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S7 at Loo, Sweden SDR
1500   ID for Misti Radio
1501   High School Confidential by Jerry Lee Lewis
1504   Let's Have A Party by Wanda Jackson

S5 at Weston UK...SINPO 25332
0300    Yellow Rose of Texas by Montivani
0302    Woman announcer with ID for Texas Radio Short Wave, and gives email address
0303    I Can't See Texas From here by George Strait
0305    Girls From Texas  by Pat Green Featuring Lyle Lovett
0308    What I like About Texas  by Gary P. Nunn

S6 at Vinstrup DK, S5 at Julessdalen NO, S5 at Fuzesabony Hungary
Electro-Pop and Italian music 1609-1702 UTC
IDs by "Man--You are Listening to--"Woman--Bella Italia"...
email address: radiobellaitalia@gmx.net

Terrible conditions--weakly heard...

Latin American Pirate / RCOV 6905.96 USB 0045 UTC 5 November 2020
« on: November 05, 2020, 0048 UTC »
S5 on AOR7030+ here in Laurel, MD
El gallo Pinto by Un Solo Pueblo
ID includes R.O.C.V. and seems to always include frequency of 6906 kHz..

S9 at NW Ireland SDR
Top of the Bay by Otis Redding
The Happening by The Supremes

S8 at Loo, Sweden...
Groovin' by the Young Rascals
ID for Misti Radio
Classical Gas by Mason Williams

S4-S5 at Weston-super-Mare UK SDR   35232 SINPO
0459    IS with piano music and combined EE and Italian IDs for Marconi Radio
0500   Music selection "We shall Overcome" byl Charlie Haden
0502   Man announcer in Italian--ID for Radio Marconi in Italian
0503   Man announcer in EE with " Marconi Radio International". Then woman announcer--Welcome to our listeners.
0504   Next song--I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  Intruduced by the woman announcer.
0507   Woman announcer with song title, and then "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Guns 'N Roses
0513   The woman announcer with the next song, talking about a 70 year old performer, they played the song "1969" by The Stooges.
0517   Man announcer and then the woman announcer with the next selection "Can the Can" by Suzi Quatro.
0521   The woman announcer talking about the next selection, which was "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.
0527   The woman announcer gave the ID as Marconi Radio International broadcasting from Italy".  She gave the name of the program but I missed it due to noise burst.
0528   The next music selection was "This is England" by The Clash.
0532   Woman ID in English, then mentioned 'broadcasting from Italy', gave the schedule for the next week, and asked for rreception reports.  The same thing was then said in Italian.
0534    The next song was "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2.
0538    The woman announcer said "This is Marconi Radio International broadcasting from Italy", she gave the SW frequency as 6170 kHz and gave the email address as marconiradiointernational@gmail.com.  This was followedby the man announcer in Italian, and the woman announcer  in Italian. 
0539   The next music selection was "Rattlin' Bones" by Status Quo

S6 at Julussdalen SDR
Man of Action
Love Letters in the Sand
Listen to the Man with the Golden voice
Some Girls
Hokey Pokey Polka
What's Love Got to Do with It

edit by Ray : from UNID to Groente Boertje (tent.), ID from Achim's audio logs

S4-S5 at C. Norway SDR..  SINPO 25332
2009     Sick As A Dog  by Aerosmith
2011     Woman announcer in ID...mention Texas?
2013     You Sound Like You're Sick  by Ramones
2014      I'm Sick Y'All     by Otis Redding
2017      Woman announcer with ID; then You Got to Take sick & Die Some of these Days  by Muddy Waters
2020      God Called in Sick Today   by AFI
2022      Woman announcer with ID and announcements, then Wanna Get Sick  by Suicidal Tendancies
2025      Transmitter Close Down

S4 at Weston UK   SINPO 25232

1904   ID for Misti Radio
1905   Theme from Evita

S5-S7 at Laurel, MD AOR7030+   35333
2305   Tom's Diner  DNA featuring Suzanne Vaga
2307   Jail Break  by Thin Lizzy
2311   Shift to 6933U--Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love by Van Halen
2314   The Reaper (Don't Fear) by Blue Oyster Cult
2319    Close Down


S9+2 dB at Loo, Sweden...Testing a new transmitter
1730  Paradise City by Guns 'n Roses

S6 at Loo, Sweden
Un Amor by Gipsy Kings

S7-S8 at Loo Sweden SDR
The Morning After   Maureen McGovern
This world of Water   New Musik
Mississippi   Pussycat
The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA  Donna Fargo
Wichita  Lineman  Glenn Campbell
During song, an ID for Panda on Shortwave

S8 from Loo, Sweden, S7-9 from Weston UK SDR
1854    Sing Mei Sachse Sing by Die Girls Featuring D J Sascha
1854    ID by woman announcer for The Shortwave Pirate, email address given
1855     German Folk song by man singer
1857     Alles by Jana Bara
1900     Jingle ID by man in German, then Blonder Engel by Peter Albert
1904     Ein Tag Wie Heut' by Ute Freudenberg.
1908     ID by man announcer 'You are listening to the Short Wave Pirate', email address swpirate@gmx.net
1909     Bleib Noch Bis Morgen by Diana Leonhardt
1912    Morgens Fruh Um Vier by Bianca Graf
1915    Man announcer "You are Listening to The shortwave Pirate". 
1916    Im Namen DerLiebe by Elke Martens
1919    German pop song by woman singer
1922    Uber Sieben Bruchen Musst Du Geh'n by Karat
1924   Phillipo, Phillipo by Uta Bresan
1928   Ohne Dich by Frank Schobel
1932    Deer Mann Mit Dem Panamahut by Nina Lizell
1935    Manner by Manfried Krug
1939    Man announcer "You are Listening to The short wave Pirate", with email as swpirate@gmx.net (done twice)
1940    Transmitter close down

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