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Here's the full, unchopped, title:  Radio Survivor - Social Distancing Sparks Interest in Part 15 Unlicensed Broadcasting, but Caveat Emptor.  Here's the link,      http://www.radiosurvivor.com/2020/09/21/social-distancing-sparks-interest-in-part-15-unlicensed-broadcasting-but-caveat-emptor/

On Part #15 FM, there no actual RF power out limit, but just that limiting FS limit of 250uV measured at 3 Meters away. I do remember that someone in the 1990's Panaxis EBN (Experimental Broadcaster's Newsletter) calculating with the possible RF OUT would be to a 1/4-Wave GND Plane Antenna, and it was something like 600pW - 800pW. That's picowatts, 10 to the -12! That small!!! 

I did a spectrum test on that 4:1 DX ENG 5kW Balun.    https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/dxe-mc20-v4-1  I did a DC GND continuity test and measured 1.6 Ohms. Not bad, but I did look inside, and I didn't really like how they 1/2 soldered the connections inside, so I silver soldered them with the 140W gun. Passed DC GND tests at just .6 Ohms. Then, I took two 100 Ohm, 1/2W, resisters, (For 200 Ohms.), and tied them to the Dipole bolts. Then used my MFJ-269Pro ANT Analyzer and spanned from 1740kHz to 180MHz. WOW!!!! Solid, flat, 1:1 VSWR from MW to around 27MHz, but 11M and 10M were still a 1.1:1 match. Then, curved to 1.2:1 about 63MHz, and was still that all the way to 2M, which was a 1.3:1! Then, the curve raised about 1.5:1 around 158MHz. Damn!!!!! Now that's wide banded! Anyone ever put one of these Baluns up on a Dipole, or a Longwire? For over 25 Years, I've used the W2DU 4:1 Current Choke Balun, running barefoot power, with nice results. However, I believe that the power rating of that is 300W. The 5kW rating on the new Balun is certainly overkill, but at least 500W won't be a problem.

The FCC hasn't been referred too as the Federal Corporate Coddlers for nothin'. Someone's getting a  $$$$$$ kick-back.

Neat!!!! Kind of a modification of the Bob Heil's AM Pine Board Project that he was pushing a couple of years ago. So, 5W on the low bands can be had in the Winter on AM. I've done several QSO's with 5W / 6W 75M AM stations. So, can indeed be done.     https://heilhamradio.com/amateur-radio-post/the-pine-board-project/

Amateur Radio / Re: Satellite attempt
« on: September 28, 2020, 1817 UTC »
Being that you are in FL, that flat land allows most horizon to horizon sky for you. Unlike for me, where valley walls block better than 30% of the sky. So, I'd suggest that to aim straight up. When you hear the various calls coming in, like 8-land, 9-land, 3-land, 4-land, etc., that will give a clue where to point the beam at. Just the other night, I heard the ISS X-band Repeater, 437.800MHz FM, with an indoor 3 ele 440 beam, pointed at our local FUSION repeater. Hearing all those 9-land calls then, lead me to believe that I was RX'ing off the rear of the beam with an S2. 

Well, this sucks...      https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/09/25/mystery-leak-investigation-continues-on-international-space-station/           This could also explain why I haven't heard the ISS Cross Band HAM Repeater on 437.800MHz FM in the last week.

UPDATE 9/26/2020: Huh... The night after I posted the preceding, before bed about 2AM EST, I programmed in 437.800MHz in to a Yaesu FT-70DR Fusion HT, and immediately, 9-landers were in there calling and making grid exchanges. So, that X-banding repeater is still rockin'.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Fast food drive through frequencies
« on: September 27, 2020, 0418 UTC »
I'm going back about 33 years, but the Golden Haunches in the town that I grew up in was heard on 35.020MHz FM. I just happen to catch it while doing a FREQ scan with the scanner. It would be dead-air for minutes at a time, then you'd hear a BOING sound, (Like a Mac Computer being booted up.), then a, "Hi!!! Welcome to McDonalds. May I take you order Please?" And, you heard both sides of the conversation. That was with a GND-plane antenna about 30-some feet in a pine tree and this McDonalds was over 3 miles away. However, I was living up on a hill, almost line of sight of the place. I've always wondered about the power of those Drive-In radios, but where I was, even 100mW wouldn't be a total stretch.

