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Longwave Loggings / weak signal reception
« on: July 31, 2018, 2146 UTC »
Been noticing an interesting affect when tuning around on the NDB band.  If a strong local beacon is tuned in, it seems to pull up weaker signals on the same or adjacent channels.  Is there a name for this or is it just my imagination.  ???

Longwave Loggings / Michigan NDB logs
« on: July 15, 2018, 1708 UTC »
All Michigan all the time.
Heard the following beacons this morning just before sunrise:

278  ADG   Adrian
332  PH     Port Huron
338  DE     Detroit
336  MA     Cadillac  (miskeys as MET)
359  GYG   Grayling
365  TV     Traverse City
382  IRS    Sturgis
382  SJX    Beaver Island  (never got the full ID on this one, mixing with IRS and XU London ON on same freq)
400  CI      Sault Ste. Marie

not heard:  257  MB  Saginaw Tri-City ???
                 269  FN  Flint Bishop (was decommissioned in May this year)

Just want to get these logged while they are still on the air...  we've lost at least 5 in the past several years.
Anybody else with Michigan logs feel free to post 'em here.

Longwave Loggings / unid on 504
« on: March 04, 2018, 1056 UTC »
504 NID  1045Z today, good sigs hr in MI

Longwave Loggings / Daytime NDB DXing
« on: December 24, 2017, 0214 UTC »
Had some time to look through some NDB loggings from the past year or so with particular attention to daytime DX reception. 
For sake of discussion, day DX being anything greater than 400 miles (640 km).

329  YHN   Hornepayne  ON  459 mi
351  YKQ   Fort Rupert  QC   642 mi
360  PN     Port Menier  QC   1020 mi
366  YMW  Maniwaki  QC      436 mi
392  ML     Malbaie  QC        719 mi
407  ZHU   Montreal  QC      513 mi

Checked my logbooks since these beacons have all been heard here many times at night and during twilight but these were all daylight path, no greyline cheating.

Feel free anybody to include your best day DX if you wish.  Would be interesting to see what others have accomplished.   

Longwave Loggings / NDB logs 12-16-17
« on: December 16, 2017, 1842 UTC »

244  TH    Thompson  MB
248  WG   Winnipeg  MB
269  UDE  Delta  MB
284  QD    The Pas  MB
287  ZWG  Winnipeg  MB
300  YIV    Island Lake  MB
305  YQ     Churchill  MB
370  YBV   Berens River  MB

All Manitoba all the time... 

Longwave Loggings / help with UNID
« on: December 16, 2017, 1717 UTC »
MB was booming in here this morning.  On 280 heard what sounded like 4TR with no DAID.  Various sources show 4B and 4T both on that freq and both in MB.   ???
No doubt about the 4 but my guess is perhaps it was 4B with the B miskeyed  as TR.  Then again maybe 4T with a messed up T. 
Anybody else log this one recently?  tnx.

Longwave Loggings / Take Off to the Great White North
« on: December 14, 2017, 1927 UTC »
Some Canadian NDBs heard here recently with cool sounding names:

201  GL    La Grande Riviere  QC
224  MO   Moosonee  ON
244  DG   Chute des Passes Dangereuses  QC
256  YXN  Whale Cove  NU
328  YTL   Big Trout Lake  ON
329  YEK   Eskimo Point  NU
340  YY     Mont Joli  QC
341  YYU   Kapuskasing  ON
344  YGV  Harve St. Pierre  QC
346  YXL   Sioux Lookout  ON
351  YKQ   Fort Rupert  QC
371  GW    Great Whale River  QC

Bunch more exotic sounding ones in NWT still trying to DX.

Thank you Canadians for keeping your NDBs in service. 

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings
« on: December 10, 2017, 1928 UTC »
Conditions were fairly good early this morning and was able to pull some NDBs out of the DGPS portion of the band:

284  QD   The Pas  MB (right on the band edge)
289  YLQ  LaTuque  QC
300  YIV   Island Lake  MB
302  QW   North Battleford  SK
305  YQ    Churchill  MB
317  ZZR  Trenton  ON
317  CBE  Cumberland  MD

Longwave Loggings / XW
« on: November 18, 2017, 2255 UTC »
Speaking of off the air beacons...   anybody heard 400  XW  Flemingsburg  KY lately?  It was a fairly frequent visitor to the radiobunker here but looking through my logbooks it has not been heard here since June.   ??? 

