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In between T-storms, I kicked-on the Xiegu G90 to check if the local HAM dared to venture out on the local 10M chit-chat FREQ of 28.415MHz USB. No, but to my surprise, Sporadic 'E' was very much hopping from TX, OK, AR, and KS, states. So, I broke-in and worked several stations on 10W. I even said "HI" again to a dude that I worked 10M from KS last year. Then, T-storms came back through, and I had to get off-air, but that was a pleasant surprise, at least. I did peak on to the CB FREQ's to see them hopping as well, especially, CH 6, CH 15, CH 28, and the higher LSB CH's 36 - 40. 

https://swling.com/blog/2022/08/noaa-weather-radio-needs-some-serious-upgrades/    I wouldn't mind if my tax $$$$$'s went for that. Question is, will it?

FWD, from K8RRT:   https://www.onallbands.com/solar-cycle-25-update-what-hams-should-know/   Just a slight warning that there's some DX Engineering pitching at the end of this.

Huh? / Album AM's, 846kHz, site and antennas look.
« on: July 30, 2022, 1812 UTC »
Boomer FWD this site to me. He suspected that this dude had seen my AM1620 antenna, with capacitive Tophat. Huh... Who knows, but transmitting on 846kHz, you need as much help as you can get with a short antenna. Still, neat to see how other alternative broadcasts are getting out there.   http://www.albumam.nl/

Most of the Baofangs Handy Talkies are ready to do so. You can check-out a list and ratings of them, here.  https://www.eham.net/reviews/view-category?id=49      Then, if you want mobile radios, then you can check those out here.  https://www.eham.net/reviews/view-category?id=38   In 2017, I bought and did a review of the B-Tect UV-25X4, weird Quad mobile. Mine talks about The Perks & Jerks of it.  https://www.eham.net/reviews/view-product?id=13440   Disappointingly, if you are in a very RF saturated area, i.e. metro, or rural county multi-used tower location, then your receiver performance will suffer badly from overload and desense. The front-end on my Kenwood TM-741A tribander, from the mid-1990's, is far superior in rejecting that. Then again, I'm comparing a +$800.00 Japanese radio to a $130.00 Chinese one. Still, in a setting that's not too RF saturated, the Chinese rigs are a nice, cheap, alternative. Now, my FCC C.Y.O.F'n.A., if you are going to use such radios on GMRS, MURS, and the commercial two-way areas, be sure that the radio is marked as Part 95 Certified to do so. Today, most Part 95 two-way radios will do the Part 97 HAM stuff, which is legal to do, as long as you have your HAM ticket. So, what's the difference in Part 95 and Part 97 today? Part 97 radios can be programmed with the DTMF keypad on the radios, while Part 95 can only be programmed via computer software only. RF circuitry-wise??? No real difference, really. Hope that this helps.  This should help explain that better.   https://www.repeaterbook.com/index.php/en-us/2016-04-07-21-08-49/9-blog/12-what-is-legal-and-what-is-not-legal-for-our-chinese-radios

Years ago, that was a nice Christmas gift to me. I still have the printed book, and the later one with the CD of station ID's. All in all, great reads to have in your collection.

Well, it is a decade later. The best thing that I did to this 2007 13" MacBook was to swap out the HDD to a 180GB SSD, then load-up Ubuntu Linux OS. I'm using it now. So, for $70.00, I'd buy a couple, keep WIN OS on one, and load-up Ubuntu OS on the other, and try them. An Acer One netbook, from 2009, runs Zara Radio automation fine, so this would be neat, plus the 12VDC direct charge. Thanks for the info!

https://swling.com/blog/2022/07/archive-of-naswa-frendx-journals-on-world-radio-history-website/   Pirate Radio history? Well, some included certainly. As long as I was doing SWL'ing rips, I grabbed this as well. Enjoy...

The 1st couple models seemed popular around Christmas time, with outdoor light displays. They work, and sound decent. And, can only be heard a couple of houses away on a car stereo, like 300ft MAX. So, true Part #15 FM.   https://swling.com/blog/2022/07/the-c-crane-digital-fm-transmitter-3/

I've dealt with All Electronics for like 30 years now, and am kind of disappointed that they've raised their free shipping to around a $100.00, after being around $75.00 for the last 25 years, or so. Then again, so hasn't everyone else, but can't really blame them. Anyway... They do have some neat products that they come across when they buy surplus warehouse stock. And, this one looks neat to try for $20.00:  https://www.allelectronics.com/item/amp-2t/stereo-vacuum-tube-preamp/1.html   Sure... To get that order up to the $100.00 limit, I'd buy and try one. Lots of places want $20.00 for just a single tube.

Huh? / NYC-Area Landlords Get Pirate Letters.
« on: July 21, 2022, 0533 UTC »
From Radio World and SWL'ing. Nothing new, really, but a continuing story: https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/business-and-law/nyc-area-landlords-get-pirate-letters

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