Equipment / Re: Scanner beam
« on: September 26, 2020, 1900 UTC »
Or, find a trashed TV antenna on a curb-side, junk store, or even a dumpster, and drill-out the holes in the boom to make it VERT, for next to nothing. Yeah... I'm that cheap, but this does work. Even some successful TV antenna MOD's for 6M, 2M, 222MHz, and 432MHz, Amateur Radio RX / TX.

Weather / Re: Very cold mornings with frost here in MD
« on: September 23, 2020, 1830 UTC »
The 'ol box-drop, P.O. Box 452-land, has been getting frosty nights, since the weekend. It's safe to say that their growing season is done. Not unusual for up there, since I remember frosty late August nights in 1982. I still remember the then 97ROCK Bearman & Snortin' Norton Morning Sickness Show screaming, "If you have a convertible, sell it!" (Damn, I feel old typing that.) 

Huh??? Well, as much as I like Panasonic gear, they are known to be spurious generators, but what did this guy's TV have for FREQ crystals? Spark gap generators? I do remember in the mid-80's RX'ing the IF FREQ's from my parent's TV from +80ft away with a scanner. 

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Re: FCC vs God
« on: September 23, 2020, 0719 UTC »
Oh yeah... As soon as I read your initial post on this, I've FWR that to Paul. His e-mailed RSVP was, "Very interesting." .  And, they do cover Part #15 stuff on Radio Survivor, on occasion. 

Huh? / FCC site on domestic SW stations.
« on: September 23, 2020, 0710 UTC »
Yeah... I found this totally by accident,      https://www.fcc.gov/general/fcc-high-frequency-stations        Of course, I was looking for something else on WHRI's website, (Which really sucks!), but this is usually how I find things from the FCC, almost never from their own site search, but via off the wall and none related. Your Tax $$$$$$'s at work.

General Radio Discussion / Updated LPAM info site.
« on: September 22, 2020, 0543 UTC »
The sit that had a proposed LPAM station availability map on www.lpam.ws is now,       https://recnet.com/lpam

I doubt that anyone will actually try to move on this subject now, but we can dream, right?

MW Loggings / WNRP 1620 Pensacola, FL now heard over Cuba at night?
« on: September 18, 2020, 1833 UTC »
For at least the last week and a half now, I've heard 1620 WNRP in there at night, battling it out with Cuba. I've even heard their EAS tone-out for Hurricane Sally. So, has this station either changed power, or radiation patterns, at night? The only other time that I've heard this station is at sunrise.       https://radio-locator.com/info/WNRP-AM

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Re: FCC vs God
« on: September 18, 2020, 1743 UTC »
Here's a case where folks need to understand the other alternatives out there.  I no longer will do Part #15 FM, except maybe to test a transmitter, since anything unlicensed FM where I am is so bastardized, due to the political climate today. So, I'm doing both the permissible Part #15 AM ways, radiating 100mW MAX OUT, (If not less.), to a 10ft antenna and Carrier-Current, coupling to the power lines. Unfortunately, with Radio Systems and LPB, Inc., both gone, there's few alternatives to what's out there in Carrier-Current, except to roll your own gear. (It's been done.) At least, there are several radiating AM transmitters out there that are FCC approved, albeit not cheap. (Some have rolled their own here as well.) For FM, the market is just littered with these cheap Part #15 transmitters, most being used to transmit net streams and satellite radio. (87.9FM seems popular for that when you drive around.) However, there range is from about 200ft with a decent car stereo, to maybe 50ft to a crappy portable.
            Anyway... Looks like there certainly a market out there for Part #15 radio transmitters, but folks need to be aware of just what's out there. However, there seems like there is nothing on mainstream media that points out AM Part #15 gear, just some FM stuff, like C Crane, par example.

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