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Oooops... My bad... But, neat that you have that article to share on here. Still, thats cool!

Amateur Radio / Re: 75M AM HAM's at sunrise? Apparently...
« on: September 01, 2022, 1818 UTC »
More, or less, centered just below 3800kHz LSB, like 3790 - 3799.5kHz, window for the 75M DXers. Oh... On Californian DXers, the AMers there seem to be centered around 3870kHz. I have heard them in there, but very faintly over the winter months.

Amateur Radio / 75M AM HAM's at sunrise? Apparently...
« on: August 31, 2022, 1928 UTC »
When I don't want to fall asleep to a dull C2C AM show, I have have a 1989 Sangean ATS-803A portable as my bedside radio. And, with an extra 10ft of quick hook-up RG-174 coax, I can plug-in that radio to my W.O.G., (Wire On Ground.), antenna and reduce the crashes of lightning on MW and lower HF. This morning, just before 7AM EST, 3885AM was hopping with AM HAM's. Some strong signals and calls that I didn't recognize. So, if you're up at the crack of dawn, and it's not T-storming, check-out the AM'ers from 3875 - 3885kHz. That reminds me, the Collins Net should be coming back soon, like early October, and I have signed into that several times. Happy DX'ing...

Huh... It doesn't come up on Radio locator. Here in SW WV, I still mainly hear that pest TIS from NJ on 1710AM. However, I have occasionally heard a few notes of tunage in there with it and wondered about that. Certainly, nothing that I could possibly ID with that damned TIS in there. Huh...

MW Loggings / Classic Hits on 1410AM at night? Who's that???
« on: August 31, 2022, 1833 UTC »
With local 1410 WSCW still off-air where I am, since a truck hit and collapsed their tower, (OOOOPS!!!!), I've been trying to figure out what this classic hits station is on that FREQ after dark. I could never catch the damn ID, but the station has a very mid-FREQ audio response to it, like it's EQ'ed for talk and not music, but music is what's playing. Any clues??? THANKS!!!!

Dude, that is just too freakin cool! BTW, you did this station at about the right time. Back in 1978, the only things that Ive heard the FCC go around and chase regularly were high-powered and foul-mouthed CBers. It wasnt until the 80s that I remember hearing about the FCC going hard-core on suspected pirate operations. Today, they wouldnt hesitate to pay a station a visit, since it would possibly turn into a multi-thousand dollar fine to throw at it, if it wasnt considered legit. Ever made any off-air recordings of that? Anyway, THANKS for sharing that! 

The RF Workbench / Re: Dan's Small Parts And Kits is closed?
« on: August 26, 2022, 1819 UTC »
Damn it!!! Never actually heard of this place, but I would have bought those grab-bags of components. I like it when Hamfests vendors do it, or when All Electronics, Tower Electronics, and even Copper Electronics, do that as well. That sucks...

 FM mono??? This tells you how tech has changed over the years. 30-some years ago, if you wanted FM mono, you reached over to a switch and flicked-off the STEREO mode. Today, since most, if not all, FM analog tuners, made today just dont have that option. So, they have to suggest that at the transmitter end? Uh-huh... Dont you see the irony here?  Damn... I still remember the excitement when Panaxis, then Ramsey FM-10, TXs, featured FM stereo at the milliwatt level. Even Part #15 FM TXs, that broadcast less than 100ft TX, in FM stereo. What would be a better article is to tell folks, whom want a MONO feature on an FM radio, is to tell them how to install a switch to GND-out the 19kHz pilot carrier. Instant mono, problem solved...

Heck, the 11M BC Band would even be decent for local coverage, is CB walkies-talkies proved anything. A 1 channel, 100mW, CB HT covered a whole small town and a pretty large camp site. Then, when skip does happen, thar ya go. Just sayin, let us have that spectrum, where every other government, or some other type of organized entity, seems to be abandoning that.

I was able to use the Windom, for once, and not get too much of an earful of lightning crashes. 1st detected the 1720kHz carrier with CW mode, then was able to to hear parts of songs in USB mode. Was able to hear a few notes of Tears For Fears - Shout. No way to get an ID over the S7 noise levels. 

Other / Dead-air in CHUs 3330kHz, 8/23/2022, 04:38UTC.
« on: August 23, 2022, 1749 UTC »
Strange, but with less lightning crashes trashing HF, I passed the memory channel that I have CHUs 3330kHz programmed on, only to see that it was dead-air. Nice +S9 signal, but just dead-air. 7850kHz sounded fine. Whats Trudeau doing up there?

Huh? / Re: Let's get serious for a moment.
« on: August 17, 2022, 1727 UTC »
Um... Gettin' back earlier to what Chris mentioned about alligators, wouldn't it be better to eat the alligators? I understand that's some sweet meat there.

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