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10/11 meters / Re: 11 meters 26 OCT 2021?
« on: October 26, 2021, 1952 UTC »
A actually have the Cherokee AH-100 SSB HT of that same Magnum portable. More of a concept portable really, since various features are limited in performance, but still a neat radio. Just, don't try and drive and operate with one. (Hi-hi...)

Weather / Re: Stormy Monday....... And beyond???
« on: October 26, 2021, 1917 UTC »
I just want these T-storms to hurry up and get outta' here. Testing out a repaired Windom and hearing like S+20/9 of lightning crashes just sucks. That, and I don't want lightning to QSL me, since ya know what happens when it really does. Now, if we can just clear all these storms out just in time to DX the Halloween pirates on MW and SW this weekend. BTW, might be a good time to cruise around any empty spots in the FM band as well. Ya never know...

Don't trash those Reciva based radios yet. There are some smart folks trying to work around this.    https://swling.com/blog/2021/10/reciva-gateway-not-responding-rob-offers-more-info-possible-workarounds/ I have two Sangean WFR-20 radios here, and it would be nice not to have even more paper weights here. Albeit, they also make nice computer audio amps with their AUX inputs.

Equipment / Re: PC problem after transmitting
« on: October 17, 2021, 2011 UTC »
Did you try snapping on a ferrite choke on that cable that the USB connector is attached too? Sounds like RF peaks are getting in there, somehow.

10/11 meters / Re: CH 38LSB alive with F2 today! S. Africa in there!
« on: October 17, 2021, 1904 UTC »
Too bad too, 12M has just as many "E" opening as 11M and maybe somewhat more on F2. Anyway, woke up today to a local CB CH 38LSB'er QSO'ing with South Africa. And, I can hear the South African station coming back at 1lb. That was 11AM EST, or 15:00UTC. Shortly afterwards, S. CA opened up State Side.

Thought twice that 11M was going to die-out, but 1st time, at sunset, S and Mid CA bang in there with a vengeance! Finally, died-out at 9PM EST, or 01:00UTC.  What little activity I did hear on 10M was a very weak QSO on 28.400USB, then an Aussie accent on 28.450USB, commenting about State-side contacts. So, the Aussies may have indeed been in there last night.

Well, this is certainly pirate history, and Youtube still has it up,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_oXEMu7Rzo What prompted me to this VID again? Running Radio Wolf International over my stations this Columbus Day Weekend. Hey... The Youtube copy is a better VID version than what I'd bought back in 1991 on VHS.

10/11 meters / CH 38LSB alive with F2 today!
« on: October 10, 2021, 1831 UTC »
After bring back from the dead, a 1978 RCA SSB Co-Pilot CB, with a new VCO modual, bought from the same UK dude selling FM CB boards, (See the earlier post on that.), I went to bed with it on the 10M Ringo on CH 38LSB. This morning, I woke-up to a flurry of SSB activity from AZ, NM, TX, Mexico, and CA. In the mid-afternoon, WA, OR, N. CA, BC, and Alberta, all banging-in there at +9lbs. Went to 10M on the HF rig, and found no activity. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

I love it when propagation works. 7490kHz AM banged in at my QTH at S25/9, and that's with 1/2-leg of a Windom. The 9/23/2021 storm ripped the other leg out. Hope to do it again in a few weeks, but this time, on 3265kHz AM. Stay tuned!!!!!

UPDATE 11/18/2021: Master put up a Youtube VID of the show here,   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQXbP5pdSBU

I bought time on WBCQ's 7490kHz AM for a review of the Russian Metal band, Master's, latest release, Sunday evening 9PM EST, Monday 01:00UTC. And, they've mentioned this on their main web site as their latest news,    http://master-rockgroup.com/

But, if your Russian really sucks, like mine, here's the translation by that big-ass WBCQ mic logo:

"Radio review of the album "Master of Time
Master,Yesterday 3:29 pm

This Sunday, The Underground JAM program on American Independent Radio will feature a review of the "Master of Time" album. Spanish-language songs will also be aired.
Detailed announcement: http://www.frn.net/vines/read.php?13,9431,9431#msg-9431
You can listen live here: http://splatterbox.us/wbcq1
Time: 9 p.m. EST on October 3rd.
Moscow time will be 4:00 AM MONDAY, October 4th.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)"

Well, I think it's kind of neat. how many bands do you know that mention that they will be heard on shortwave radio?

Amateur Radio / Finally!!! Decent 75M propagation last night!
« on: September 25, 2021, 1806 UTC »
Coming home around 05:30UTC, that 1710kHz Hudson Valley TIS, (a.k.a. The Pest!), was just booming over the truck stereo. There was some lightning crashes in there, but not outrageous. So, when I got home, I kicked on the HF rig and found 3799kHz and 3795kHz very much alive with Spanish EA1 stations and several UK stations. The 'Big-Guns' were in there at S9!. However, the weaker, 100W on-a-wire dudes, were all heard from S1 to S3. And, this is RX'ed on a compromised Windom, where 1/2 of that blew-down during the 9/22 storms. COOL!!!! And, this was at 06:00UTC, while one Brit commented the the Sun was up for 10min, already. Let's hope for more. I did also check 60M, but just FT8 on CH3. 160M there was domestic stations at 1880kHz, all coming in from S9 to S10/9, and lower lightning crashes. Catch ya on the lower bands? Let's hope...

Equipment / Re: Titus II DRM? Should we even bother, at this point?
« on: September 20, 2021, 1850 UTC »
Apparently, they have some newer, yet sketchy, info on the Titus II.    https://www.rtl-sdr.com/is-the-titus-ii-portable-android-tablet-shortwave-sdr-close-to-release/      At this point, tech has marched-on to where there are better alternatives. I say, stop teasing us!

Equipment / Re: Steps to set the internal clock on a Malachite SDR
« on: September 19, 2021, 2339 UTC »
Have you been to this dude's site?      https://www.qsl.net/n9ewo/malahit.html      This is a very tempting receiver, indeed.

MW Loggings / Re: AM DX From Alaska? Anything from the local AFB?
« on: September 16, 2021, 0556 UTC »
Geez... Where you are would be a HAM's, even a Part #15 AM station op's, dream. Not to pirate, since the Anchorage FCC Office has a reputation of being really tough on that. Question is, does Tatalina Air Force Base, right near you, have a local AM / FM station? Why do I ask? When I was up in Eielson AFB in July 1985, I was told about an on-base 10W AM station that they had, and was shown the antenna, side-mounted, from ground up, on a 20-something ft wooden utility pole. I never did hear that station on-air in operation while I was there, though. So, that was disappointing. Still, interesting stations that you are catching up there. Just keep all of those mosquitoes.

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