Part 15 transmitters.  https://progressive-concepts.com/product-category/am-transmitters/    Ah!!!! Rangemaster!!! That, was the one that escaped me.

Equipment / Radio Jay Allen checks-out a Sony ICF-2001 1980 portable!
« on: February 10, 2024, 1919 UTC »
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Ya know, after reading Radio Jay's review, it sounds like Sangean later copied Sony with their ATS-803A / Realistic DX-440, with looks, feel, and features. Well, I guess Sangean wanted to use what worked. Just my take...

Amateur Radio / Re: AM Rally This weekend? SAT, was better.
« on: February 05, 2024, 1939 UTC »
Those T-storms in Georgia just ripped-up the HF bands. That said, did a W1AW contact on 20M on the strange FREQ 14.297MHz AM. Had to go pretty narrow to pull her out of all the SSB stations in there, but did the contact exchange. Saturday, was the better of the two days where noise was concerned. Still, I did better this year, than last year. Gear used, Kenwood TS-2000X, with EXT UR6QW 5-Band EQ / COMP and Heil HMM mic, to three-tube AL-811A amp, VERSA Tuner V, and Homebrew Windom. Also, for 10M, dedicated a TS-50S, with AT-50 Auto-Tuner and Cushcraft AR-10 GND-Plane. Incidentally, also called CQ and monitored 144.300MHz AM on the "B" side of the TS-2000X, with 3 -element 2M HORZ beam. Nothing, heard there, but had it, so used it. Still, fun event.

Amateur Radio / Re: AM Rally This weekend?
« on: February 04, 2024, 2029 UTC »
Most of the activity has been on 3885kHz AM. Thus far, done a couple of round-table contacts, until 05:00UTC, when propagation flipped the switch and dropped the 75M band. 40M has been pretty bad as well, where the Big-Guns are coming in like an S5, than the arm-chair S+20/9 and better. W1AW was on around 17:00UTC on 14.297MHz AM, and I made it back to them, there. If there is a CME afoot, hopefully it can lay down, for at least another day. There is some 29.0000MHz AM activity, but my electrical noise levels suck. Well, part of the fun in this AM Rally is the challenge. And, a surprise of a Numbers Station on 14.306MHz AM. (Really?!?!?) Nah... That won't attract attention. Regardless, enjoy!!!!

Huh? / Letter: AM Stereo Fans Must Present a Unified Front? RW rip...
« on: February 04, 2024, 2017 UTC »
https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/readers-forum/letter-am-stereo-fans-must-present-a-unified-front    Well, as long as it's not an emminece front. AM Stereo was a clear case where capitalism failed, and failed miseribly. Where it may have to seccede today is within Open Source, and there are Part 15'ers out there just running with C-QUAM AM Stereo. Is it perfect??? No, but for the most part that format did work, and to a degree, it still does. Today, SDR tech could be the game changer, since that's how many today are hearing AM Stereo, probably for the first time, is via web-based Kiwi-SDR's. I can believe that AM Stereo can be done via SDR tech on the transmit side as well. Just my take here, but is seems that hobbyists could succede where corporations have failed. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see capitalism succede, but can capitalists actually learn from this experience? (Thank you Boomer, for pointing this out to me!)    (Huh... My Spell-Check isn't working, again.)

UPDATE 2/13/2024: Then, there's this...   https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/readers-forum/letter-its-too-late-for-am-lets-talk-about-digital-radio     Eh... Not a good way to commemorate World Radio Day, is it?

EDM type mx mix. Heard mention "The Mix", but don't know if that was an ID, or part of mx feat. EDM mix with The Offspring. COMM-like audio quality, no bass. Steady S8 signal.

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