Longwave Loggings / unid 372
« on: November 12, 2017, 1934 UTC »
Hearing I (..) about every 6 seconds mixing with 372 CQD Erie PA early this morning.  Can't seem to find it listed in any of the usual various sources.  Any ideas ???

Longwave Loggings / NDB logs
« on: September 23, 2017, 1541 UTC »
Some mid-afternoon loggings from yesterday.   Heavy T-storm QRN but not bad results for daylight LW.  RX Tecsun PL-600 with homebrew loopstick hooked to a PAR EF-SWL antenna.

201  ZXU   London  ON
207  FD     Brantford  ON
221  HM    Hamilton  ON
227  GW   Auburn  IN
230  VQ    Detroit  MI
239  HKF  Middletown  OH
245  YZE  Gore Bay  ON
253  DD   Columbus  OH
257  MB   Saginaw  MI
263  GR   Grand Rapids  MI
266  ZHM Hamilton  ON
269  FN    Flint  MI
269  TII   Tiffin  OH
272  YQA  Muskoka  ON
276  YEL   Elliot Lake  ON
278  ADG  Adrian  MI
283  PT     Pelee Is.  ON
299  HW   Wilmington  OH
326  VV    Wiarton  ON
332  PH     Port Huron  MI
335  ZKF   Kitchener  ON
338  UMP  Indianapolis  IN
338  DE    Detroit  MI
341  CCJ   Springfield  OH
350  D7    Kincardine  ON
353  QG    Windsor  ON
362  AK    Akron  OH
362  SB    Sudbury  ON
368  ZYZ  Toronto  ON
372  CQD  Erie  PA
375  7B    St. Thomas  ON
376  LC    Columbus  OH
382  XU   London  ON
382  IRS  Sturgis  MI
397  ZHA Hamilton  ON
404  ZR   Sarnia  ON
407  IL    Wilmington  OH
417  HHG Huntington  IN
419  RYS  Grosse Ile  MI
423  PCW Port Clinton  OH

Longwave Loggings / eclipse listening
« on: August 21, 2017, 2114 UTC »
Tried 3 different receivers and two antennas but nothing notable here, just the usual assortment of daytime NDBs.  If anything, the signals seemed somewhat weaker than normal.
Unfortunately lots of QRN S9+ static crashes from T-storms just west of my QTH.   :( 

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 5-7-17 0900 - 1000Z
« on: May 07, 2017, 2056 UTC »
NDB season not over yet, conditions excellent here this morning, band very quiet with big high pressure centered over upper Great Lakes pushing the rain and storms off the East Coast.

Propagation favored the southeast along the predawn greyline and as sunrise approached it shifted to the west.  Propagation to the north and northeast was not that great.  Many of our Canadian friends were not heard.  Best Canadian DX was 370 YBV in MB.  

344  IWJ  Blakely  GA
344  JA    Jacksonville  FL
349  GW  Greenwood  MS
351  MSQ Culpeper  VA
379  BRA  Asheville  NC
379  DL    Duluth  MN
380  UMB Milledgeville  GA
385  EMR Augusta  GA
394  SP   Spencer  IA
408  LQK Pickens  SC
414  SU   Sioux City  IA
417  SLP  Shelby  NC
417  IY    Charles City  IA
426  FTP  Fort Payne  AL
428  POH Pocahontas  IA
432  IZN  Lincolnton  NC

Longwave Loggings / 372 unid
« on: April 08, 2017, 1644 UTC »
4-8-2017 @ 1020Z
unid on 372  "I" 
just the one letter ID, 1020 modulation, no DAID
coming in over CQD Erie PA on same freq
good sigs hr in MI   

MW Loggings / CKWW AM 580
« on: April 02, 2017, 2339 UTC »
Been enjoying Windsor Ontario station CKWW AM 580 "The Greatest Hits of All Time". 
"Broadcasting from the legendary studios of The Big 8".  That would be CKLW AM 800 circa late 60s.  (The studio is on Ouellette Avenue, CKLW AM moved there from Riverside Drive).  They try to imitate the sound of "The Big 8" with vintage jingles.    Power is just 500 watts day and night.  The pattern is directional, aimed northeast; looks like to protect stations in PA, IL, WV as well as WTCM Traverse City here in Michigan.
A real blast from the past.

"And the hits just keep on comin'".   

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