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My Part #15-like equivalent knowledge for Canada is limited, but I believe that Carrier-Current Operations are permissible there, a.k.a coupling to the power lines. From 160kHz - 190kHz, the quickest way to get-on-air fairly cheaply are those so-called wireless intercoms that use the house wiring. I had a pair of Novis FM Intercoms that went way further than the inside wiring. That rated 10mW output went down the street for hundreds of meters. You can also do AM Carrier-Current on the AM broadcast band and Neutral Couple to the AC Power Neutral. I do that. As far as a certified transmitter for that in Canada? You may have to roll your own transmitter there. However, 1W, or less, coupled to the lines may cover a whole neighborhood, and even beyond. Hope that helps. 

Huh? / 10 Times Hackers Hacked Live Television? Leenks rip.
« on: March 03, 2022, 0607 UTC »
Most of us have heard about the the 1980's Chicago TV hacks of that Max Headroom-like dude, and I remember when HBO got hacked in 1986. Well, there's more!   https://listverse.com/2019/07/19/10-times-hackers-hacked-live-television/

Amateur Radio / Re: Xiegu G90. Someone else did the EXT Speaker MOD.
« on: February 28, 2022, 1959 UTC »
Huh... Whereas, I hacked in to the radio's internal speaker connections, and ran a flat cable, and jack, out of the back of the rig external, this dude went to the Speaker / Headphones relay.              https://yo3hjv.blogspot.com/2020/12/xiegu-g90-external-speaker-modification.html

I'll bet that it looks better, than my EXT Jack MOD. Hey... If it works.

According to Bill Tilford, Ilse Of Music, he suspects the interference to WBCQ's 4790kHz could be HF CODAR. Well, if that is indeed coming from out West, then at night, when near 4.8MHz goes long, would make sense. Any comments on this? http://www.codar.com/about.shtml    and     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coastal_ocean_dynamics_applications_radar

I heard that too well during the WBCQ relays of The Underground JAM. So, it's not just here in West Virginia, but what the hell is that?

Correspondence with Amateur Radio Newline's, Caryn, K2GUT, will top-feature Ukraine radio topics, and Amateur Radio related for sure. This might even include WRMI's news,   https://swling.com/blog/2022/02/wrmi-resumes-broadcasts-of-radio-ukraine-international/

Equipment / Re: 'CB' amplifier for HF? Maybe, with a MOD.
« on: February 16, 2022, 1952 UTC »
I have the latter Kris - Big Boomer amp, (The non-6M version.), and it will do 12M, 11M, and 10M, very nicely, but the filters won't go +/- past those bands. And, I've tried 15M. Nope... It's a HOT amp too, 1W IN = 230W OUT. Yeeeesh... So, I can use that on my RCI-2950 cranked down and the newer Xiegu G90 cranked down to 1W, and even the MOD'ed Cherokee AH-100 AM / SSB HT on 10M. But, too hot for my Icom and Kenwood rigs, without attenuation.

Crap... Didn't hear it on-air this time via job site commute this time. Hmmmmmmmmm... Is somebody reading this that this subject pertains too? I wonder...

Huh? / Re:WBCQ TESTS 4790 KHZ IN FEBRUARY! One more! 03:00UTC!!!
« on: February 16, 2022, 0801 UTC »
And, one more time! 4790kHz AM, Saturday night, Feb. 19th, 10:00PM, or Sunday 03:00UTC. Same show, The Underground Jam. At that time, the West Coast USA, Mexico, and Canada, should be had, and possibly South America and Western Europe. Eh... Where the band Master is from in Moscow, that will be about dawn, so it may go that far. I suspect that at that time, 10PM EST, 4790kHz might skip over West Virginia, but you'll never know. The Southern States and the Caribbean should be had as well. Happy DX'ing!!!!   

(CORRECTION!!!!!!!!! 2/16/2022)  The ops at WBCQ asked if I can do 10PM EST. So, for those over in Europe, and Africa, that could actually work-out better.

