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unless it's already the Holiday season with German tourists in Italy with their SW transmitters ?


Far too early for French vacationers (and Swedes) but Germans will take vacation any time of year.  :)

I have nothing in that frequency (area) for a while and when I did hear something it was very, very weak. It might be that the TX was near to me and the signal was skipping over me.

Amazing what can be done when money is no option.

I might tweak that slightly to "amazing what can be done when there is a lot of money to be made and the economics and the physics make it feasible."

If they had to use LW for some reason, it probably wouldn't be so prevalent. On the other hand, if there is some sort of major solar event knocking out trans-Atlantic propagation for a few days, I bet you some stuffshirt Wall Street type will start funding ionospheric "cloud seeding" (as it were) and then maybe they would try LW too.  :D

1) SW is cheap and effective.
2) These guys will stop at (almost) nothing for an advantage. (Cue memories of 2006-2008 when the entire world economy almost came crashing down.)

Probably R. 102 back on 6295, there was QRM on 6300 USB (from Italy?)

OK, I think we are both hearing the same thing but it's too weak here; there is no way to recognize songs at this point.

2034 UTC - music off mid-song and open carrier and then TX off.
2035 UTC - a carrier back on (I saw the frequency drift as it warmed up) and open carrier. Not sure if it is the same TX.
2038 UTC - music starts up.
2054 UTC - I have been listening on and off since 2038 and I can say that the music has changed to be more trance/techno.
2055 UTC - TX off (again).

2005 QSY again, to 6299,95

Ummmm. I have nothing at 6299.95 at 2030 UTC but I do have something weak at 6294.95 KHz.
This is quite a game of musical chairs this evening.   ::) :D

I wrote down on my pad : 'double carrier'
Hard to tell which on is which one
What I hear now is 0.02 lower

Very interesting. I can see no other carrier on my display and I certainly do not hear a heterodyne.

Glad to see I'm not the only one on here who reads this

Yes, that blog is an interesting read from time to time.

2000 UTC - hip-hop music in English. SINPO 34333 in Italy.

probably the same now on 6289,95

I checked back now and I see that. You may be right.

Very weak in Italy. Occasional bits of modulation. Overwhelmed by "flamethrower" on their USB every so often.

Given the allocated frequencies for the particular TX site mentioned in the blog post (near Chicago) and a presumption that there are other "trader stations" allocated in those areas, I wonder how much of the data we hear in the 6800-7000 KHz area comes from such activity.

Computerized ID at 1939 UTC between bits of recorded US radio programming from the 1930s. SINPO 34344 in Italy now.

I have a very weak carrier with occasional discernible bits of modulation at 1934 UTC at my location in Italy. I wonder if this is Coast FM trying to recover from some sort of unfortunate event (which might explain why they have not been on the air for the past few days).

Yes, little doubt. This appears to be their new "hangout". Signal is better than Laser. SINPO 44444 at 1927 with Louis Armstrong into Frank Sinatra.

2029 UTC - "Escape and unwind the hectic world outside. This is Harmony."
2331 UTC - "Going to Jackson"
2334 UTC - "Escape and unwind the hectic world outside. This is Harmony."

TX is still on, obviously. They are outlasting me. Buona notte a tutti/Good night all.

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