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22:16 UTC - David Bowie song. S6 into Ontario.
22:40 UTC - David Bowie - Shadow Man

Been listening to RNI every morning before work on this frequency. Other than the typical fading, they have had a good signal direct. Even received a eqsl from them this morning.

Hearing a lady gaga song at 23:55 UTC. S7 into S. Ont.

2227 UTC - Hearing what sounds like a country tune. To much noise to get good ID.

2239 UTC - Sounds like Dazed and Confused by Led Zep, but dealing with a lot of noise. S3-S5 into southern Ont

21:37- Money thatís what I want  by Barret Strong.
21:44 - Money Talks by AC/DC
S7 signal into S.Ont

21:43 - music , sounds like ďWe are familyĒ but canít get a solid copy in the noise.

OM talking wth sign off at 00:15.

Heard a song by The Wonders at  23:03 but they appear to have abruptly signed off

19:35 - Bonnie Tyler “Have you ever seen the rain”. S5 and good audio. Thanks

Booming into southern Ontario at 23:54 with a solid S9. Song by Arctic Monkeys playing

23:45 Peter Gabriel song. S3-S4 and fading. Thanks

01:21 - Stupid Girl by Cold . S9+ booming signal. Thanks for the show.

00:32 - Iíve been thinking about you, London Beat. S6 sign with fading. Thanks

01:05 taking my time by Boston. Nice S7 signal into sourthern Ontario. Thanks

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