FM Free Radio / Possible Franken-FM Pirate, 87.7MHz?
« on: February 11, 2022, 0739 UTC »
2/10/2022, 9:20PM EST, commuting from one job location to another and put the truck stereo on 87.9FM for possible pirates and Part #15'ers on satellite radio. Exiting from an industrial park, I was hearing co-channel bleed-over. It wasn't 88.1FM, but 87.7FM, to my surprise! (Possible Franken-FM on TV audio CH6, 87.750MHz? There were clues to tell me. Audio wasn't loud, but maybe 1/2-level of commercial FM, and MONO. Audio didn't sound compressed, but did sound limited, and no gain to quiet passages, like TV. Good, strong, full-quieting, signal that was heard for over 2 miles, when I rounded the valley side that I was traveling on. Unfamiliar with artist aired, but what sounded like a mix of modern rock with soul thrown in. After +2 miles, the signal went from full-quieting to faded gone within a few hundred feet of rounding a valley side. Signal, never recovered after that. This isn't the 1st suspected Franken-FM that I've heard traveling. The last time was in Western New York, almost 20 years ago, traveling through the Allegany Indian Reservation, jamming classic rock on 87.7FM. Heard that one for almost 10 miles, further than I've heard known analog CH6 TV LPTV and translators. Anyway, I thought that it was a neat catch, just wish that I had time to check it out more. 

Amateur Radio / Re: Consensus of average 40M noise level? Oh yeah!
« on: February 10, 2022, 2013 UTC »
Um... I didn't help matters on noise, here at home, lately. Rural King had those 4ft, drop-ceiling, LED, 50W panel array lights for $15.00. Nice lighting, but noise??? Broadband BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ all across HF. Clamping ferrite clamps on the light's power cord helped a lot to contain that noise to just a few feet, and not yard-wide. So, be aware!

Amateur Radio / Re: AM Rally this weekend 2/5-7/2022! A bust, for me.
« on: February 09, 2022, 1851 UTC »
The weather was the big competitor during the AM Rally for me. Projects that I wasn't able to get done the preceding weekend, I had to get done, then. So, I had only a 1hr window on Sunday evening and heard 3870kHz, 3873kHz, 3880kHz, and 3885kHz, AM all jammin' away. I didn't hear W1AW this year. No AM on 20M, but all SSB. 15M and 10M were dead by me. I heard a one-side QSO on 7290kHz. I also did a quick band-scan at 3AM SAT night / SUN morning, after work, and the bands were void of any AM then. Whelp... There's always the year after next.

Did it. Bought time on the new FREQ 4790kHz, Saturday, February 12th, 9PM EST, or 02:00UTC. (Not Bro Staire.) Also, bought an hour for the following weekend of 2/19-20/2022, but that time has yet to be sched and TBA.

Equipment / Re: Any discone antenna fans? Oh yeah!!!
« on: February 03, 2022, 1858 UTC »
Oh yeah... Bought my 1st Discone in the late 80's as a scanner antenna. On VHF High and UHF, that worked great, but kind of sucked on VHF Low band, but the documentation did dictate that, so I knew it before hand. It was the 1st one to come out from Radio Shack at the time. Then, when I'd gotten my Code-less Tech Class HAM ticket, in 1991, it was my 1st multi-band 2M / 222MHz / 440MHz antenna. However, being made out of aluminum, those GND-radials keep breaking off. Today, I have the Diamond D-130J Discone, with 6M FM VERT stinger, all made of stainless, and that has held-up through hurricane force winds well. That, and being a low-gain antenna, it works well to get me out of the bottom of this current river valley location, where high-gain antennas fail, by taking advantage of reflection and refraction. So, it's my main VHF / UHF simplex base antenna. Also, works very well on the five MURS channels, but has a high VSWR match on 462 / 467MHz on the GMRS FREQ's.   

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