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S7-S9 at Weston UK SDR
1433   All Stood Still by Ultravox
1435   Like toy soldiers  by Eminem
1439   Shut down suddenly CD

S6 at Central Norway SDR; Trace only at Weston UK SDR until about 1420; then S7 until CD

S7 at Weston UK SDR....
Creedence Clearwater Revival mx, Be Bop a Lulu by Ted Williams, See Ya Later Alligator by the Music Makers...
1120 s/on

S5-S7 at Weston UK
1037-1049  Pop Music unknown vocalist
1049  Woman anncr  You are tuned to Radio Dummy Load.  Reports to radiodummyload@gmx.net.
1049   Music  "I am Australian" by Judith Dunhart and the Seekers.
1054   SSTV transmission
1056   Woman announcer.."This is Radio Dummy Load, the Only station without a transmitter or an antenna".
1057   Music "I am Australian" by Judith Dunhart and the Seekers.
1100   CD

S7 at Weston UK...
Test for Radio Isabella...plenty of IDs for Radio Isabella, March music only...
1042 CD after ID, announcement in German, and 'bye bye'

s6-S7 at Weston UK SDR
Non-stop program through New Years Day..

S4-S6 at Weston UK
1313   ID and email address radiovoyager@hotmail.com
1313   Pio Mentiroso by Afro Cuban All Stars

S4-S6 at Weston UK SDR---heavy fading particularly around 2030 UTC
Rockin' The Trolls   BZN
Sweet silver Anny   BZN
Andromeda   by Daniel Seabra
No More Boleros  Gerald Joling
ID for Free Radio from Germany, Radio Dr. Tim..

S7 at Weston UK SDR...
1335    The Only Living Boy in New York     Simon and Garfunkel

ID from personal chat with broadcaster in Pirate Chatroom

S6 at Weston UK SDR...
1144    ID for Dr. Tim Germany, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Many IDs

S5-S6 at Weston UK SDR
Black Night  by Deep Purple...

S7-s9 at Weston UK SDR
Music by Gazebo, Black, Johnny Cash, Davay Zivert, Guf, Richard Ulh, Cucumbers, Herman's Hermits, The Motors, Nancy Sinatra

Great modulation...

SINPO 35443

S8 at Weston UK SDR
The Perfect Day by Fischer-Z
Don't Blame Me by Thelonius Monk
ID by man Xenon Transmitting Company from SE UK, 6291 kHz
Teenage FBI by guided by voices

edit by Ray : frequency was 6290.87 in the subject,
but not that stable, so changed to 6291V

S7 at Weston-super-Mare UK
1008  Hot Pants Polka  Various NL artists
1009  I Feel Love   Donna Summer
1011  Lowmpic  by The Explosion Rockets
1013  Happy Station  by Fun fun
1016  I'll Never Find another You  by The Seekers

S6 at Weston UK SDR
1155   Beat It  by Michael Jackson
1158   Open your Heart  by Big World Meets Gerald

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